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Services at Grove Park (GRVPK GRP) on Wednesday 21/10/20

p. 0400Hither Green Pre Assembly Depot 
6V88p. 0410½COLNBROOK LAFARGE0407 3E
p. 0415Tonbridge Engineers Siding0307 68E
p. 0427½Tonbridge Engineers SidingCancelled
5S04p. 0435Sevenoaks0436 1L
p. 0454Hither Green Pre Assembly Depot 
2F02d. 0512Charing Cross0513 1L
p. 0515Hither Green Pre Assembly Depot 
5J04a. 0519From Grove Park Up Carriage Holding SidingsExp. 0511 8E
p. 0519Ashford Crane Depot0348 91E
2J04d. 0524Bromley North0523 1E
6Y39p. 0526Grain Foster Yeoman GB RailfreightActivated
5H56p. 0533Tunbridge Wells0531 2E
p. 0538Tonbridge West YardActivated
2J05a. 0539From Bromley NorthOn time
5S05p. 0541Orpington0537 4E
2J06d. 0544Bromley NorthOn time
2F04d. 0545Charing CrossOn time
2R06p. 0549½Ramsgate0547 2E
2H52p. 0556½Charing CrossOn time
3Q24p. 0557½Hither Green Pre Assembly Depot 
2S08d. 0558SevenoaksOn time
2J07a. 0559From Bromley NorthOn time
2W05p. 0604Cannon Street0605 1L
2J08d. 0604Bromley North0603 1E
2F06d. 0607½Charing Cross0609 2L
2F05d. 0612Cannon StreetOn time
1G85p. 0614Cannon StreetOn time
5S85p. 0615Orpington0610 5E
2H02p. 0616Tunbridge Wells0618 2L
2J09a. 0624From Bromley North0623 1E
p. 0625Hither Green Pre Assembly Depot 
2H53p. 0626Cannon StreetOn time
2J10d. 0628Bromley North0627 1E
2S10d. 0628½Sevenoaks0629 1L
2F84d. 0631½Charing CrossOn time
3R14p. 0631½Tonbridge0629 2E
2W08p. 0632Charing Cross0631 1E
p. 0635Hothfield SidingCancelled
p. 0636Hoo Junction Up Yard0645 9L
2J11a. 0640From Bromley North0639 1E
2S11d. 0640OrpingtonOn time
2J12d. 0645Bromley North0644 1E
5Y64p. 0645Tunbridge WellsOn time
1H52p. 0645Charing Cross0646 1L
2F85d. 0646½Cannon Street0651 5L
1H08p. 0647½Hastings0646 1E
2R07p. 0650Ramsgate0649 1E
2F86d. 0654½Charing Cross0657 3L
2J13a. 0657From Bromley North0656 1E
2H56p. 0658Charing Cross0657 1E
2S12d. 0658½Sevenoaks0657 1E
2J14d. 0659Bromley NorthOn time
2W10p. 0701½Charing CrossOn time
2F87d. 0702Cannon StreetOn time
3G91p. 0702½Swanley0701 1E
1G87p. 0708Cannon Street0709 1L
1H55p. 0710Cannon Street0711 1L
2J15a. 0710From Bromley North0709 1E
2S13d. 0712½Orpington0714 2L
2J16d. 0712Bromley North0711 1E
2F88d. 0715Charing CrossOn time
3R65p. 0716TonbridgeOn time
2H58p. 0720Charing Cross0719 1E
2H08p. 0720Tunbridge Wells0719 1E
2J17a. 0724From Bromley North0723 1E
2W12p. 0724Charing Cross0725 1L
2F89d. 0725Cannon Street0724 1E
2J18d. 0726Bromley NorthOn time
5S95p. 0726SevenoaksOn time
1H90p. 0726½Charing Cross0727 1L
2R10p. 0728½Ramsgate0727 1E
2S14d. 0730SevenoaksOn time
2F90d. 0734Charing CrossOn time
1H10p. 0734½Hastings0733 1E
2S91d. 0735½Orpington0738 3L
2J19a. 0737From Bromley North0736 1E
2H60p. 0738Charing Cross0745 7L
2J20d. 0739Bromley NorthOn time
