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Services at Herne Hill (HERNEH HNH) on Tuesday 04/08/20

6M49p. 0455Bardon Hill GB Railfreight 
p. 0456½Paddock Wood Keylands Sidings0448 8E
5V10p. 0459Sutton (Surrey) 
p. 0502½Paddock Wood Keylands Sidings0448 8E
2A02d. 0510VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
9W15p. 0511BrightonCancelled
6M60p. 0511½West Ruislip LUL Depot GB Railfreight 
5O10d. 0520Sutton (Surrey) 
5O10d. 0520Sutton (Surrey) 
2D06d. 0523VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0525 2L
p. 0527Tonbridge Engineers Siding0457 30E
9V11d. 0535Sutton (Surrey)0534 1E
2M00d. 0538Orpington0537 1E
5Y05p. 0540London BlackfriarsCancelled
6O54p. 0542½CRAWLEY NEW YARD (GBRF)0527 15E
9O11d. 0550Sutton (Surrey)On time
2D08d. 0553VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0552 1E
2M02d. 0553Bromley South0556 3L
9V13d. 0605Sutton (Surrey)0604 1E
2M04d. 0608Orpington0607 1E
1P02p. 0611VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0610 1E
9V10d. 0612St Albans City0611 1E
9O13d. 0620Sutton (Surrey)0619 1E
2D10d. 0623VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2M06d. 0623Bromley South0622 1E
9O10d. 0627St Albans City0626 1E
2N10p. 0632Canterbury WestOn time
9V15d. 0635Sutton (Surrey)0634 1E
2D12d. 0638VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0640 2L
2M08d. 0638OrpingtonOn time
1P06p. 0641VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0642 1L
9V12d. 0642St Albans City0643 1L
1S12p. 0647RamsgateOn time
9O15d. 0650Sutton (Surrey)0649 1E
2D14d. 0653VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0652 1E
2M10d. 0653Bromley SouthOn time
2A08p. 0656VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0655 1E
9O12d. 0657St Albans City0656 1E
2N12p. 0702Ashford (Kent)On time
9V17d. 0705Sutton (Surrey)0704 1E
2D16d. 0708VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2M12d. 0708OrpingtonOn time
1P08p. 0711VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0710 1E
9V14d. 0712St Albans CityOn time
1S14p. 0717Dover PrioryOn time
9O17d. 0720Sutton (Surrey)0719 1E
2D18d. 0723VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2M14d. 0723Bromley South0722 1E
2A10p. 0726VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0725 1E
9O14d. 0727St Albans CityOn time
2N14p. 0732Canterbury West0733 1L
9V19d. 0735Sutton (Surrey)0734 1E
2D20d. 0738VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0737 1E
2M16d. 0738OrpingtonOn time
1P10p. 0741VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0742 1L
9V16d. 0742St Albans City0743 1L
1S16p. 0747Ramsgate0748 1L
9O19d. 0750Sutton (Surrey)0749 1E
2D22d. 0753VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2M18d. 0753Bromley South0752 1E
2A12p. 0756VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
9O16d. 0757St Albans City0758 1L
2N16p. 0802Ashford (Kent)0803 1L
9V21d. 0805Sutton (Surrey)0804 1E
2D24d. 0808VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0807 1E
2M20d. 0808OrpingtonOn time
1P12p. 0811VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0812 1L
9V18d. 0812St Albans City0813 1L
d. 0817Horsham Up Terminal Complex 
1S18p. 0817Dover PrioryOn time
9O21d. 0820Sutton (Surrey)On time
2D26d. 0823VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0828 5L
2M22d. 0823Bromley SouthOn time
2A14p. 0826VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0830 4L
9O18d. 0827St Albans City0829 2L
2N18p. 0832Canterbury WestOn time
9V23d. 0835Sutton (Surrey)On time
2D28d. 0838VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2M24d. 0838Orpington0837 1E
1P14p. 0841VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0840 1E
9V20d. 0842St Albans CityOn time
1S20p. 0847RamsgateOn time
9O23d. 0850Sutton (Surrey)0849 1E
2D30d. 0853VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2M26d. 0853Bromley SouthOn time
