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Services at Folkestone East (FLKSTNE FKE) on Tuesday 04/08/20

2W05p. 0438½Cannon Street0437 1E ε
p. 0522½Ashford Crane Depot0425 57E ε
5J07p. 0529Dover Priory0516 13E ε
5R01d. 0532Ramsgate0522 10E ε
2W12p. 0538½Charing Cross0537 1E ε
1J07p. 0557½St Pancras International0556 1E ε
2W89p. 0608½Cannon Street0607 1E ε
2R04p. 0623½RamsgateOn time ε
1J79p. 0626½St Pancras International0625 1E ε
5R18p. 0641½Dover Priory0645 4L ε
1J11p. 0655½St Pancras International0654 1E ε
2W18p. 0708½Charing Cross0707 1E ε
2R08p. 0723½RamsgateOn time ε
1J83p. 0724½St Pancras InternationalOn time ε
1J85p. 0754½St Pancras InternationalOn time ε
2W22p. 0808½Charing Cross0809 1L ε
2R11p. 0823½RamsgateOn time ε
1J12p. 0831½Dover Priory0835 4L ε
1J19p. 0857½St Pancras International0856 1E ε
2W96p. 0908½Charing Cross0907 1E ε
2R16p. 0923½RamsgateOn time ε
1J16p. 0931½Dover PrioryOn time ε
1J23p. 0957½St Pancras International0956 1E ε
2W30p. 1008½Charing Cross1012 4L ε
2R20p. 1023½RamsgateOn time ε
1J20p. 1031½Dover Priory1033 2L ε
1J27p. 1057½St Pancras International1056 1E ε
2W34p. 1108½Charing Cross1111 3L ε
2R24p. 1123½Ramsgate1127 4L ε
1J24p. 1131½Dover Priory1132 1L ε
1J31p. 1157½St Pancras International1156 1E ε
2W38p. 1208½Charing Cross1209 1L ε
2R28p. 1223½RamsgateOn time ε
1J28p. 1231½Dover Priory1234 3L ε
1J35p. 1257½St Pancras International1256 1E ε
2W42p. 1308½Charing Cross1310 2L ε
2R32p. 1323½Ramsgate1322 1E ε
1J32p. 1331½Dover Priory1332 1L ε
1J39p. 1357½St Pancras InternationalOn time ε
2W46p. 1408½Charing CrossOn time ε
2R36p. 1423½Ramsgate1422 1E ε
1J36p. 1431½Dover PrioryOn time ε
1J43p. 1457½St Pancras International1456 1E ε
2W50p. 1508½Charing CrossOn time ε
2R96p. 1523½Ramsgate1522 1E ε
1J40p. 1531½Dover Priory1532 1L ε
1J47p. 1557½St Pancras International1556 1E ε
2W54p. 1608½Charing Cross1611 3L ε
2R44p. 1623½Ramsgate1624 1L ε
1J44p. 1631½Dover PrioryOn time ε
1J51p. 1657½St Pancras International1656 1E ε
2W58p. 1708½Charing Cross1707 1E ε
2R48p. 1723½Ramsgate1722 1E ε
1J48p. 1731½Dover PrioryOn time ε
1J55p. 1757½St Pancras International1756 1E ε
1J50p. 1803½Dover PrioryOn time ε
2W62p. 1808½Charing Cross1809 1L ε
2R52p. 1823½RamsgateOn time ε
1J52p. 1835RamsgateOn time ε
1J59p. 1857½St Pancras InternationalOn time ε
1J54p. 1904½SandwichOn time ε
2W66p. 1908½Charing CrossOn time ε
2R91p. 1920½RamsgateOn time ε
1J56p. 1931½Dover PrioryOn time ε
1J63p. 1957½St Pancras InternationalOn time ε
2R93p. 1958½Ramsgate1956 2E ε
2W70p. 2008½Charing Cross2007 1E ε
2R60p. 2026½RamsgateOn time ε
1J60p. 2031½Dover Priory2033 2L ε
1J67p. 2057½St Pancras International2056 1E ε
2W74p. 2108½Charing CrossOn time ε
2R64p. 2123½RamsgateOn time ε
1J64p. 2131½Dover Priory2132 1L ε
5W93d. 2140Folkestone East Train RoadOff route
1J71p. 2157½St Pancras International2156 1E ε
2W78p. 2208½Tonbridge2211 3L ε
2R68d. 2225RamsgateOn time ε
1J68p. 2231½Dover Priory2233 2L ε
1J75p. 2257½St Pancras InternationalOn time ε
2W82p. 2308½Ashford (Kent)2310 2L ε
2R72p. 2325½Ramsgate2326 1L ε
1J72p. 2331½Dover Priory2332 1L ε
5J72p. 2354½Ashford Down Sidings2357 3L ε
2R76p. 0025½Ramsgate0024 1E ε
1J76p. 0031½Dover PrioryOn time ε
5J76d. 0055½Ashford Down Sidings0051 4E ε
2R80p. 0126½Dover Priory0127 1L ε
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Completed at 25/10/20 16:43:39 by liverail 1609p at turnpike. Elapsed time 7,729 ms.

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