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Services at Felin Fran (FELNFRN) on Thursday 25/04/19

Information From Schedule DatabaseInformation From TRUST Feed
DetailTypeIDCIF UIDPTimes WTT(Public)FromToLatest Live Data
Details Pass.1W48P16618(P) p. 05:47Carmarthen 05:03(05:03)Manchester Piccadilly 10:08(10:13)10:11 Arr. Manchester Piccadilly P8 3 Late
Details Freight14439200H34080(P) p. 07:02Margam Terminal Complex 06:40Trostre Works 07:3407:25 Arr. Trostre Works 9 Early
Details Freight14273553H34062(P) p. 07:45Robeston Sidings 05:00Westerleigh Murco 12:2111:06 Dep. Gloucester Yard Junction 13 Early
Details Freight14273546H34039(P) p. 09:41Trostre Works 09:10Margam Terminal Complex 10:0709:45 Arr. Margam Terminal Complex 22 Early
Details Pass.1B97P16023(P) p. 14:29½Fishguard Harbour 12:50(12:50)Cardiff Central 15:18(15:19)
Details Freight14273567H34116(P) p. 16:22Margam Terminal Complex 16:01Trostre Works 16:53
Details Freight14273261H32848(P) p. 16:46Margam Loco Inspection Point 16:22Robeston Sidings 18:46
Details Freight14273556H34075(P) p. 19:22Trostre Works 18:50Margam Terminal Complex 19:44
Details Freight0L33H31255(P) p. 19:58Margam Terminal Complex 19:40TROSTRE WORKS (GBRF) 20:28
Details Freight6L33H32003(O) p. 22:26TROSTRE WORKS (GBRF) 21:54Tilbury International Rail Freight Terminal GB Railfreight 05:27
Details STP fr.15992823U60598(N) p. 22:46Margam Terminal Complex 22:15Margam Terminal Complex 05:40
Details Pass.1V62P16549(O) p. 23:10Manchester Piccadilly 18:31(18:29)Carmarthen 23:58(23:59)
Details Freight15648800H34072(O) p. 23:27Robeston Sidings 21:00Westerleigh Murco 06:41
Details Freight14273566H34113(P) p. 00:22Westerleigh Murco 18:14Robeston Sidings 02:19
Details Freight14276262H33975(P) p. 01:01Robeston Sidings 22:49Theale Murco Petroleum 06:50

Completed at 25/04/19 11:35:29 by liverail ZB05 at oakwood. Elapsed time 575 ms.

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