2A16p. 0856VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0855 1E
9O20d. 0857St Albans CityOn time
2N20p. 0902Ashford (Kent)On time
9V25d. 0905Sutton (Surrey)0904 1E
2D32d. 0908VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2M28d. 0908Orpington0907 1E
1P16p. 0911VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
9V22d. 0912St Albans CityOn time
1S22p. 0917Dover Priory0918 1L
9O25d. 0920Sutton (Surrey)0919 1E
2D34d. 0923VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0922 1E
2M30d. 0923Bromley South0927 4L
2A18p. 0926VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0925 1E
9O22d. 0927St Albans CityOn time
2N22p. 0932Canterbury WestOn time
9V27d. 0935Sutton (Surrey)0943 8L
2D36d. 0938VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0937 1E
2M32d. 0938Orpington0937 1E
1P18p. 0941VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0940 1E
9V24d. 0942St Albans CityOn time
1S24p. 0947RamsgateOn time
9O27d. 0950Sutton (Surrey)0949 1E
2D38d. 0953VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0952 1E
2M34d. 0953Bromley SouthOn time
p. 0956Bath Spa 
p. 0956Bristol Temple Meads 
2A20p. 0956VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0955 1E
9O24d. 0957St Albans City0956 1E
2N24p. 1002Ashford (Kent)On time
9V29d. 1005Sutton (Surrey)1004 1E
2D40d. 1008VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1007 1E
2M36d. 1008OrpingtonOn time
1P20p. 1011VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1012 1L
9V26d. 1012St Albans City1013 1L
1S26p. 1017Dover PrioryOn time
9O29d. 1020Sutton (Surrey)1019 1E
2D42d. 1023VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2A22p. 1026VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1025 1E
9O26d. 1027St Albans City1026 1E
2N26p. 1032Canterbury WestOn time
0Y68p. 1034Eastleigh East Yard 
9V31d. 1035Sutton (Surrey)1034 1E
2D44d. 1038VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2M40d. 1038Orpington1037 1E
1P22p. 1041VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1043 2L
9V28d. 1042St Albans City1043 1L
1S28p. 1047RamsgateOn time
9O31d. 1050Sutton (Surrey)1049 1E
2D46d. 1053VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2A24p. 1056VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1055 1E
9O28d. 1057St Albans City1056 1E
2N28p. 1102Ashford (Kent)On time
9V33d. 1105Sutton (Surrey)1104 1E
2M44d. 1108OrpingtonOn time
1P24p. 1111VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1110 1E
9V30d. 1112St Albans City1111 1E
1S30p. 1117Dover PrioryOn time
9O33d. 1120Sutton (Surrey)1119 1E
5Z51p. 1121½Slade Green Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance DepotCancelled
2D50d. 1123VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1124 1L
2A26p. 1126VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
9O30d. 1127St Albans CityOn time
2N30p. 1132Canterbury WestOn time
9V35d. 1135Sutton (Surrey)On time
2M48d. 1138OrpingtonOn time
1P26p. 1141VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1140 1E
9V32d. 1142St Albans City1141 1E
1S32p. 1147Ramsgate1146 1E
9O35d. 1150Sutton (Surrey)1149 1E
2D54d. 1153VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2A28p. 1156VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1155 1E
9O32d. 1157St Albans City1156 1E
2N32p. 1202Ashford (Kent)On time
9V37d. 1205Sutton (Surrey)On time
2M52d. 1208Orpington1209 1L
1P28p. 1211VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1212 1L
9V34d. 1212St Albans City1213 1L
1S34p. 1217Dover PrioryOn time
9O37d. 1220Sutton (Surrey)On time
2D58d. 1223VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
5S12p. 1225Gillingham (Kent) Electric Multiple Unit Depot1222 3E
2A30p. 1226VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
9O34d. 1227St Albans CityOn time
2N34p. 1232Canterbury West1233 1L
9V39d. 1235Sutton (Surrey)On time
2M56d. 1238OrpingtonOn time
