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Services at Gravesend (GRVSEND GRV) on Tuesday 04/08/20

p. 0408Tolworth Sidings 
5L02a. 0420From Dartford Up Sidings0416 4E
p. 0421½Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
7X44p. 0427Eastleigh East Yard 
7Y44p. 0427Eastleigh East Yard0425 2E
2D02d. 0430Charing Cross0429 1E
9P90d. 0433½Dartford0434 1L
5N04a. 0436From Grove Park Down Carriage Holding SidingsOn time
2D04d. 0448Charing Cross0447 1E
9P80d. 0459½St Albans CityOn time
5L06a. 0505From Slade Green Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance DepotOn time
9P91d. 0513½Rainham (Kent)0514 1L
2D06d. 0518Charing CrossOn time
p. 0518½Willesden Euroterminal 
p. 0526Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
9P02d. 0529½LutonOn time
5P93p. 0533DartfordOn time
5L08a. 0536From Slade Green Up Carriage Holding Sidings0537 1L
1F05d. 0541½St Pancras InternationalOn time
p. 0545Angerstein Wharf Tarmac 
2D08d. 0548Charing CrossOn time
9P04d. 0559Luton0558 1E
5L52a. 0608From Slade Green Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot0617 9L
1F07d. 0612½St Pancras InternationalOn time
9P93d. 0614½Rainham (Kent)On time
2D12d. 0618Charing Cross0622 4L
5T90p. 0618Maidstone West0619 1L
2N06a. 0624From Charing Cross0626 2L
9P06d. 0629LutonOn time
p. 0641½Willesden Euroterminal 
p. 0641½Acton Terminal Complex 
1F09d. 0642½St Pancras InternationalOn time
9P01d. 0643½Rainham (Kent)On time
1T06d. 0648Maidstone West0647 1E
2D16d. 0648Charing Cross0647 1E
2N16a. 0652From Charing CrossOn time
9P08d. 0659Luton0658 1E
6O35p. 0700Hoo Junction Up Yard0856 116L
6X33p. 0700Hoo Junction Up Yard 
p. 0704½Tolworth Sidings 
5T94p. 0706Maidstone West0700 6E
1F11d. 0712½St Pancras International0714 2L
9P03d. 0713½Rainham (Kent)On time
1F08d. 0718Faversham0717 1E
2D20d. 0719Charing Cross0720 1L
1T91d. 0723St Pancras InternationalOn time
2D88d. 0726Charing CrossOn time
9P10d. 0729Luton0730 1L
2N18a. 0732From Charing CrossOn time
1F13d. 0742½St Pancras InternationalOn time
9P05d. 0743½Rainham (Kent)0746 3L
1F10d. 0747Ramsgate0749 2L
2D24d. 0748Charing CrossOn time
1T93d. 0753St Pancras International0752 1E
2N20a. 0756From Charing Cross0755 1E
9P12d. 0759LutonOn time
1F15d. 0812½St Pancras International0813 1L
9P07d. 0813½Rainham (Kent)On time
1F12d. 0818FavershamOn time
2D28d. 0818Charing Cross0817 1E
1T95d. 0821½St Pancras InternationalOn time
2N22a. 0826From Charing Cross0823 3E
0Y67p. 0827Eastleigh East Yard 
9P14d. 0830½Luton0829 1E
1F17d. 0842½St Pancras International0844 2L
9P09d. 0843½Rainham (Kent)On time
1F14d. 0848Ramsgate0847 1E
2D32d. 0848Charing Cross0847 1E
2N26a. 0852From Charing Cross0851 1E
9P16d. 0859Luton0858 1E
1F19d. 0912½St Pancras InternationalOn time
9P11d. 0913½Rainham (Kent)On time
2D36d. 0918Charing Cross0917 1E
2N30a. 0922From Charing Cross0921 1E
9P18d. 0929Luton0928 1E
3Q52p. 0933Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight 
1F21d. 0942½St Pancras International0941 1E
9P13d. 0943½Rainham (Kent)On time
1F18d. 0948Ramsgate0947 1E
2D40d. 0948Charing Cross0947 1E
2N34a. 0952From Charing CrossOn time
9P20d. 0959LutonOn time
6L37p. 1002Whitemoor Local Distribution Centre1006 4L
1F23d. 1012½St Pancras InternationalOn time
9P15d. 1013½Rainham (Kent)On time
2D44d. 1018Charing Cross1017 1E
2N38a. 1022From Charing CrossOn time
