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Services at Ebbsfleet West Junction (EBSFWJN XXJ) on Monday 21/10/19

d. 0515Singlewell Depot 
p. 0531Dollands Moor Sidings0522 9E
1J03p. 0534St Pancras International0535 1L
1F05p. 0547½St Pancras InternationalOn time
9O80p. 0553½Paris Nord0554 1L
1J05p. 0604St Pancras International0603 1E
5T90p. 0615Maidstone West0614 1E
1F07p. 0617½St Pancras InternationalOn time
p. 0623Ripple Lane Exchange Sidings0550 33E
1J07p. 0634St Pancras International0633 1E
1T06p. 0640½Maidstone West0641 1L
1F09p. 0645St Pancras International0646 1L
1J06p. 0655½Ashford (Kent)On time
1J09p. 0657St Pancras InternationalOn time
9I10p. 0659½Bruxelles Midi0701 2L
5T94p. 0703½Maidstone WestOn time
1J79p. 0707½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1F08p. 0710½FavershamOn time
9O04p. 0713½Paris NordOn time
1F11p. 0714St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J08p. 0720½MargateOn time
1J11p. 0724½St Pancras International0723 1E
1T91p. 0727½St Pancras InternationalOn time
9I12p. 0728½Amsterdam Centraal Station0729 1L
1J81p. 0737St Pancras InternationalOn time
1C10p. 0737½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J10p. 0740½Dover Priory0742 2L
9I09p. 0744St Pancras International0757 13L ε
9O05p. 0747St Pancras International0811 24L ε
1F13p. 0750½St Pancras International0751 1L
1L12p. 0752½St Pancras International0753 1L
1J13p. 0754½St Pancras InternationalOn time
5J95p. 0756Ebbsfleet International0758 2L
1T93p. 0759St Pancras International0802 3L
1J83p. 0802½St Pancras International0803 1L
9O08p. 0806½Paris NordOn time
1J95p. 0810St Pancras International0812 2L
5F20p. 0810½FavershamOn time
9O07p. 0817St Pancras International0819 2L ε
1F12p. 0820FavershamOn time
1F15p. 0820St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J15p. 0824½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J14p. 0827½MargateOn time
1T95p. 0828St Pancras International0827 1E
5J14p. 0832Ashford Down SidingsOn time
5J12p. 0835½Ashford Down SidingsOn time
1J85p. 0837St Pancras International0844 7L
1C14p. 0840½St Pancras International0842 2L
9I13p. 0844St Pancras International0847 3L
9O10p. 0844Paris NordOn time
9O09p. 0847St Pancras International0905 18L
5J96p. 0847½Ashford Down SidingsOn time
1F17p. 0849½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1L16p. 0852½St Pancras International0853 1L
5J46p. 0900Ashford Down Sidings0859 1E
1J17p. 0904St Pancras International0906 2L
9I16p. 0906½Bruxelles Midi0915 9L
1F16p. 0912½FavershamOn time
5J48p. 0916½Ashford Down Sidings0927 11L
1F19p. 0918½St Pancras InternationalCancelled
1J18p. 0924½MargateOn time
9O14p. 0936½Paris Nord0934 2E
1J19p. 0937St Pancras InternationalOn time
1C18p. 0941St Pancras InternationalOn time
9I17p. 0944St Pancras International1006 22L ε
9O13p. 0947St Pancras International1008 21L
1F21p. 0952½St Pancras InternationalCancelled
1L20p. 0952½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J21p. 1004St Pancras International1009 5L
1F20p. 1010½FavershamOn time ε
1F23p. 1018½St Pancras International1043 25L
9O15p. 1023½St Pancras InternationalActivated
1J22p. 1024½MargateOn time
9O74p. 1027½Marne-La-ValleeOn time
1J93p. 1029½St Pancras International1033 4L
9O18p. 1036½Paris Nord1037 1L
1C10p. 1037St Pancras International1041 4L
1C72p. 1042½St Pancras InternationalOn time ε
1L12p. 1048½St Pancras International1104 16L
1L24p. 1052½St Pancras International1053 1L
