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Services at Folkestone Central (FLKSTNC FKC) on Tuesday 04/08/20

2W05d. 0441Cannon Street0440 1E
p. 0524Ashford Crane Depot0426 58E
5J07p. 0528Dover Priory0515 13E
2W12d. 0541Charing Cross0540 1E
1J07d. 0600St Pancras International0559 1E
2W89d. 0611Cannon Street0609 1E α
2R04d. 0622RamsgateExp. On time
1J79d. 0629St Pancras InternationalExp. 0628 1E
5R18p. 0640½Dover PrioryActivated
1J11d. 0658St Pancras InternationalExp. On time
2W18d. 0711Charing CrossActivated
2R08d. 0722RamsgateActivated
1J83d. 0727St Pancras InternationalActivated
1J85d. 0757St Pancras InternationalActivated
2W22d. 0811Charing CrossActivated
2R11d. 0822RamsgateActivated
1J12d. 0830Dover Priory 
1J19d. 0900St Pancras International 
2W96d. 0911Charing Cross 
2R16d. 0922RamsgateActivated
1J16d. 0930Dover Priory 
1J23d. 1000St Pancras International 
2W30d. 1011Charing Cross 
2R20d. 1022Ramsgate 
1J20d. 1030Dover Priory 
1J27d. 1100St Pancras International 
2W34d. 1111Charing Cross 
2R24d. 1122Ramsgate 
1J24d. 1130Dover Priory 
1J31d. 1200St Pancras International 
2W38d. 1211Charing Cross 
2R28d. 1222Ramsgate 
1J28d. 1230Dover Priory 
p. 1248Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
1J35d. 1300St Pancras International 
2W42d. 1311Charing Cross 
p. 1318½Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
2R32d. 1322Ramsgate 
1J32d. 1330Dover Priory 
1J39d. 1400St Pancras International 
2W46d. 1411Charing Cross 
2R36d. 1422Ramsgate 
1J36d. 1430Dover Priory 
1J43d. 1500St Pancras International 
2W50d. 1511Charing Cross 
2R96d. 1522Ramsgate 
1J40d. 1530Dover Priory 
3Y74p. 1543½Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight 
1J47d. 1600St Pancras International 
2W54d. 1611Charing Cross 
3Y74p. 1615Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight 
2R44d. 1622Ramsgate 
1J44d. 1630Dover Priory 
1J51d. 1700St Pancras International 
2W58d. 1711Charing Cross 
2R48d. 1722Ramsgate 
1J48d. 1730Dover Priory 
1J55d. 1800St Pancras International 
1J50d. 1802Dover Priory 
2W62d. 1811Charing Cross 
2R52d. 1822Ramsgate 
1J52d. 1833½Ramsgate 
1J59d. 1900St Pancras International 
1J54d. 1903Sandwich 
2W66d. 1911Charing Cross 
2R91d. 1919Ramsgate 
1J56d. 1930Dover Priory 
2R93d. 1957Ramsgate 
1J63d. 2000St Pancras International 
2W70d. 2011Charing Cross 
2R60d. 2025Ramsgate 
1J60d. 2030Dover Priory 
1J67d. 2100St Pancras International 
2W74d. 2111Charing Cross 
2R64d. 2122Ramsgate 
1J64d. 2130Dover Priory 
1J71d. 2200St Pancras International 
2W78d. 2211Tonbridge 
2R68d. 2222Ramsgate 
1J68d. 2230Dover Priory 
1J75d. 2300St Pancras International 
2W82d. 2311Ashford (Kent) 
2R72d. 2324Ramsgate 
1J72d. 2330Dover Priory 
5J72p. 2355½Ashford Down Sidings 
2R76d. 0024Ramsgate 
1J76d. 0030Dover Priory 
5J76p. 0057Ashford Down Sidings 
2R80d. 0125Dover Priory 
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Completed at 04/08/20 06:10:09 by liverail 1609p at turnpike. Elapsed time 3,691 ms.

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