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Services at Faversham (FAVRSHM FAV) on Tuesday 04/08/20

1F05d. 0458St Pancras InternationalOn time
1P02d. 0509VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0508 1E
5U08d. 0513Sittingbourne0512 1E
5U01a. 0517From Faversham Up Sidings0516 1E
2U01d. 0526Dover Priory0525 1E
1F07d. 0530St Pancras International0529 1E
1P06d. 0534VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
1F09d. 0600St Pancras International0601 1L
1P08d. 0604VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
5K58d. 0608Gillingham (Kent)0606 2E
1G87d. 0614Cannon StreetOn time
1J85d. 0622St Pancras InternationalOn time
2U05d. 0626Dover PrioryOn time
2U90a. 0628From Dover PrioryOn time
1F11d. 0630St Pancras InternationalOn time
1P10d. 0633½VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0634 1L
1G89d. 0649½Cannon StreetOn time
2U91d. 0654Dover PrioryOn time
1F13d. 0658St Pancras InternationalOn time
1P12d. 0702VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0703 1L
1G91d. 0720Cannon StreetCancelled
2U92a. 0724From Dover Priory0723 1E
2K06d. 0726Dover PrioryOn time
1F15d. 0730St Pancras InternationalOn time
2U24d. 0732RamsgateOn time
1P14d. 0739VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
1G93d. 0744Cannon StreetOn time
5F17a. 0750From Faversham Back Road0746 4E
1S12d. 0755Ramsgate0758 3L
1S13d. 0757Dover Priory0759 2L
1F17d. 0758St Pancras International0759 1L
1P16d. 0802VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0803 1L
1F08a. 0805From St Pancras International0806 1L
3W74d. 0808Tonbridge West Yard GB RailfreightCancelled
1S14d. 0826½Dover PrioryOn time
1F19d. 0828St Pancras InternationalOn time
1P17a. 0828From Dover PrioryOn time
1P18d. 0832VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0833 1L
1F10d. 0833½Ramsgate0834 1L
3W74p. 0834Tonbridge West Yard GB RailfreightCancelled
1S16d. 0857RamsgateOn time
1F21d. 0858St Pancras InternationalOn time
1P19a. 0858From Dover PrioryOn time
1F12a. 0902From St Pancras International0901 1E
1P20d. 0902VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
5Z50p. 0905Grove Park Carriage Servicing Depot0904 1E
1S18d. 0926½Dover Priory0927 1L
1F23d. 0930St Pancras InternationalOn time
1F14d. 0931½Ramsgate0934 3L
1P21a. 0933From Dover PrioryOn time
1P22d. 0937VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
1S20d. 0953½RamsgateOn time
1F25d. 0958St Pancras InternationalOn time
1P24d. 1002VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1003 1L
1S22d. 1026½Dover PrioryOn time
1F18d. 1031½RamsgateOn time
1P26d. 1037VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
3W74d. 1045½Tonbridge West Yard GB RailfreightCancelled
1S24d. 1053½RamsgateOn time
1F29d. 1058St Pancras InternationalOn time
1P28d. 1102VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1104 2L
1E91d. 1110RamsgateOn time
5Y17p. 1116Ramsgate Traction Maintenance Depot 
1S26d. 1126½Dover Priory1128 2L
1F22d. 1131½Ramsgate1132 1L
1P30d. 1137VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
1S28d. 1153½RamsgateOn time
1F33d. 1158St Pancras InternationalOn time
1P32d. 1202VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1203 1L
1S30d. 1226½Dover Priory1230 4L
1F26d. 1231½Ramsgate1234 3L
1P34d. 1237VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
5A91p. 1240Slade Green Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot1239 1E
1S32d. 1253½RamsgateOn time
1F37d. 1258St Pancras InternationalOn time
1P36d. 1302VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1304 2L
1S34d. 1326½Dover PrioryOn time
1F30d. 1331½RamsgateOn time
1P38d. 1337VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
5Y19p. 1345Slade Green Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot1145 120E
1S36d. 1353½Ramsgate1357 4L
1F41d. 1358St Pancras InternationalOn time
1P40d. 1402VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1403 1L
1S38d. 1426½Dover PrioryOn time
1F34d. 1431½Ramsgate1432 1L
1P42d. 1437VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
p. 1447½Gillingham (Kent) 
1S40d. 1453½RamsgateOn time
1F45d. 1458St Pancras International1500 2L
1P44d. 1502VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
5F47a. 1519From Ramsgate Traction Maintenance Depot1517 2E
1S42d. 1526½Dover Priory1527 1L
1F47d. 1530St Pancras InternationalOn time
1F38d. 1531½RamsgateOn time
1P46d. 1537VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
d. 1538Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
1S44d. 1553½RamsgateOn time
1F49d. 1558St Pancras International1601 3L
1P48d. 1602VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1604 2L
1F40a. 1605From St Pancras International1607 2L
1S46d. 1626½Dover Priory1638 12L
1F51d. 1630St Pancras InternationalOn time