2W89p. 0740½Cannon Street0742 2L
5S94p. 0744Orpington0742 2E
2W90p. 0744Charing CrossExp. 0748 4L
2F91d. 0746½Cannon Street0745 1E
1H92p. 0747Charing CrossExp. 0752 5L
2H10p. 0749½Tunbridge WellsExp. 0748½ 1E
2J21a. 0751From Bromley NorthExp. 0750 1E
2J22d. 0753Bromley NorthActivated
1G91p. 0755Cannon StreetExp. 0754 1E
2F92d. 0755Charing CrossExp. On time
2S16d. 0758SevenoaksExp. 0756 2E
2H62p. 0759Charing CrossExp. 0801 2L
2R12p. 0800Dover PrioryExp. On time
1H11p. 0802HastingsExp. On time
2W91p. 0802½Cannon StreetExp. On time
2F93d. 0804½Cannon StreetExp. 0808½ 4L
2W16p. 0805Charing CrossExp. On time
1S90p. 0805½OrpingtonExp. 0804½ 1E
2J23a. 0806From Bromley NorthActivated
1H93p. 0808Cannon StreetExp. 0809 1L
2J24d. 0808Bromley NorthActivated
2F16d. 0810Charing CrossActivated
2F94d. 0814Charing CrossActivated
2R90p. 0817½Ashford (Kent)Activated
2H64p. 0818Charing CrossExp. On time
1G93p. 0818Cannon StreetExp. 0819 1L
2J25a. 0819From Bromley NorthActivated
2S17d. 0819OrpingtonActivated
2W93p. 0821Cannon StreetExp. 0820 1E
2J26d. 0823Bromley NorthActivated
2H12p. 0824Tunbridge WellsActivated
2W18p. 0824Charing CrossExp. 0823 1E
2F95d. 0825½Cannon StreetActivated
1H94p. 0828½Charing CrossExp. 0829½ 1L
2S18d. 0831½SevenoaksActivated
1S92p. 0833OrpingtonActivated
2F96d. 0834½Charing CrossActivated
2R14p. 0835½RamsgateActivated
1G95p. 0836½Cannon StreetExp. 0837½ 1L
1H16p. 0837½HastingsActivated
1S94p. 0839½OrpingtonActivated
2H66p. 0839½Charing CrossActivated
2J27a. 0840From Bromley NorthActivated
2S19d. 0842½OrpingtonActivated
2W95p. 0842½Cannon StreetExp. 0841½ 1E
1S96p. 0845½OrpingtonActivated
2J30d. 0846Bromley NorthActivated
1H67p. 0847Cannon StreetExp. On time
2F97d. 0848Cannon StreetActivated
2H14p. 0850½Tunbridge WellsActivated
1F96p. 0851½Charing Cross 
2R18p. 0854½Dover PrioryActivated
2F98d. 0855Charing CrossActivated
1G97p. 0857Cannon StreetExp. 0859 2L
1H19p. 0857½HastingsActivated
2J31a. 0858From Bromley NorthActivated
2S20d. 0858SevenoaksActivated
2J32d. 0900Bromley NorthActivated
2H68p. 0901½Charing CrossActivated
2F20d. 0905Charing CrossActivated
2W20p. 0905Charing CrossExp. On time
1S98p. 0907OrpingtonActivated
1H68p. 0910Charing CrossExp. On time
2J33a. 0912From Bromley NorthActivated
2J34d. 0914Bromley NorthActivated
5F18p. 0915½Grove Park Up Carriage Holding SidingsActivated
2S21d. 0917OrpingtonActivated
2H16p. 0919Tunbridge WellsActivated
2F21d. 0923Cannon StreetActivated
2R22p. 0924½RamsgateActivated
2J35a. 0927From Bromley NorthActivated
2S22d. 0928SevenoaksActivated
2J36d. 0929Bromley NorthActivated
2H70p. 0929½Charing CrossActivated
1H21p. 0930½Hastings 
2W22p. 0932Charing CrossActivated
2F22d. 0933Charing CrossActivated
5G20p. 0938Gillingham (Kent) Electric Multiple Unit DepotActivated
