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Services at Ashford Down Yard Washer Road (ASHFDYW) on Tuesday 04/08/20

5W12d. 0444Dover Priory0432 12E ε
5J07d. 0453½Dover Priory0447 6E ε
5J03d. 0501Ashford (Kent)0451 10E ε
5J79d. 0507Sandwich0459 8E ε
5J11d. 0519Ramsgate0512 7E ε
5R04d. 0530Ashford (Kent)0520 10E ε
5A06d. 0540Maidstone East0539 1E ε
5J13d. 0549Margate0542 7E ε
5A10d. 0551Ashford (Kent)0545 6E ε
5J83d. 0604Sandwich0559 5E ε
5R18d. 0614Dover Priory0613 1E ε
5R07d. 0620Ashford (Kent)On time ε
5A14d. 0649Ashford (Kent)0645 4E ε
5A16d. 0718Ashford (Kent)0706 12E ε
5R10d. 0718Ashford (Kent)0719 1L ε
5A18d. 0745Ashford (Kent)0741 4E ε
d. 0829Ashford Down SidingsCancelled
5J14d. 0909Ashford Down SidingsExp. 0907 2E
5J13d. 0921Ashford Down SidingsExp. On time
5J16a. 0923From Ashford (Kent)Exp. 0921 2E
5J21d. 0931Ashford (Kent)On time
5J96d. 0938Ashford Down SidingsExp. 0936 2E
5J46d. 0953Ashford Down SidingsExp. 0954 1L
5R00d. 1230Ashford Down Sidings 
5J39d. 1404St Pancras InternationalOn time ε
5W00d. 1446Grove Park Down Carriage Holding Sidings 
5J85d. 1613St Pancras International1614 1L ε
d. 1646Tonbridge Engineers SidingCancelled
5J46a. 1700From Ashford (Kent)Exp. 1659 1E
5J52d. 1703St Pancras International1701 2E ε
5J55d. 1716St Pancras International1715 1E ε
5J90d. 1729St Pancras International1731 2L ε
5R56d. 1922Ashford Down SidingsExp. 1930 8L
5F83d. 1937Ashford Down SidingsExp. On time
5J52d. 2008Ashford Down SidingsExp. 2011 3L
5J54d. 2033Ashford Down SidingsExp. 2032 1E
5W99d. 2206Ashford Down Sidings 
5R51d. 2306Ramsgate Traction Maintenance Depot 
5N76d. 2308Ashford Down SidingsExp. 2309 1L
5N78d. 2337Ashford Down SidingsExp. 2336 1E
5W77d. 0004Ashford Down SidingsExp. 2359 5E
5W70d. 0009Ashford Down SidingsExp. 0007 2E
5N80d. 0012Ashford Down SidingsExp. 0010 2E
5R76d. 0019Ashford Down SidingsExp. 0020 1L
5J72d. 0029Ashford Down SidingsExp. 0030 1L
5N82d. 0041Ashford Down SidingsExp. 0038 3E
5R98d. 0053Ashford Down SidingsExp. 0018 35E
5J78d. 0107Ashford Down SidingsExp. 0109 2L
5J76d. 0127Ashford Down SidingsExp. 0119 8E
5N86d. 0136Ashford Down SidingsExp. On time
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50 trains.
2 not on time.
2 cancelled.
0 buses.
0 activation deduced.
21 departure not reported.

Completed at 21/10/20 05:15:59 by liverail 1609p at turnpike. Elapsed time 3,922 ms.

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