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Services at Ashford West Junction (CTRL) (ASHFCWJ XIW) on Monday 21/10/19

1J03p. 0515St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J05p. 0545St Pancras InternationalOn time
p. 0550½Ripple Lane Exchange Sidings0519 31E
p. 0605Dollands Moor Sidings0549 16E
1J07p. 0615St Pancras InternationalOn time
9O80p. 0617½Paris Nord0618 1L
1J09p. 0638St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J79p. 0648St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J11p. 0708St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J06p. 0715½Ashford (Kent)On time
1J81p. 0718St Pancras InternationalOn time
9I10p. 0719½Bruxelles Midi0722 3L
9O04p. 0726½Paris Nord0725 1E
9I09p. 0732St Pancras International0742 10L
9O05p. 0735St Pancras International0759 24L
1J13p. 0738St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J08p. 0739MargateOn time
9I12p. 0743Amsterdam Centraal Station0741 2E
1J83p. 0746St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J10p. 0759½Dover Priory0801 2L
9O07p. 0805St Pancras International0806 1L
1J15p. 0808St Pancras InternationalOn time
1L12p. 0811½St Pancras International0813 2L
1J85p. 0818St Pancras International0825 7L
9O08p. 0826Paris Nord0825 1E
9I13p. 0832St Pancras International0834 2L
9O09p. 0835St Pancras International0853 18L
1J17p. 0845St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J14p. 0847Margate0846 1E
5J14p. 0850½Ashford Down SidingsOn time
9O10p. 0857Paris Nord0856 1E
5J12p. 0902Ashford Down Sidings0903 1L
1L16p. 0911½St Pancras International0913 2L
5J46p. 0916½Ashford Down SidingsOn time
1J19p. 0918St Pancras International0919 1L
5J96p. 0920Ashford Down SidingsOn time
9I16p. 0927Bruxelles Midi0934 7L
9I17p. 0932St Pancras International0950 18L
9O13p. 0935St Pancras International0953 18L
5J48p. 0938Ashford Down Sidings0947 9L
1J18p. 0944Margate0943 1E
1J21p. 0945St Pancras International0947 2L
9O14p. 0956Paris Nord0952 4E
9O15p. 1002St Pancras InternationalActivated
1L20p. 1011½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J93p. 1013St Pancras InternationalOn time
1C10p. 1018St Pancras International1022 4L
1J22p. 1044Margate1043 1E
1J25p. 1045St Pancras InternationalOn time
9O74p. 1049½Marne-La-Vallee1053 4L
9O18p. 1057Paris Nord1059 2L
1L24p. 1111½St Pancras International1112 1L
9O19p. 1112St Pancras InternationalActivated
1C14p. 1118St Pancras International1136 18L
9I26p. 1130Amsterdam Centraal Station1128 2E
9I21p. 1132St Pancras International1202 30L
1J29p. 1145St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J26p. 1147Margate1146 1E
9O22p. 1156½Paris Nord1216 20L
9O23p. 1205St Pancras International1442 157L
1L28p. 1211½St Pancras International1212 1L
1C18p. 1218St Pancras International1231 13L
1J33p. 1245St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J30p. 1247Margate1251 4L
9O24p. 1257Paris NordActivated
9O27p. 1305St Pancras International1601 176L
1L32p. 1311½St Pancras International1312 1L
1C72p. 1318St Pancras International1321 3L
9I32p. 1330Bruxelles Midi1346 16L
9I33p. 1332St Pancras International1336 4L
1J37p. 1345St Pancras International1347 2L
1J34p. 1347Margate1352 5L
9O28p. 1356½Paris Nord1414 18L
9O31p. 1405St Pancras International1548 103L
1L36p. 1411½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1C26p. 1418St Pancras International1430 12L