2J37a. 0941From Bromley NorthActivated
p. 0941Tonbridge Engineers SidingCancelled
2J38d. 0943Bromley NorthActivated
1H70p. 0943Charing CrossActivated
2H18p. 0943½Tunbridge WellsActivated
2S23d. 0945½OrpingtonActivated
5Y97p. 0953Tonbridge Down Main SidingActivated
2F23d. 0954Cannon StreetActivated
2J39a. 0955From Bromley North 
2S24d. 0957SevenoaksActivated
2H72p. 0957½Charing CrossActivated
2J40d. 0958Bromley North 
2R24p. 0959½Dover PrioryActivated
2W24p. 1001Charing CrossExp. On time
2F24d. 1002Charing CrossActivated
1H24p. 1004Hastings 
2J41a. 1010From Bromley North 
2J42d. 1012Bromley North 
1H72p. 1013Charing Cross 
2S25d. 1014Orpington 
2H20p. 1019½Tunbridge Wells 
2F25d. 1024Cannon Street 
2J43a. 1025From Bromley North 
2S26d. 1027Sevenoaks 
2H74p. 1027½Charing Cross 
2J44d. 1028Bromley North 
2R26p. 1029½Ramsgate 
2W26p. 1031Charing CrossActivated
2F26d. 1032Charing Cross 
1H26p. 1034Hastings 
5F20p. 1035Grove Park Up Carriage Holding Sidings 
1H74p. 1043Charing Cross 
2S27d. 1043½Orpington 
2J45a. 1045From Bromley North 
p. 1046Willesden South West Sidings 
5Y70p. 1047Gillingham (Kent) Electric Multiple Unit Depot 
2H22p. 1049½Tunbridge Wells 
2J46d. 1050Bromley North 
p. 1050½Hothfield Siding 
p. 1050½Hothfield SidingCancelled
2F27d. 1054Cannon Street 
2S28d. 1057Sevenoaks 
2H76p. 1057½Charing Cross 
2R28p. 1059½Dover Priory 
2W28p. 1101Charing CrossActivated
2F28d. 1102Charing Cross 
1H28p. 1104Hastings 
5R00p. 1108Ashford Down Sidings 
2J47a. 1110From Bromley North 
2S29d. 1113½Orpington 
1H76p. 1113Charing Cross 
2J48d. 1115Bromley North 
2H24p. 1119½Tunbridge Wells 
2F29d. 1124Cannon Street 
2S30d. 1127Sevenoaks 
2H78p. 1127½Charing Cross 
2R30p. 1129½Ramsgate 
2J49a. 1130From Bromley North 
2W30p. 1131Charing Cross 
2F30d. 1132Charing Cross 
1H30p. 1134Hastings 
2J50d. 1135Bromley North 
1H78p. 1143Charing Cross 
2S31d. 1148½Orpington 
2H26p. 1149½Tunbridge Wells 
2J51a. 1150From Bromley North 
2F31d. 1154Cannon Street 
2J52d. 1155Bromley North 
2S32d. 1157Sevenoaks 
2H80p. 1157½Charing Cross 
p. 1158½Tonbridge West Yard 
2R32p. 1159½Dover Priory 
2W32p. 1201Charing Cross 
2F32d. 1202Charing Cross 
1H32p. 1204Hastings 
5F24p. 1207Grove Park Carriage Servicing Depot 
2J53a. 1210From Bromley North 
1H80p. 1213Charing Cross 
2S33d. 1213½Orpington 
2J54d. 1215Bromley North 
2H28p. 1219½Tunbridge Wells 
2F33d. 1224Cannon Street 
2S34d. 1227Sevenoaks 
2H82p. 1227½Charing Cross 
2R34p. 1229½Ramsgate 
2J55a. 1230From Bromley North 
2W34p. 1231Charing Cross 
2F34d. 1232Charing Cross 
1H34p. 1234Hastings 
2J56d. 1235Bromley North 
1H82p. 1243Charing Cross 
2S35d. 1243½Orpington 
2H30p. 1249½Tunbridge Wells 
2J57a. 1250From Bromley North 
2F35d. 1254Cannon Street 
2J58d. 1255Bromley North 
2S36d. 1257Sevenoaks 