1J25p. 1104St Pancras International1106 2L
1F24p. 1107½FavershamCancelled
9I26p. 1116½Amsterdam Centraal StationOn time
1F27p. 1119½St Pancras International1122 3L
9O19p. 1125St Pancras InternationalActivated
1J26p. 1127½MargateOn time
1C14p. 1137St Pancras International1152 15L
1C26p. 1140½St Pancras International1146 6L
9O22p. 1143½Paris Nord1203 20L
9I21p. 1144St Pancras International1215 31L ε
1L16p. 1148½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1L28p. 1152½St Pancras International1153 1L
1J29p. 1204St Pancras International1203 1E
1F28p. 1210½Faversham1211 1L
1F31p. 1218½St Pancras International1220 2L
9O23p. 1223½St Pancras International1459 156L
1J30p. 1227½Margate1233 6L
9O24p. 1236½Paris NordActivated
1C18p. 1237St Pancras International1250 13L
1C80p. 1242½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1L20p. 1248½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1L32p. 1252½St Pancras International1253 1L
1J33p. 1304St Pancras International1302 2E
1F32p. 1307½Faversham1308 1L
9I32p. 1310½Bruxelles Midi1326 16L
9O27p. 1317St Pancras International1613 176L
1F35p. 1319½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J34p. 1327½Margate1332 5L
1C72p. 1337St Pancras International1340 3L
1C34p. 1340½St Pancras InternationalOn time
9O28p. 1343½Paris Nord1355 12L
9I33p. 1349½St Pancras International1351 2L
1L24p. 1352½St Pancras International1353 1L
1L36p. 1352½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J37p. 1404St Pancras International1405 1L
1F36p. 1410½Faversham1411 1L
1F39p. 1418½St Pancras International1423 5L
9O31p. 1423½St Pancras International1611 108L
1J38p. 1427½Margate1429 2L
9O32p. 1434½Paris NordActivated
1C26p. 1437St Pancras International1449 12L
1C38p. 1440½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1L28p. 1448½St Pancras International1451 3L
1L40p. 1452½St Pancras International1453 1L
1J41p. 1504St Pancras International1503 1E
1F40p. 1510½Faversham1511 1L
9I40p. 1516½Bruxelles Midi1604 48L
1F43p. 1518½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J42p. 1527½Margate1529 2L
1C80p. 1540St Pancras International1541 1L
1C42p. 1540½St Pancras International1541 1L
9O36p. 1543½Paris Nord1554 11L
9O37p. 1547St Pancras International1628 41L
9I41p. 1549½St Pancras International1602 13L
1L32p. 1552½St Pancras International1553 1L
1L44p. 1552½St Pancras International1551 1E ε
1J45p. 1604St Pancras International1615 11L
1F44p. 1610½Faversham1611 1L
1F47p. 1618½St Pancras InternationalOn time
9O39p. 1623½St Pancras International1717 54L
1J46p. 1625½Margate1626 1L
1C34p. 1637St Pancras International1636 1E
1F46p. 1640½Faversham1641 1L
5J49p. 1640½St Pancras International1639 1E
9O40p. 1643½Paris Nord1743 60L
1L36p. 1650St Pancras International1649 1E
1J48p. 1652½Faversham1653 1L
1J84p. 1705½Margate1706 1L
1J49p. 1706St Pancras International1705 1E
1F48p. 1710½Faversham1712 2L
5J81p. 1711½St Pancras International1709 2E ε
9O42p. 1713½Paris Nord1725 12L
1F51p. 1718½St Pancras International1721 3L
1J50p. 1722½Dover Priory1723 1L
9O43p. 1723½St Pancras International1815 52L
1T90p. 1727½Maidstone West1731 4L
9I50p. 1730½Amsterdam Centraal Station1738 8L
5J52p. 1731St Pancras International1730 1E
1J86p. 1735½MargateOn time
1C38p. 1737St Pancras International1740 3L
5J53p. 1740St Pancras International1745 5L
1F50p. 1740½Ramsgate1741 1L
5J84p. 1743½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1L40p. 1748½St Pancras International1751 3L