1J41p. 1445St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J38p. 1446½Margate1448 2L
9O32p. 1449½Paris NordActivated
1L40p. 1511½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1C80p. 1521St Pancras International1522 1L
9I40p. 1529½Bruxelles Midi1616 47L
9I41p. 1532St Pancras International1545 13L
9O37p. 1535St Pancras International1616 41L
1J45p. 1545St Pancras International1549 4L
1J42p. 1547Margate1548 1L
9O36p. 1556½Paris Nord1607 11L
9O39p. 1605St Pancras International1656 51L
1L44p. 1611½St Pancras International1610 1E ε
1C34p. 1618St Pancras International1619 1L
5J49p. 1622St Pancras International1624 2L
1J46p. 1645MargateOn time
1J49p. 1647St Pancras InternationalOn time
5J81p. 1650St Pancras International1651 1L
9O40p. 1656½Paris Nord1756 60L
9O43p. 1705St Pancras International1757 52L
5J52p. 1711St Pancras International1712 1L
1J48p. 1711Faversham1712 1L
1C38p. 1718St Pancras International1722 4L
1J84p. 1721½Margate1722 1L
5J53p. 1722St Pancras International1729 7L
9O42p. 1726½Paris Nord1737 11L
5J84p. 1727St Pancras InternationalOn time
9I49p. 1732St Pancras International1740 8L
1J50p. 1741Dover Priory1743 2L
1J53p. 1745St Pancras InternationalOn time
9I50p. 1745Amsterdam Centraal Station1753 8L
1J86p. 1751½MargateOn time
9O47p. 1805St Pancras InternationalActivated
1J52p. 1812½Ramsgate1813 1L
1C42p. 1818St Pancras International1825 7L
p. 1821Ripple Lane Exchange SidingsCancelled
1J88p. 1821½MargateOn time
9O46p. 1826½Paris Nord1840 14L
9I52p. 1829½Bruxelles Midi1830 1L
9I53p. 1841St Pancras International1837 4E
1J54p. 1842½Dover Priory1848 6L
1J57p. 1845St Pancras International1846 1L
1J90p. 1851½Margate1852 1L
9O48p. 1856½Paris NordOn time
9O51p. 1905St Pancras International1906 1L
9O57p. 1911St Pancras International2101 110L
1J56p. 1912½Sandwich1913 1L
1J59p. 1918St Pancras International1920 2L
1J92p. 1921½Margate1920 1E
9O50p. 1926½Paris Nord2100 94L
9I57p. 1932St Pancras International2207 155L
1J58p. 1942½Dover PrioryOn time
1J61p. 1945St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J94p. 1951½Margate1952 1L
9I58p. 1959½Bruxelles Midi2108 69L
9O55p. 2005St Pancras International2249 164L
1L60p. 2011½St Pancras International2012 1L
1J63p. 2018St Pancras International2024 6L
9O54p. 2026½Paris Nord2116 50L
1J65p. 2045St Pancras International2046 1L
1J62p. 2047MargateOn time
9I63p. 2102St Pancras International2346 164L
1J64p. 2111½Ramsgate2114 3L
9O59p. 2112St Pancras InternationalActivated
1J67p. 2118St Pancras InternationalOn time
p. 2121Ripple Lane Exchange SidingsOn time
p. 2138½Dollands Moor Sidings2205 27L
1J69p. 2145St Pancras International2148 3L
1J66p. 2147MargateOn time
5J66p. 2200Ashford Down Sidings2208 8L
9O63p. 2205St Pancras International2252 47L
1J68p. 2211½Ramsgate2212 1L
1J71p. 2218St Pancras International2220 2L
p. 2238½Dollands Moor Sidings 
1J73p. 2245St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J70p. 2247Margate2246 1E
1J72p. 2311½Ramsgate2312 1L
1J75p. 2318St Pancras InternationalOn time
p. 2328Ripple Lane Exchange SidingsCancelled
p. 2338Dollands Moor Sidings2328 10E
1J74p. 2347MargateOn time
1J76p. 0011½Ramsgate0013 2L
5J98p. 0033½Ashford Down SidingsOn time
1J78p. 0047Ashford (Kent)On time
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