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Services at Deal (DEAL DEA) on Tuesday 04/08/20

p. 0448½Ashford Crane Depot0402 46E
2W12d. 0512Charing Cross0511 1E
5W12p. 0529Dover Priory0522 7E
2W89d. 0540Cannon Street0539 1E
5R01p. 0557Ramsgate0555 2E
1J79d. 0600St Pancras International0559 1E
1J11d. 0629St Pancras InternationalOn time
2R04d. 0651½Ramsgate0650 1E
1J83d. 0656St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J85d. 0727St Pancras InternationalExp. On time
2W22d. 0743½Charing CrossActivated
2R08d. 0751½RamsgateExp. On time
2W96d. 0843½Charing CrossActivated
2R11d. 0851½RamsgateExp. 0852½ 1L
2W30d. 0943½Charing Cross 
2R16d. 0951½RamsgateActivated
2W34d. 1043½Charing Cross 
2R20d. 1051½RamsgateActivated
3W74p. 1143Tonbridge West Yard GB RailfreightCancelled
2W38d. 1143½Charing Cross 
2R24d. 1151½Ramsgate 
3W74p. 1225½Tonbridge West Yard GB RailfreightCancelled
2W42d. 1243½Charing Cross 
2R28d. 1251½Ramsgate 
2W46d. 1343½Charing Cross 
2R32d. 1351½Ramsgate 
2W50d. 1443½Charing Cross 
2R36d. 1451½Ramsgate 
2W54d. 1543½Charing Cross 
2R96d. 1551½Ramsgate 
2W58d. 1643½Charing Cross 
2R44d. 1651½Ramsgate 
2W62d. 1743½Charing Cross 
2R48d. 1751½Ramsgate 
2W66d. 1843½Charing Cross 
2R52d. 1851½Ramsgate 
1J52d. 1903½Ramsgate 
1J54d. 1932½Sandwich 
2W70d. 1943½Charing Cross 
2R91d. 1950½Ramsgate 
2R93d. 2027½Ramsgate 
2W74d. 2043½Charing Cross 
2R60d. 2054½Ramsgate 
5W93p. 2110Folkestone East Train Road 
2W78d. 2143½Tonbridge 
2R64d. 2151½Ramsgate 
2W82d. 2243½Ashford (Kent) 
2R68d. 2252Ramsgate 
2R72d. 2353½Ramsgate 
1F70p. 0022Ramsgate 
3Y75p. 0032Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight 
p. 0041Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
1S78p. 0050Ramsgate 
2R76d. 0058½Ramsgate 
1S80p. 0115Ramsgate 
5R85p. 0155½Dover Priory 
p. 0158½Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
1K84p. 0214Ramsgate 
p. 0303Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
p. 0324Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
p. 0329Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
p. 0336Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
3Y75p. 0337Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight 
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Completed at 04/08/20 06:57:12 by liverail 1609p at turnpike. Elapsed time 2,042 ms.

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