1E91d. 1025Ramsgate1024 1E
9P22d. 1029LutonOn time
5L17p. 1030Gillingham (Kent) Electric Multiple Unit Depot 
5Y17p. 1030Ramsgate Traction Maintenance Depot 
p. 1033Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
6Y40p. 1039Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight 
1F25d. 1042½St Pancras InternationalOn time
9P17d. 1043½Rainham (Kent)On time
2D48d. 1048Charing Cross1047 1E
1F22d. 1049½Ramsgate1051 2L
2N42a. 1052From Charing Cross1058 6L
p. 1055Neasden Engineers SidingsOn time
p. 1055Crawley Foster YeomanCancelled
9P24d. 1059Luton1101 2L
5L19p. 1100Gillingham (Kent) Electric Multiple Unit Depot 
p. 1102Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
p. 1103½Cliffe Brett Marine 
9P19d. 1113½Rainham (Kent)On time
2D52d. 1118Charing Cross1117 1E
2N46a. 1122From Charing CrossOn time
3Q50p. 1123½Slade Green Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
9P26d. 1129LutonOn time
1F29d. 1142½St Pancras InternationalOn time
9P21d. 1143½Rainham (Kent)On time
1F26d. 1148Ramsgate1149 1L
2D56d. 1148Charing Cross1147 1E
2N50a. 1152From Charing CrossOn time
p. 1153½Whatley Quarry Freightliner Heavy Haul1154 1L
9P28d. 1159LutonOn time
6Y36p. 1207½Sevington Sidings 
6Y36p. 1209½Sevington Sidings 
9P23d. 1213½Rainham (Kent)1215 2L
2D60d. 1218Charing CrossOn time
2N54a. 1222From Charing CrossOn time
9P30d. 1229Luton1228 1E
6X48p. 1233½Hoo Junction Up Yard 
6Y48p. 1233½Hoo Junction Up Yard1329 56L
1F33d. 1242½St Pancras InternationalOn time
9P25d. 1243½Rainham (Kent)1244 1L
2D64d. 1248Charing CrossOn time
1F30d. 1249½RamsgateOn time
2N58a. 1252From Charing Cross1251 1E
9P32d. 1259Luton1258 1E
6Y78p. 1259Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight 
6Y79p. 1259Grain Foster Yeoman GB Railfreight 
p. 1302Colnbrook BAA LogisticsCancelled
0Y62p. 1302½Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight 
0Y63p. 1302½Hoo Junction Up Yard 
9P27d. 1313½Rainham (Kent)On time
2D68d. 1318Charing Cross1317 1E
2N62a. 1322From Charing CrossOn time
5A91p. 1324Slade Green Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot1323 1E
5Z53p. 1328½Gillingham (Kent) Electric Multiple Unit Depot1325 3E
9P34d. 1329LutonOn time
1F37d. 1342½St Pancras InternationalOn time
9P29d. 1343½Rainham (Kent)On time
1F34d. 1348Ramsgate1349 1L
2D72d. 1348Charing Cross1347 1E
2N66a. 1352From Charing Cross1351 1E
p. 1354Stewarts Lane Days1358 4L
9P36d. 1359Luton1402 3L
9P31d. 1413½Rainham (Kent)On time
2D76d. 1418Charing Cross1417 1E
2N70a. 1422From Charing Cross1421 1E
6Y42p. 1423Eastleigh East Yard1426 3L
6X42p. 1424Eastleigh East Yard 
6Y21p. 1426Tonbridge West Yard GB RailfreightCancelled
9P38d. 1429Luton1431 2L
5A19p. 1437½Slade Green Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
5Y19p. 1437½Slade Green Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot1230 127E
1F41d. 1442½St Pancras InternationalOn time
9P33d. 1443½Rainham (Kent)On time
1F38d. 1448Ramsgate1447 1E
2D80d. 1448Charing Cross1447 1E
2N74a. 1452From Charing CrossOn time
9P40d. 1459Luton1458 1E
9P35d. 1513½Rainham (Kent)On time
1F40d. 1518Faversham1519 1L
2D84d. 1518Charing Cross1517 1E
2N76a. 1522From Charing CrossOn time
5A17p. 1523Slade Green Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
9P42d. 1529LutonOn time
6O12p. 1533½Grain Foster Yeoman GB Railfreight 
6Y30p. 1533½Grain Foster Yeoman GB Railfreight 
