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Services at Dover Priory (DOVERP DVP) on Tuesday 04/08/20

5W05a. 0421From Dover Priory SidingsOn time
2W05d. 0430Cannon Street0429 1E
1P06d. 0450VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0449 1E
5P08a. 0511From Dover Priory Sidings0505 6E
d. 0512½Ashford Crane Depot0414 58E ε
1P08d. 0520VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0519 1E
2W12d. 0530Charing Cross0529 1E
5U90a. 0536From Dover Priory Sidings0539 3L
5J07a. 0538From Ashford Down Sidings0525 13E
5R01d. 0542Ramsgate0541 1E
2U90d. 0545Faversham0544 1E
5W12a. 0548From Ashford Down Sidings0544 4E
1J07d. 0549St Pancras International0548 1E
2W89d. 0600Cannon Street0559 1E
2U01a. 0608From Faversham0607 1E
1J79d. 0618St Pancras InternationalOn time
1P12d. 0618VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0617 1E
5U92a. 0633From Dover Priory Sidings0605 28E
2R04d. 0634Ramsgate0633 1E
2U92d. 0642Faversham0641 1E
1J11d. 0647St Pancras International0646 1E
5R18a. 0651From Ashford Down Sidings0655 4L
2W18d. 0700Charing Cross0659 1E
2U05a. 0708From Gillingham (Kent)0707 1E
1J83d. 0716St Pancras InternationalOn time
1P16d. 0718VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2R08d. 0734Ramsgate0733 1E
2U91a. 0737From Faversham0736 1E
1J85d. 0746St Pancras InternationalOn time
1P17d. 0746Faversham0745 1E
2W22d. 0800Charing Cross0802 2L
2K06a. 0808From VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
1P19d. 0816Faversham0815 1E
5K06d. 0820Dover Priory Sidings0817 3E
2R11d. 0834Ramsgate0833 1E
1J12a. 0840From St Pancras International0844 4L
1S13a. 0841From Faversham0840 1E
1J19d. 0849St Pancras InternationalOn time
1P21d. 0851Faversham0850 1E
2W96d. 0900Charing Cross0859 1E
1S14a. 0908From VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0906 2E
1P24d. 0918VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0917 1E
2R16d. 0934Ramsgate0933 1E
1J16a. 0940From St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J23d. 0949St Pancras International0948 1E
2W30d. 1000Charing Cross1005 5L
1S18a. 1008From VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1011 3L
1P28d. 1018VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2R20d. 1034Ramsgate1033 1E
1J20a. 1040From St Pancras International1042 2L
1J27d. 1049St Pancras International1048 1E
2W34d. 1100Charing Cross1103 3L
1S22a. 1108From VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1109 1L
1P32d. 1118VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1117 1E
2R24d. 1134Ramsgate1137 3L
1J24a. 1140From St Pancras International1141 1L
1J31d. 1149St Pancras InternationalOn time
2W38d. 1200Charing Cross1202 2L
1S26a. 1208From VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
3W74d. 1210Tonbridge West Yard GB RailfreightCancelled
1P36d. 1218VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1217 1E
2R28d. 1234Ramsgate1233 1E
1J28a. 1240From St Pancras International1243 3L
1J35d. 1249St Pancras International1248 1E
2W42d. 1300Charing Cross1303 3L
d. 1306½Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
1S30a. 1308From VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1312 4L
1P40d. 1318VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1317 1E
2R32d. 1334Ramsgate1333 1E
1J32a. 1340From St Pancras International1341 1L
1J39d. 1349St Pancras InternationalOn time
2W46d. 1400Charing Cross1401 1L
1S34a. 1408From VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1407 1E
1P44d. 1418VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1417 1E
2R36d. 1434Ramsgate1433 1E
1J36a. 1440From St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J43d. 1449St Pancras International1448 1E
2W50d. 1500Charing Cross1501 1L
1S38a. 1508From VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1507 1E
1P48d. 1518VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1517 1E