9I49p. 1751½St Pancras International1806 15L
1J52p. 1752½Ramsgate1753 1L
1T92p. 1801½Maidstone West1802 1L
1J53p. 1804St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J88p. 1805½Margate1806 1L
1F52p. 1810½Broadstairs1811 1L
9O46p. 1813½Paris Nord1828 15L
9I52p. 1816½Bruxelles Midi1818 2L
9O47p. 1817St Pancras InternationalActivated
1F55p. 1819½St Pancras InternationalOn time
5F55p. 1822½St Pancras International1823 1L
1J54p. 1823Dover Priory1826 3L
1T94p. 1831½Maidstone West1833 2L
1J90p. 1835½Margate1837 2L
1C42p. 1837St Pancras International1843 6L
1F54p. 1840½Broadstairs1841 1L
5T91p. 1841½St Pancras International1845 4L
9O48p. 1843½Paris Nord1844 1L
1L44p. 1851½St Pancras International1852 1L
1J56p. 1853SandwichOn time
9I53p. 1859½St Pancras International1856 3E
1J57p. 1904St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J92p. 1905½MargateOn time
1F56p. 1910½Faversham1911 1L
9O50p. 1913½Paris Nord2048 95L
1T59p. 1914½St Pancras International1915 1L
1F59p. 1918½St Pancras International1920 2L
1J58p. 1922½Dover PrioryOn time
9O51p. 1923½St Pancras International1925 2L
9O57p. 1932½St Pancras International2121 109L
1J94p. 1935½Margate1936 1L
1J59p. 1937St Pancras International1938 1L
1F58p. 1940½Ramsgate1941 1L
9I57p. 1944St Pancras International2219 155L
9I58p. 1946½Bruxelles Midi2056 70L
1F61p. 1949½St Pancras International1948 1E
1L60p. 1952½St Pancras International1953 1L
5T75p. 1954½St Pancras International1951 3E
1J61p. 2004St Pancras International2003 1E
p. 2010Ripple Lane Exchange SidingsCancelled
1F60p. 2010½Faversham2011 1L
9O54p. 2013½Paris Nord2059 46L
1F63p. 2018½St Pancras International2019 1L
9O55p. 2023½St Pancras International2309 166L
1J62p. 2027½Margate2028 1L
1J63p. 2037St Pancras International2043 6L
1F62p. 2040½RamsgateOn time
1F65p. 2049St Pancras International2050 1L
1J64p. 2052½Ramsgate2054 2L
1J65p. 2104St Pancras InternationalOn time
p. 2106Dollands Moor Sidings2119 13L
1F64p. 2110½FavershamOn time
9I63p. 2119½St Pancras International0003 164L
1F67p. 2122½St Pancras International2123 1L
1J66p. 2127½Margate2128 1L
9O59p. 2130½St Pancras InternationalActivated
1J67p. 2137St Pancras International2136 1E
1F66p. 2140½Ramsgate2141 1L
5J66p. 2143½Ashford Down SidingsOn time
1F69p. 2149½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J68p. 2152½Ramsgate2153 1L
1J69p. 2204St Pancras International2207 3L
p. 2206Dollands Moor Sidings 
p. 2207Ripple Lane Exchange Sidings2156 11E
1F68p. 2210½Faversham2211 1L
1F71p. 2218½St Pancras International2221 3L
9O63p. 2223½St Pancras International2315 52L
1J70p. 2227½MargateOn time
1J71p. 2237St Pancras International2238 1L
1F70p. 2240½RamsgateOn time
1L60p. 2248½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J72p. 2252½Ramsgate2253 1L
1J73p. 2304St Pancras International2303 1E
p. 2306Dollands Moor Sidings2259 7E
1F72p. 2310½FavershamOn time
1J74p. 2327½Margate2328 1L
1J75p. 2337St Pancras International2336 1E
1F74p. 2340½Faversham2341 1L
1J76p. 2352½Ramsgate2353 1L
p. 0006Ripple Lane Exchange SidingsCancelled
1J98p. 0010½Ebbsfleet InternationalOn time
1J78p. 0027½Ashford (Kent)0028 1L
Train moving.
Train has passed.
Deduced activation.  
Departure not reported.  α
Time estimated.  ε
246 trains.
64 not on time.
5 cancelled.
0 buses.
0 activation deduced.
9 departure not reported.

Completed at 04/08/20 06:14:43 by liverail 1609p at turnpike. Elapsed time 16,914 ms.

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