1P30p. 1241VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1242 1L
9V36d. 1242St Albans City1243 1L
1S36p. 1247RamsgateOn time
9O39d. 1250Sutton (Surrey)On time
2D62d. 1253VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1254 1L
2A32p. 1256VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
9O36d. 1257St Albans CityOn time
2N36p. 1302Ashford (Kent)On time
9V41d. 1305Sutton (Surrey)1304 1E
2M60d. 1308Orpington1320 12L
1P32p. 1311VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1310 1E
9V38d. 1312St Albans City1311 1E
1S38p. 1317Dover Priory1318 1L
9O41d. 1320Sutton (Surrey)1322 2L
2D66d. 1323VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1326 3L
2A34p. 1326VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1329 3L
9O38d. 1327St Albans CityOn time
2N38p. 1332Canterbury WestOn time
9V43d. 1335Sutton (Surrey)1334 1E
2M64d. 1338OrpingtonOn time
1P34p. 1341VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
9V40d. 1342St Albans CityOn time
1S40p. 1347RamsgateOn time
9O43d. 1350Sutton (Surrey)1349 1E
2D70d. 1353VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2A36p. 1356VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1355 1E
9O40d. 1357St Albans CityOn time
2N40p. 1402Ashford (Kent)On time
9V45d. 1405Sutton (Surrey)1404 1E
2M68d. 1408OrpingtonOn time
1P36p. 1411VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1410 1E
9V42d. 1412St Albans City1411 1E
1S42p. 1417Dover PrioryOn time
9O45d. 1420Sutton (Surrey)1419 1E
2D74d. 1423VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2A38p. 1426VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
9O42d. 1427St Albans CityOn time
2N42p. 1432Canterbury WestOn time
9V47d. 1435Sutton (Surrey)Cancelled
2M72d. 1438OrpingtonOn time
1P38p. 1441VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1440 1E
9V44d. 1442St Albans City1455 13L
1S44p. 1447RamsgateOn time
9O47d. 1450Sutton (Surrey)On time
2D78d. 1453VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2A40p. 1456VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1457 1L
9O44d. 1457St Albans CityCancelled
2N44p. 1502Ashford (Kent)1503 1L
9V49d. 1505Sutton (Surrey)1504 1E
6J30p. 1507Ashford Crane Depot1510 3L
2M76d. 1508OrpingtonOn time
1P40p. 1511VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1510 1E
9V46d. 1512St Albans City1513 1L
1S46p. 1517Dover Priory1518 1L
9O49d. 1520Sutton (Surrey)1519 1E
2D82d. 1523VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1522 1E
2M78d. 1523Bromley SouthOn time
2A42p. 1526VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1525 1E
9O46d. 1527St Albans CityOn time
2N46p. 1532Canterbury WestOn time
9V51d. 1535Sutton (Surrey)1534 1E
2M80d. 1538OrpingtonOn time
1P42p. 1541VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1540 1E
9V48d. 1542St Albans CityOn time ε
1S48p. 1547RamsgateOn time
9O51d. 1550Sutton (Surrey)1549 1E
9O44d. 1550London Blackfriars1547 3E
2D86d. 1553VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1554 1L
2M82d. 1553Bromley SouthOn time
2A44p. 1556VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1557 1L
9O48d. 1557St Albans City1558 1L
2N48p. 1602Ashford (Kent)On time
9V53d. 1605Sutton (Surrey)1604 1E
2D88d. 1608VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2M84d. 1608OrpingtonOn time
1P44p. 1611VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1610 1E
9V50d. 1612St Albans CityOn time
1S50p. 1617Dover PrioryOn time
9O53d. 1620Sutton (Surrey)1619 1E
2D02d. 1623VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2M86d. 1623Bromley SouthOn time
2A46p. 1626VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1625 1E
9O50d. 1627St Albans City1626 1E
2N50p. 1632Canterbury WestOn time
9V55d. 1635Sutton (Surrey)1634 1E
2D04d. 1638VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2M88d. 1638OrpingtonOn time