6O85p. 1533½Grain Foster Yeoman GB Railfreight 
6Y28p. 1533½Grain Foster Yeoman GB Railfreight 
6Y29p. 1533½Grain Foster Yeoman GB Railfreight1526 7E
1F45d. 1542½St Pancras InternationalOn time
9P37d. 1543½Rainham (Kent)1542 1E
1F42d. 1548Ramsgate1547 1E
2D88d. 1548Charing Cross1547 1E
p. 1550½GRAIN OIL TERMINAL (FLHH)Cancelled
2N78a. 1552From Charing CrossOn time
9P44d. 1559LutonOn time
1F47d. 1612½St Pancras InternationalOn time
9P39d. 1613½Rainham (Kent)On time
1F44d. 1618FavershamOn time
2D04d. 1618Charing Cross1617 1E
2N80a. 1622From Charing CrossOn time
9P46d. 1629LutonOn time
1F49d. 1642½St Pancras International1645 3L
9P41d. 1643½Rainham (Kent)1651 8L
1F46d. 1648Faversham1647 1E
2D08d. 1648Charing Cross1647 1E
2N02a. 1652From Charing Cross1653 1L
6Y41p. 1659Grain Foster Yeoman GB Railfreight 
9P48d. 1659Luton1702 3L
1F51d. 1712½St Pancras InternationalOn time
9P43d. 1713½Rainham (Kent)1715 2L
2D12d. 1718Charing Cross1717 1E
1F48d. 1718FavershamOn time
2N06a. 1722From Charing CrossOn time
9P50d. 1729Luton1728 1E
1T90d. 1735½Maidstone WestOn time
1F53d. 1742½St Pancras International1747 5L
9P45d. 1743½Rainham (Kent)1745 2L
1F50d. 1748RamsgateOn time
2D16d. 1748Charing Cross1749 1L
2N10a. 1752From Charing CrossOn time
p. 1756Willesden Euroterminal 
9P52d. 1759Luton1758 1E
1T92d. 1809½Maidstone West1808 1E
1F55d. 1812½St Pancras International1813 1L
9P47d. 1813½Rainham (Kent)1815 2L
1F52d. 1818MargateOn time
2D20d. 1818Charing Cross1817 1E
5F56p. 1820St Pancras InternationalOn time
2N14a. 1823From Charing CrossOn time
6G30p. 1824Saltwood JunctionCancelled
6G30p. 1824Dollands Moor Sidings1831 7L
9P54d. 1829Luton1828 1E
1T58d. 1838St Pancras InternationalOn time
1T94d. 1839½Maidstone West1840 1L
1F57d. 1842½St Pancras InternationalOn time
9P49d. 1843½Rainham (Kent)1844 1L
1F54d. 1848Ramsgate1852 4L
2D24d. 1848Charing Cross1847 1E
2N18a. 1852From Charing Cross1854 2L
3Q51p. 1853Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight 
9P56d. 1859Luton1858 1E
2N90d. 1900½Gillingham (Kent)1859 1E
1F59d. 1912½St Pancras InternationalOn time
9P51d. 1913½Rainham (Kent)On time
1F56d. 1918FavershamOn time
2D28d. 1918Charing Cross1917 1E
2N22a. 1922From Charing CrossOn time
5T62p. 1924St Pancras InternationalOn time
9P58d. 1927½LutonOn time
1T62d. 1942St Pancras InternationalOn time
9P53d. 1943½Rainham (Kent)On time
1F58d. 1948Ramsgate1947 1E
2D32d. 1948Charing CrossOn time
2N26a. 1952From Charing CrossOn time
9P60d. 1959Luton1958 1E
6X34p. 2002Whitemoor Local Distribution Centre 
6L34p. 2002Whitemoor Local Distribution Centre2001 1E
6X38p. 2002Whitemoor Local Distribution Centre 
1F63d. 2012½St Pancras International2015 3L
9P55d. 2013½Rainham (Kent)2014 1L
1F60d. 2018FavershamOn time
2D36d. 2018Charing Cross2017 1E
2N34a. 2022From Charing Cross2023 1L
5L92p. 2023Ramsgate Traction Maintenance Depot2020 3E
6E44p. 2024Ferme Park Reception Line GB Railfreight 
6Y92p. 2024Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight2026 2L
9P62d. 2029Luton2031 2L
6O70p. 2029Grain Foster Yeoman GB Railfreight 
6Y71p. 2029Grain Foster Yeoman GB Railfreight 
1F65d. 2042½St Pancras International2043 1L
9P57d. 2043½Rainham (Kent)2044 1L
1F62d. 2048RamsgateOn time
2D40d. 2048Charing Cross2047 1E
2N38a. 2052From Charing Cross2051 1E
p. 2056Cliffe Brett Marine2058 2L
9P64d. 2059West Hampstead Thameslink2058 1E