2H84p. 1257½Charing Cross 
2R36p. 1259½Dover Priory 
2W36p. 1301Charing Cross 
2F36d. 1302Charing Cross 
1H36p. 1304Hastings 
2J59a. 1310From Bromley North 
1H84p. 1313Charing Cross 
2S37d. 1313½Orpington 
2J60d. 1315Bromley North 
2H32p. 1319½Tunbridge Wells 
2F37d. 1324Cannon Street 
2S38d. 1327Sevenoaks 
2H86p. 1327½Charing Cross 
2R38p. 1329½Ramsgate 
2J61a. 1330From Bromley North 
2W38p. 1331Charing Cross 
2F38d. 1333Charing Cross 
1H38p. 1334Hastings 
2J62d. 1335Bromley North 
4Y19p. 1335Southampton Western Docks GB RailfreightActivated
1H86p. 1343Charing Cross 
2S39d. 1343½Orpington 
2H34p. 1349½Tunbridge Wells 
2J63a. 1350From Bromley North 
2F39d. 1354Cannon Street 
2J64d. 1355Bromley North 
2S40d. 1357Sevenoaks 
2H88p. 1357½Charing Cross 
2R40p. 1359½Dover Priory 
2W40p. 1401Charing Cross 
2F40d. 1402Charing Cross 
1H40p. 1404Hastings 
5H29p. 1404½Grove Park Up Carriage Holding Sidings 
3Q43p. 1408Hither Green Pre Assembly Depot 
2J65a. 1410From Bromley North 
1H88p. 1413Charing Cross 
2S41d. 1413½Orpington 
2J66d. 1415Bromley North 
2H36p. 1419½Tunbridge Wells 
2F41d. 1424Cannon Street 
2S42d. 1427Sevenoaks 
2H50p. 1427½Charing Cross 
2R42p. 1429½Ramsgate 
2J67a. 1430From Bromley North 
2W42p. 1431Charing Cross 
2F42d. 1432Charing Cross 
1H42p. 1434Hastings 
2J68d. 1435Bromley North 
5Y71p. 1440Grove Park Down Carriage Holding Sidings 
1H52p. 1443Charing Cross 
2S43d. 1443½Orpington 
2H38p. 1449½Tunbridge Wells 
2J69a. 1450From Bromley North 
2F43d. 1454Cannon Street 
2J70d. 1455Bromley North 
2S44d. 1457Sevenoaks 
2H52p. 1457½Charing Cross 
2R44p. 1459½Dover Priory 
2W44p. 1501Charing Cross 
2F44d. 1502Charing Cross 
1H44p. 1504Hastings 
2J71a. 1510From Bromley North 
6Y21p. 1510½Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight 
1H54p. 1513Charing Cross 
2S45d. 1514Orpington 
2J72d. 1515Bromley North 
2H40p. 1519½Tunbridge Wells 
5S79p. 1523Orpington 
5S47p. 1523Orpington 
2F45d. 1524Cannon Street 
2S46d. 1527Sevenoaks 
2H54p. 1527½Charing Cross 
2R46p. 1529½Ramsgate 
2J73a. 1530From Bromley North 
2W46p. 1531Charing Cross 
2F46d. 1532Charing Cross 
1H46p. 1533½Hastings 
2J74d. 1535Bromley North 
5S90p. 1539Orpington 
1H56p. 1543Charing Cross 
2S47d. 1543½Orpington 
2H42p. 1549½Tunbridge Wells 
2J75a. 1550From Bromley North 
5W00p. 1551½Grove Park Down Carriage Holding Sidings 
2F47d. 1554Cannon Street 
2J76d. 1555Bromley North 
2S48d. 1557Sevenoaks 
2H56p. 1557½Charing Cross 
2R48p. 1559½Dover Priory 
2W48p. 1601Charing Cross 
2F48d. 1602Charing Cross 
1H48p. 1604Hastings 
2J77a. 1610From Bromley North 
6Y41p. 1611½Grain Foster Yeoman GB Railfreight 
1H58p. 1613Charing Cross 
2S49d. 1614½Orpington 
1F90p. 1617Charing Cross 
2J78d. 1618Bromley North 
2H44p. 1619½Tunbridge Wells 