1P46p. 1641VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
9V52d. 1642St Albans City1641 1E
1S52p. 1647RamsgateOn time
9O55d. 1650Sutton (Surrey)1649 1E
2D06d. 1653VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1654 1L
2M02d. 1653Bromley South1652 1E
2A48p. 1656VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
9O52d. 1657St Albans City1658 1L
2N52p. 1702Ashford (Kent)On time
9V57d. 1705Sutton (Surrey)1704 1E
2D08d. 1708VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2M04d. 1708OrpingtonOn time
1P48p. 1711VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1715 4L
9V54d. 1712St Albans City1711 1E
1S54p. 1717Dover PrioryOn time
9O57d. 1720Sutton (Surrey)1724 4L
2D10d. 1723VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1727 4L
2M06d. 1723Bromley SouthOn time
2A50p. 1726VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)Cancelled
9O54d. 1727St Albans City1728 1L
2N54p. 1732Canterbury West1733 1L
9V59d. 1735Sutton (Surrey)1734 1E
2D12d. 1738VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2M08d. 1738OrpingtonOn time
1P50p. 1741VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1743 2L
9V56d. 1742St Albans City1741 1E
d. 1747Horsham Up Terminal Complex 
1S56p. 1747RamsgateOn time
9O59d. 1750Sutton (Surrey)1749 1E
2D14d. 1753VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2M10d. 1753Bromley South1752 1E
2A52p. 1756VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
9O56d. 1757St Albans CityOn time
2N56p. 1802Ashford (Kent)Cancelled
9V61d. 1805Sutton (Surrey)1804 1E
2D16d. 1808VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1809 1L
2M12d. 1808Orpington1810 2L
1P52p. 1811VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1814 3L
9V58d. 1812St Albans City1811 1E
1S58p. 1817Dover PrioryOn time
3W75p. 1818½Tonbridge West Yard GB RailfreightOn time ε
9O61d. 1820Sutton (Surrey)1819 1E
2D18d. 1823VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2M14d. 1823Bromley SouthOn time
2A54p. 1826VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
9O58d. 1827St Albans CityOn time
2N58p. 1832Canterbury WestOn time
9V63d. 1835Sutton (Surrey)1834 1E
2D20d. 1838VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1837 1E
2M16d. 1838OrpingtonOn time
1P54p. 1841VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
9V60d. 1842St Albans CityOn time
1S60p. 1847RamsgateOn time
5P96p. 1850VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1853 3L
9O63d. 1851Sutton (Surrey)On time
2M18d. 1853Bromley SouthOn time
9O60d. 1856St Albans CityOn time
2D22d. 1858VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1859 1L
2A56p. 1900½VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1901 1L
2N60p. 1902Ashford (Kent)1903 1L
9V65d. 1905Sutton (Surrey)1904 1E
2D24d. 1908VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2M20d. 1908Orpington1907 1E
1P56p. 1911VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1927 16L
9V62d. 1912St Albans CityOn time
1S62p. 1917Dover Priory1918 1L
9O65d. 1920Sutton (Surrey)1919 1E
2D26d. 1923VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2M22d. 1923½Bromley SouthOn time
2A58p. 1926VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1925 1E
3W75p. 1926½Tonbridge West Yard GB RailfreightOn time ε
9O62d. 1927St Albans City1928 1L
2N68p. 1932Ashford (Kent)On time
9V67d. 1935Sutton (Surrey)1934 1E
2D28d. 1938VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1937 1E
2M24d. 1938OrpingtonOn time
1P58p. 1941VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1945 4L
9V64d. 1942St Albans CityOn time
1S64p. 1947Ramsgate1948 1L
9O67d. 1950Sutton (Surrey)1949 1E
2D30d. 1953VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1957 4L
2M26d. 1953Bromley SouthOn time
2A60p. 1956VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)1959 3L
9O64d. 1957St Albans City1958 1L