5L92p. 2101½Gillingham (Kent) Electric Multiple Unit Depot 
1F67d. 2112½St Pancras InternationalOn time
9P59d. 2113½Rainham (Kent)2114 1L
1F64d. 2118FavershamOn time
2D44d. 2118Charing Cross2117 1E
2N42a. 2122From Charing Cross2123 1L
9P66d. 2129West Hampstead Thameslink2128 1E
1F69d. 2142½St Pancras InternationalOn time
9P61d. 2143½Rainham (Kent)2144 1L
1F66d. 2148RamsgateOn time
2D48d. 2148Charing CrossOn time
2N46a. 2152From Charing Cross2153 1L
p. 2153Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
p. 2153Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
9P68d. 2159West Hampstead ThameslinkOn time
6E41p. 2202Ferme Park Reception Line GB Railfreight 
1F71d. 2212½St Pancras InternationalOn time
9P63d. 2213½Rainham (Kent)2212 1E
1F68d. 2218FavershamOn time
2D52d. 2218Charing Cross2217 1E
2N50a. 2222From Charing CrossOn time
9P70d. 2229West Hampstead Thameslink2228 1E
6Y88p. 2233Grain Foster Yeoman GB Railfreight2246 13L
1F73d. 2242½St Pancras International2241 1E
9P65d. 2243½Rainham (Kent)On time
5U93p. 2245½Slade Green Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
2D53d. 2248Cannon Street2247 1E
1F70d. 2248Ramsgate2249 1L
2N54a. 2252From Charing Cross2253 1L
9P92d. 2259DartfordOn time
9P67d. 2313½Rainham (Kent)2317 4L
2D55d. 2318Cannon Street2317 1E
1F72d. 2318Faversham2320 2L
2N58a. 2322From Charing CrossOn time
p. 2322Cliffe Brett Marine 
5Z55p. 2324½Gillingham (Kent) Electric Multiple Unit Depot2325 1L
7X43p. 2329Hoo Junction Up Yard 
7Y43p. 2329Hoo Junction Up Yard2351 22L
9P94d. 2329Dartford2328 1E
5P92p. 2332½Rochester2331 1E
5A58d. 2333Slade Green Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot2331 2E
p. 2341Colnbrook BAA LogisticsCancelled
9P69d. 2343½Gillingham (Kent)2344 1L
1F74d. 2348Faversham2347 1E
2N62a. 2352From Charing CrossCancelled
9P96d. 2357½DartfordOn time
5P94p. 0007Gillingham (Kent) Electric Multiple Unit Depot2359 8E
5D62d. 0009Grove Park Down Carriage Holding Sidings2338 31E ε
9P71d. 0013½Gillingham (Kent)0014 1L
1F76d. 0018Faversham0017 1E
6E92p. 0020Ferme Park Reception Line GB Railfreight 
2N90a. 0025From Charing Cross0030 5L
0G30p. 0029Hoo Junction Up Yard2237 112E
0G30p. 0029Hoo Junction Up YardCancelled
5A90d. 0032Slade Green Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot0035 3L
p. 0039½GRAIN OIL TERMINAL (FLHH)Cancelled
9P95d. 0043½Gillingham (Kent)0044 1L
p. 0046½Crawley Foster Yeoman 
2N94a. 0055From Charing Cross0111 16L
5A94d. 0102Slade Green Up Carriage Holding Sidings0116 14L
5P99p. 0106Dartford0104 2E
2N97a. 0125From Cannon StreetCancelled
5D98d. 0132Grove Park Down Carriage Holding Sidings0103 29E ε
9P99d. 0139Gillingham (Kent)0138 1E
p. 0154Cliffe Brett Marine 
6O36p. 0207Hoo Junction Up Yard0225 18L
6X36p. 0216Hoo Junction Up Yard 
p. 0244½Acton Terminal ComplexCancelled
6X35p. 0249½Hoo Junction Up Yard 
p. 0314Cliffe Brett MarineCancelled
6L90p. 0323BOW DEPOT GBRF0331 8L
6E90p. 0323Ferme Park Reception Line GB Railfreight 
p. 0329½Grain Foster YeomanCancelled
Train moving.
Train has passed.
Deduced activation.  
Departure not reported.  α
Time estimated.  ε
343 trains.
26 not on time.
16 cancelled.
0 buses.
0 activation deduced.
2 departure not reported.

Completed at 25/10/20 17:13:35 by liverail 1609p at turnpike. Elapsed time 18,975 ms.

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