2F49d. 1624Cannon Street 
2S50d. 1627Sevenoaks 
2H58p. 1629Charing Cross 
2R50p. 1629½Ramsgate 
2W50p. 1631Charing Cross 
2F50d. 1632Charing Cross 
2J79a. 1632From Bromley North 
1H02p. 1633½Hastings 
2J80d. 1634Bromley North 
5W87p. 1634½Cannon Street 
5S08p. 1640Orpington 
1H60p. 1643Charing Cross 
1G85p. 1645½Dover Priory 
2J81a. 1646From Bromley North 
2S51d. 1646Orpington 
2H46p. 1647½Tunbridge Wells 
2J82d. 1649Bromley North 
3F91p. 1651Cannon Street 
2S52d. 1653Sevenoaks 
2F51d. 1654Cannon Street 
2H60p. 1657½Charing Cross 
2R52p. 1658½Ramsgate 
2J83a. 1700From Bromley North 
5S96p. 1702Orpington 
2J84d. 1702Bromley North 
1H04p. 1702½Hastings 
2W52p. 1704Charing Cross 
2F52d. 1705Charing Cross 
3Q43p. 1705Hither Green Pre Assembly Depot 
2S90d. 1710Orpington 
2R90p. 1711½Folkestone Central 
p. 1711½Tonbridge Engineers SidingCancelled
1H63p. 1714½Cannon Street 
2J85a. 1715From Bromley North 
2S91d. 1715Sevenoaks 
1H07p. 1719Hastings 
2J86d. 1719Bromley North 
1F58p. 1720½Charing Cross 
2H02p. 1721Tunbridge Wells 
2F55d. 1724Cannon Street 
1G87p. 1724Margate 
3F08p. 1727Charing Cross 
2H62p. 1728Charing Cross 
2S92d. 1730Orpington 
2W54p. 1730½Charing Cross 
2R54p. 1730½Ramsgate 
2J87a. 1731From Bromley North 
1F96p. 1733½Charing Cross 
1H92p. 1734½Hastings 
2F56d. 1735Charing Cross 
2S93d. 1736Sevenoaks 
2R91p. 1740Ramsgate 
2J88d. 1740Bromley North 
5W93p. 1742Cannon Street 
2H04p. 1745Tunbridge Wells 
1G89p. 1746Dover Priory 
1H64p. 1747Charing Cross 
2F59d. 1752½Cannon Street 
2J89a. 1752From Bromley North 
1H93p. 1752Hastings 
2S94d. 1754Sevenoaks 
2H64p. 1755Charing Cross 
2J02d. 1756Bromley North 
2R56p. 1758½Ramsgate 
2S95d. 1800Orpington 
2F60d. 1801Charing Cross 
2R93p. 1802½Folkestone Central 
2H06p. 1805½Tunbridge Wells 
2J03a. 1807From Bromley North 
1G91p. 1807Broadstairs 
2W56p. 1808Charing Cross 
2J04d. 1809Bromley North 
2S96d. 1813Orpington 
1H66p. 1814Charing Cross 
1H96p. 1816½Hastings 
2S97d. 1820Sevenoaks 
2R60p. 1820½Ramsgate 
2J05a. 1821From Bromley North 
2F61d. 1823Cannon Street 
2J06d. 1823Bromley North 
2R95p. 1823Ramsgate 
2H08p. 1827Tunbridge Wells 
2H65p. 1827Cannon Street 
1G93p. 1828½Dover Priory 
2S60d. 1831Orpington 
2W58p. 1831Charing Cross 
2F62d. 1834Charing Cross 
1F66p. 1835½Charing Cross 
2J07a. 1836From Bromley North 
p. 1836Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
2J08d. 1838Bromley North 
2R96p. 1838½Ashford (Kent) 
5F94p. 1839Grove Park Up Carriage Holding Sidings 
1H97p. 1843Ore 
1H68p. 1845Charing Cross 
2S61d. 1846Sevenoaks 
2R97p. 1847Dover Priory 
p. 1849Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
2H10p. 1851Tunbridge Wells 
2J09a. 1851From Bromley North 
2F63d. 1853Cannon Street 
2S62d. 1853Orpington 
2J10d. 1857Bromley North 