1F42d. 1631½Ramsgate1650 19L
1P50d. 1637VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
1F53d. 1658St Pancras InternationalOn time
1S48d. 1659Ramsgate1700 1L
1S49d. 1701Dover Priory1702 1L
1P52d. 1702VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1703 1L
1F44a. 1705From St Pancras InternationalOn time
p. 1716Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
1F55d. 1730St Pancras InternationalOn time
1S50d. 1730Dover PrioryOn time
1F46a. 1731From St Pancras International1730 1E
1S51d. 1736RamsgateOn time
1P54d. 1737VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
5F56d. 1742St Pancras International1740 2E
1F57d. 1758St Pancras InternationalOn time
1G85d. 1758Dover Priory1759 1L
1S52d. 1800RamsgateOn time
1P56d. 1802VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1812 10L
1F48a. 1805From St Pancras International1803 2E
1S54d. 1823½Dover PrioryOn time
1G87d. 1826½Margate1827 1L
1F59d. 1830St Pancras InternationalOn time
1F50d. 1831½Ramsgate1832 1L
1P57a. 1837From Dover Priory1839 2L
1P58d. 1841VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1844 3L
5F63a. 1841From Margate1844 3L
1G89d. 1858Dover Priory1859 1L
1P59a. 1858From Dover Priory1857 1E
1S56d. 1900RamsgateOn time
1P60d. 1902VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
1F52d. 1905MargateOn time
1S58d. 1923½Dover PrioryOn time
1G91d. 1926½Margate1928 2L
1F63d. 1930St Pancras InternationalOn time
1F54d. 1931½Ramsgate1934 3L
2U61a. 1933From Dover PrioryOn time
1P62d. 1937VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
5U61d. 1942Ramsgate Traction Maintenance Depot1941 1E
1F65d. 1958St Pancras International2001 3L
1G93d. 1958Dover PrioryOn time
1S60d. 2000RamsgateOn time
1P64d. 2002VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)2003 1L
1F56a. 2005From St Pancras International2006 1L
5F56d. 2016Faversham Back RoadOn time
1S62d. 2022½Dover PrioryOn time
1F67d. 2030St Pancras International2029 1E
1F58d. 2031½RamsgateOn time
2U65a. 2033From Dover Priory2034 1L
1P66d. 2037VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
5U65d. 2042Ramsgate Traction Maintenance Depot2041 1E
1S64d. 2053½RamsgateOn time
1F69d. 2058St Pancras InternationalOn time
p. 2059½Canterbury West 
1P68d. 2102VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)2104 2L
1F60a. 2105From St Pancras International2107 2L
5L92p. 2113Ramsgate Traction Maintenance Depot2109 4E
1S68d. 2126½Dover Priory2125 1E
1F71d. 2130St Pancras InternationalOn time
1F62d. 2131½RamsgateOn time
2U69a. 2133From Dover Priory2132 1E
1P72d. 2137VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
5U69d. 2140Faversham Up SidingsOn time
p. 2151½Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
1S70d. 2153½RamsgateOn time
1F73d. 2158St Pancras InternationalOn time
1F64a. 2201From St Pancras International2202 1L
5U64d. 2205Ramsgate Traction Maintenance Depot2204 1E
5U93p. 2213Slade Green Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
1S72d. 2226½Dover PrioryOn time
1F66d. 2231½Ramsgate2233 2L
1P76d. 2237VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
1S74d. 2254RamsgateOn time
2P56d. 2254VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
1F68a. 2301From St Pancras International2300 1E
d. 2320WhitstableActivated
1F70d. 2332½RamsgateOn time
0B00d. 2337Ramsgate(Bus)
0B00d. 2337Ramsgate(Bus)
0B00d. 2338Margate(Bus)
0B00d. 2338Margate(Bus)
1S76d. 2340Dover Priory2339 1E
2U81a. 2354From Dover Priory2353 1E
1S78d. 2356RamsgateOn time
0B00d. 2358Ramsgate(Bus)
0B00d. 2358Ramsgate(Bus)
0B00d. 2359Margate(Bus)
0B00d. 2359Margate(Bus)
5U81d. 0001Faversham Up SidingsOn time
1F72a. 0001From St Pancras InternationalOn time
2U80d. 0002Gillingham (Kent)0004 2L
d. 0008Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
5T71d. 0010Faversham Back Road0007 2E α
1S80d. 0028RamsgateOn time
1F74a. 0031From St Pancras International0030 1E
0B00d. 0037Ramsgate(Bus)
0B00d. 0037Ramsgate(Bus)
0B00d. 0038Margate(Bus)
0B00d. 0038Margate(Bus)
0B00d. 0048Gillingham (Kent)(Bus)
1F76a. 0101From St Pancras International0100 1E
5F76d. 0111Faversham0104 7E
5F76a. 0122From Faversham0110 12E
1K84d. 0127RamsgateOn time
0B00d. 0135Ramsgate(Bus)
0B00d. 0135Ramsgate(Bus)
0B00d. 0136Westgate-on-Sea(Bus)
0B00d. 0136Westgate-on-Sea(Bus)
d. 0201Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
d. 0231Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
3Y75d. 0237Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight 
d. 0355Ashford Crane DepotCancelled
Train moving.
Train has passed.
Deduced activation.  
Departure not reported.  α
Time estimated.  ε
196 trains.
13 not on time.
5 cancelled.
17 buses.
0 activation deduced.
1 departure not reported.

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