2R96d. 1534Ramsgate1533 1E
1J40a. 1540From St Pancras International1541 1L
1J47d. 1549St Pancras InternationalOn time
2W54d. 1600Charing Cross1604 4L
3Y74d. 1602Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight 
1S42a. 1608From VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
1P52d. 1618VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2R44d. 1634RamsgateOn time
1J44a. 1640From St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J51d. 1649St Pancras International1648 1E
2W58d. 1700Charing Cross1659 1E
1S46a. 1708From VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1719 11L
1P56d. 1718VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1725 7L
2R48d. 1734Ramsgate1733 1E
1J48a. 1740From St Pancras InternationalOn time
1S49a. 1742From FavershamOn time
1J55d. 1749St Pancras InternationalOn time
1P57d. 1754Faversham1753 1E
2W62d. 1800Charing Cross1801 1L
1S50a. 1811From VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1810 1E
1J50a. 1813From St Pancras InternationalOn time
1P59d. 1822Faversham1821 1E
2R52d. 1833RamsgateOn time
1G85a. 1840From Cannon Street1839 1E
1J52d. 1845Ramsgate1844 1E
1J59d. 1849St Pancras International1848 1E
2U61d. 1851Faversham1850 1E
2W66d. 1900Charing Cross1901 1L
1S54a. 1905From VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1904 1E
1J54d. 1914SandwichOn time
1P64d. 1918VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1917 1E
2R91d. 1931Ramsgate1930 1E
1G89a. 1940From Cannon Street1941 1L
1J56a. 1940From St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J63d. 1949St Pancras International1948 1E
2U65d. 1951Faversham1950 1E
2W70d. 2000Charing CrossOn time
1S58a. 2005From VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)2004 1E
2R93d. 2008Ramsgate2007 1E
1P68d. 2018VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2R60d. 2037Ramsgate2036 1E
1G93a. 2040From Cannon Street2039 1E
1J60a. 2040From St Pancras International2042 2L
1J67d. 2049St Pancras InternationalOn time
2U69d. 2052Faversham2051 1E
2W74d. 2100Charing Cross2101 1L
1S62a. 2104From VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
5S62d. 2120Dover Priory Sidings2110 10E
5W93p. 2123Folkestone East Train Road2119 4E
2R64d. 2134Ramsgate2133 1E
1J64a. 2140From St Pancras International2141 1L
1J71d. 2149St Pancras InternationalOn time
2W78d. 2200Tonbridge2202 2L
2P56d. 2205VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)2204 1E
1S68a. 2208From VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)2207 1E
2R68d. 2235RamsgateOn time
1J68a. 2240From St Pancras International2242 2L
1J75d. 2249St Pancras InternationalOn time
2W82d. 2300Ashford (Kent)2303 3L
1S72a. 2308From VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)2309 1L
2U81d. 2310FavershamOn time
5S72d. 2315Dover Priory Sidings2313 2E
2R72d. 2336RamsgateOn time
1J72a. 2340From St Pancras International2341 1L
5J72d. 2346Ashford Down Sidings2349 3L
6J58d. 2354Ashford Crane DepotExp. 0014 20L 
1F70d. 0007Ramsgate0002 5E
1S76a. 0021From VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0019 2E
1S78d. 0035Ramsgate0030 5E
2R76d. 0038Ramsgate0037 1E
5S76d. 0040Dover Priory Sidings0023 17E
1J76a. 0040From St Pancras InternationalOn time
5J76d. 0046Ashford Down Sidings0043 3E
1S80d. 0100Ramsgate0056 4E
d. 0118Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
2R80a. 0136From Charing Cross0137 1L
1K84d. 0159Ramsgate0157 2E
5R85a. 0209From Canterbury West0239 30L
d. 0304½Tonbridge Engineers Siding0239 25E
d. 0314Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
d. 0321Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
3Y75d. 0322Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight 
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162 trains.
17 not on time.
1 cancelled.
0 buses.
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