2H68p. 1858½Charing Cross 
2R64p. 1900½Ramsgate 
1G95p. 1900½Ramsgate 
2F98d. 1902Charing Cross 
2W60p. 1903½Charing Cross 
1H14p. 1905½Hastings 
5H04p. 1908Grove Park Down Carriage Holding Sidings 
2J11a. 1911From Bromley North 
2S64d. 1911½Orpington 
1H70p. 1915Charing Cross 
2S65d. 1915Orpington 
2J12d. 1918Bromley North 
1H11p. 1918½Hastings 
2H12p. 1920½Tunbridge Wells 
2F65d. 1924½Cannon Street 
2S66d. 1927½Sevenoaks 
2H70p. 1928Charing Cross 
2R66p. 1929½Ramsgate 
2J13a. 1930From Bromley North 
2W62p. 1931Charing Cross 
2F66d. 1932Charing Cross 
2J14d. 1933Bromley North 
1H16p. 1934Hastings 
1H72p. 1943Charing Cross 
2J15a. 1945From Bromley North 
2S67d. 1945½Orpington 
6Y71p. 1945½Grain Foster Yeoman GB Railfreight 
2J16d. 1949Bromley North 
2H14p. 1949½Tunbridge Wells 
2F67d. 1954Cannon Street 
2S68d. 1957Sevenoaks 
2H72p. 1957½Charing Cross 
2R68p. 1959½Dover Priory 
2J17a. 2001From Bromley North 
2W64p. 2001Charing Cross 
2F68d. 2002Charing Cross 
2J18d. 2003Bromley North 
1H18p. 2004Hastings 
5F67p. 2012Grove Park Up Carriage Holding Sidings 
2S69d. 2013½Orpington 
1H74p. 2014Charing Cross 
2J19a. 2015From Bromley North 
2J20d. 2017Bromley North 
2H16p. 2019½Tunbridge Wells 
2F69d. 2024Cannon Street 
2S70d. 2027Sevenoaks 
2H74p. 2027½Charing Cross 
2J21a. 2029From Bromley North 
2R70p. 2029½Ramsgate 
2W66p. 2031Charing Cross 
2F70d. 2032Charing Cross 
2J22d. 2033Bromley North 
1H20p. 2034Hastings 
p. 2039½Hither Green Pre Assembly Depot 
5F69p. 2042Grove Park Up Carriage Holding Sidings 
2S71d. 2043½Orpington 
2J23a. 2045From Bromley North 
2J24d. 2047Bromley North 
2H18p. 2049½Tunbridge Wells 
2F71d. 2054Cannon Street 
2S72d. 2057Sevenoaks 
2H76p. 2057½Charing Cross 
2J25a. 2059From Bromley North 
2R72p. 2059Dover Priory 
2W68p. 2101Charing Cross 
2F72d. 2102Charing Cross 
1H22p. 2104Hastings 
2J26d. 2105Bromley North 
p. 2106Tonbridge West Yard 
6Y92p. 2110½Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight 
1H78p. 2113Charing Cross 
2S73d. 2115Orpington 
2H20p. 2119½Tunbridge Wells 
2J27a. 2120From Bromley North 
2F73d. 2124Cannon Street 
2S74d. 2127Sevenoaks 
2H78p. 2127½Charing Cross 
2R74p. 2129½Ramsgate 
2W70p. 2131Charing Cross 
2F74d. 2132Charing Cross 
3Q08p. 2134Hither Green Pre Assembly Depot 
2J28d. 2135Bromley North 
2S75d. 2143½Orpington 
6Y88p. 2146Grain Foster Yeoman GB Railfreight 
2H22p. 2149½Tunbridge Wells 
2J29a. 2150From Bromley North 
2F75d. 2154Cannon Street 
2J30d. 2155Bromley North 
2S76d. 2157Sevenoaks 
2H80p. 2158½Charing Cross 
2R76p. 2159½Dover Priory 
2W72p. 2201Charing Cross 
2F76d. 2202Charing Cross 
1H26p. 2204Hastings 
p. 2208Hither Green Pre Assembly Depot 
2J31a. 2210From Bromley North 
p. 2210Hither Green Pre Assembly Depot 
1H82p. 2213Charing Cross 
