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Services at Canterbury West (CNTBW CBW) on Tuesday 04/08/20

p. 0407Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
3Y75p. 0427Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight 
p. 0434Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
5W12p. 0504½Dover Priory0455 9E
1J05d. 0518½St Pancras International0517 1E
5J79p. 0524Sandwich0517 7E
5J11p. 0539Ramsgate0530 9E
5W97p. 0546½Ashford (Kent)0545 1E
2W14d. 0606Charing Cross0605 1E
5J13p. 0606Margate0601 5E
1J09d. 0619½St Pancras InternationalOn time
5J83p. 0621Sandwich0617 4E
2W16d. 0637Charing Cross0639 2L
3W74p. 0637½Tonbridge West Yard GB RailfreightCancelled
2W91d. 0650½Cannon Street0652 2L
2R07d. 0654MargateOn time
1J13d. 0719½St Pancras International0721 2L
2N06a. 0727From Maidstone East0726 1E
5A20d. 0730Canterbury WestOn time
2W20d. 0737Charing Cross0738 1L
1J15d. 0749½St Pancras International0750 1L
5A20a. 0754From Canterbury WestOn time
2R10d. 0754RamsgateOn time
2A20d. 0805VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0804 1E
1J10d. 0808Margate0807 1E
1J17d. 0826½St Pancras InternationalOn time
2N10a. 0827From VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0826 1E
5A24d. 0830Canterbury WestOn time
2W24d. 0839Charing Cross0838 1E
5A24a. 0848From Canterbury WestOn time
2R14d. 0854Ramsgate0853 1E
2A24d. 0905VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0904 1E
1J14d. 0908MargateOn time
1J21d. 0926½St Pancras International0925 1E
2N14a. 0927From VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0926 1E
5A28d. 0930Canterbury WestOn time
2W28d. 0939Charing Cross0938 1E
5A28a. 0948From Canterbury WestOn time
2R18d. 0954Ramsgate0953 1E
2A28d. 1005VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1004 1E
1J18d. 1008Margate1009 1L
1J25d. 1026½St Pancras InternationalOn time
2N18a. 1027From VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1025 2E
5A32d. 1030Canterbury WestOn time
2W32d. 1042Charing Cross1041 1E
5A32a. 1048From Canterbury WestOn time
2R22d. 1054Ramsgate1053 1E
2A32d. 1105VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1104 1E
1J22d. 1108Margate1109 1L
1J29d. 1126½St Pancras International1125 1E
2N22a. 1127From VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
5A36d. 1130Canterbury WestOn time
2W36d. 1142Charing CrossOn time
5A36a. 1148From Canterbury West1146 2E
2R26d. 1154Ramsgate1153 1E
2A36d. 1205VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
1J26d. 1208Margate1210 2L
1J33d. 1226½St Pancras International1225 1E
2N26a. 1227From VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1226 1E
5A40d. 1230Canterbury WestOn time
2W40d. 1242Charing Cross1241 1E
5A40a. 1248From Canterbury West1247 1E
2R30d. 1254Ramsgate1253 1E
2A40d. 1305VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
1J30d. 1308MargateOn time
3W74p. 1314Tonbridge West Yard GB RailfreightCancelled
1J37d. 1326½St Pancras InternationalOn time
2N30a. 1327From VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1326 1E
5A44d. 1330Canterbury WestOn time
d. 1340Gillingham (Kent) 
2W44d. 1342Charing Cross1341 1E
5A44a. 1348From Canterbury WestOn time
2R34d. 1354Ramsgate1353 1E
2A44d. 1405VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1404 1E
1J34d. 1408Margate1407 1E
1J41d. 1426½St Pancras International1427 1L
2N34a. 1427From VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1426 1E
5A48d. 1430Canterbury WestOn time
2W48d. 1442Charing CrossOn time
5A48a. 1448From Canterbury WestOn time
2R38d. 1454Ramsgate1453 1E
2A48d. 1505VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1504 1E
1J38d. 1508Margate1507 1E
1J45d. 1526½St Pancras International1527 1L
2N38a. 1527From VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1526 1E
5A52d. 1530Canterbury WestOn time
2W52d. 1542Charing Cross1543 1L
5A52a. 1548From Canterbury WestOn time
2R42d. 1554RamsgateOn time
2A52d. 1605VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1604 1E
1J42d. 1608Margate1607 1E
2N42a. 1627From VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1625 2E
1J49d. 1629½St Pancras International1628 1E
5A56d. 1630Canterbury WestOn time
2W56d. 1642Charing CrossOn time
5A56a. 1648From Canterbury WestOn time
2R46d. 1654RamsgateOn time
2A56d. 1705VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1704 1E
1J46d. 1708Margate1707 1E
1J53d. 1726½St Pancras International1725 1E
2N46a. 1727From VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
5A60d. 1730Canterbury WestOn time
5R46d. 1730MinsterOn time
1J84d. 1742MargateOn time
2W60d. 1742Charing Cross1741 1E
5A60a. 1748From Canterbury WestOn time
2R50d. 1754Ramsgate1755 1L
5W60a. 1805From Minster1803 2E
2A60d. 1806VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
1J86d. 1811½Margate1818 7L
1J57d. 1826½St Pancras InternationalOn time
2N50a. 1827From VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1826 1E
5A64d. 1835Canterbury WestOn time
2W64d. 1842Charing Cross1841 1E
2R54d. 1854Ramsgate1853 1E
5A64a. 1855From Canterbury WestOn time
2A64d. 1905VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1904 1E
1J88d. 1911½Margate1914 3L
1J61d. 1926½St Pancras InternationalOn time
2N54a. 1927From VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1925 2E
5A68d. 1935Canterbury West1928 7E
2W68d. 1942Charing CrossOn time
5J52p. 1952Ashford Down SidingsOn time
5A68a. 1955From Canterbury WestOn time
2R58d. 1956Ramsgate2001 5L
2A68d. 2005VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)2004 1E
1J58d. 2008MargateOn time
5J54p. 2011Ashford Down Sidings2009 2E
1J65d. 2026½St Pancras InternationalOn time
2N58a. 2027From VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)2026 1E
5A72d. 2030Canterbury WestOn time
p. 2041Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
2W72d. 2042Charing Cross2041 1E
5A72a. 2048From Canterbury WestOn time
2R62d. 2056Ramsgate2057 1L
2A72d. 2105VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)2104 1E
1J62d. 2108MargateOn time
1J69d. 2126½St Pancras International2125 1E
2W76d. 2139Charing Cross2141 2L
5R71p. 2139Ramsgate Traction Maintenance Depot 
5W99p. 2149½Ashford Down Sidings 
2R66d. 2154Ramsgate2153 1E
1J66d. 2208MargateOn time
d. 2221WhitstableActivated
1J73d. 2226½St Pancras International2225 1E
p. 2233Herne BayCancelled
2W80d. 2239Tonbridge2241 2L
2R70d. 2256RamsgateOn time
1J70d. 2308RamsgateOn time
5R51p. 2323Ramsgate Traction Maintenance Depot 
2W77d. 2326½Ashford (Kent)On time
3Y75p. 2339½Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight 
p. 2342Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
5W70p. 2352½Ashford Down Sidings2347 5E
2R74d. 2356Ramsgate2355 1E
1J74d. 0008Ramsgate0007 1E
2R78d. 0056½Ramsgate0058 2L
d. 0102½Tonbridge Engineers SidingOn time
2R85a. 0128From Ashford (Kent)0130 2L
5R85d. 0131Dover PrioryOn time
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