2S77d. 2213½Orpington 
2J32d. 2215Bromley North 
2H24p. 2219½Tunbridge Wells 
2F77d. 2224Cannon Street 
2S78d. 2227Sevenoaks 
2H82p. 2227½Charing Cross 
2R78p. 2229½Ramsgate 
2J33a. 2230From Bromley North 
2W74p. 2231Charing Cross 
2F78d. 2232Charing Cross 
2J34d. 2235Bromley North 
2S79d. 2243½Orpington 
p. 2246½New Cross 
2H26p. 2249½Tunbridge Wells 
2J35a. 2250From Bromley North 
2F79d. 2254Cannon Street 
2J36d. 2255Bromley North 
2S80d. 2257Sevenoaks 
2H84p. 2257½Charing Cross 
5Y16p. 2259Grove Park Carriage Servicing Depot 
2R80p. 2259½Dover Priory 
2W76p. 2301Charing Cross 
2F80d. 2302Charing Cross 
p. 2303½Woking Up Yard Reception 
1H30p. 2304Hastings 
5H22p. 2309½Grove Park Carriage Servicing Depot 
2J37a. 2310From Bromley North 
1H86p. 2313Charing Cross 
2S81d. 2313½Orpington 
2J38d. 2315Bromley North 
2H28p. 2319½Tunbridge Wells 
2S82d. 2327Sevenoaks 
2R82p. 2329½Minster 
2J39a. 2330From Bromley North 
2F82d. 2332Charing Cross 
2J40d. 2335Bromley North 
5F80p. 2337Grove Park Down Carriage Holding Sidings 
2H86p. 2341Charing Cross 
2S83d. 2343½Orpington 
2H30p. 2349½Tunbridge Wells 
2J41a. 2350From Bromley North 
p. 2351½Pluckley 
2J42d. 2355Bromley North 
2S84d. 2357Sevenoaks 
2R84p. 2359½Dover Priory 
2F84d. 0002Charing Cross 
1H34p. 0004Hastings 
5H26p. 0007Grove Park Down Carriage Holding Sidings 
2J43a. 0010From Bromley North 
5F83p. 0013Grove Park Down Carriage Holding Sidings 
2S85d. 0013Orpington 
2J44d. 0015Bromley North 
2S86d. 0027½Orpington 
2J45a. 0030From Bromley North 
2J46d. 0035Bromley North 
5F85p. 0039Grove Park Carriage Servicing Depot 
2S98d. 0045½Orpington 
5F84p. 0046½Grove Park Carriage Servicing Depot 
2J47a. 0050From Bromley North 
2J48d. 0055Bromley North 
5F86p. 0101½Grove Park Down Carriage Holding Sidings 
p. 0108½Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
5F87p. 0110½Grove Park Up Carriage Holding Sidings 
5J49p. 0114Grove Park Down Carriage Holding Sidings 
2S02d. 0117Orpington 
p. 0139½Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
p. 0145½New Cross 
p. 0152½Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
p. 0206½New Cross 
p. 0222Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
p. 0230Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
p. 0243Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
p. 0259½Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
p. 0354½Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
Train moving.
Train has passed.
Deduced activation.  
Departure not reported.  α
Time estimated.  ε
630 trains.
8 not on time.
5 cancelled.
0 buses.
0 activation deduced.
0 departure not reported.

Completed at 21/10/20 07:46:42 by liverail 1609p at turnpike. Elapsed time 16,001 ms.

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