2N70p. 2002Ashford (Kent)On time
9V69d. 2005Sutton (Surrey)2004 1E
2D32d. 2008VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2M28d. 2008OrpingtonOn time
1P60p. 2011VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)2012 1L
9V66d. 2012St Albans CityOn time
1S68p. 2017Dover PrioryOn time
9O69d. 2020Sutton (Surrey)2019 1E
d. 2023StreathamActivated
2D34d. 2023VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2M30d. 2023Bromley SouthOn time
2A62p. 2026VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)2025 1E
9O66d. 2027St Albans CityOn time
2N72p. 2032Ashford (Kent)On time
9V71d. 2035Sutton (Surrey)On time
2D36d. 2038VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2M32d. 2038OrpingtonOn time
1P62p. 2041VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)2040 1E
9V68d. 2042St Albans City2041 1E
1S70p. 2047RamsgateOn time
9O71d. 2050Sutton (Surrey)On time
2D38d. 2053VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2M34d. 2053Bromley South2052 1E
2A64p. 2056VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)2055 1E
9O68d. 2101St Albans City2100 1E
2N74p. 2103Ashford (Kent)2102 1E
9V73d. 2105Sutton (Surrey)2104 1E
2D40d. 2108VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2M36d. 2108OrpingtonOn time
1P64p. 2111VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)2110 1E
9V70d. 2112St Albans CityOn time
1S72p. 2117Dover PrioryOn time
9O73d. 2120Sutton (Surrey)2119 1E
2D42d. 2123VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)2122 1E
2A66p. 2126VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)2141 15L
9O70d. 2127St Albans City2128 1L
2N76p. 2132Ashford (Kent)2133 1L
9V75d. 2135Sutton (Surrey)2134 1E
d. 2138StreathamActivated
2D44d. 2138VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
2M40d. 2138OrpingtonOn time
1P66p. 2141VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)2144 3L
9V72d. 2142Bedford2147 5L
1S74p. 2147RamsgateOn time
9O75d. 2150Sutton (Surrey)2149 1E
2D46d. 2153VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)2154 1L
2A68p. 2156VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)2158 2L
9O72d. 2157BedfordOn time
3M01p. 2200Bedford2159 1E
2N78p. 2202Ashford (Kent)2205 3L
9V77d. 2205Sutton (Surrey)2206 1L
2M44d. 2208OrpingtonOn time
1P68p. 2211VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)2210 1E
9V90d. 2212BedfordOn time
1S76p. 2217Dover PrioryOn time
9O77d. 2220Sutton (Surrey)On time
2D50d. 2223VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)2222 1E
2A70p. 2226VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)2224 2E
9O74d. 2227Bedford2226 1E
2N80p. 2233Ashford (Kent)On time
9V79d. 2235Sutton (Surrey)On time
2M48d. 2238OrpingtonOn time
1P72p. 2241VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)2240 1E
9V92d. 2244BedfordOn time
1S78p. 2247RamsgateOn time
9O79d. 2250Sutton (Surrey)2249 1E
2D54d. 2253VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)2254 1L
2A72p. 2256VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)2257 1L
2N82p. 2302Ashford (Kent)On time
9O76d. 2304Bedford2303 1E
9V81d. 2305Sutton (Surrey)2304 1E
2M52d. 2308OrpingtonOn time
p. 2311Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
9V94d. 2314BedfordOn time
1S80p. 2317RamsgateOn time
9O81d. 2320Sutton (Surrey)2319 1E
2D58d. 2323VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)2322 1E
p. 2326Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
2A74p. 2326VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)2325 1E
2N84p. 2332Ashford (Kent)2333 1L
9O78d. 2334BedfordOn time
9V83a. 2334From St Albans City2332 2E
2M56d. 2338Orpington2340 2L
d. 2340Horsham Up Terminal Complex 
1P76p. 2341VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
9V96d. 2345Bedford2343 2E
2D64d. 2353VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)On time
9O80d. 2357Bedford2356 1E
2N86p. 0002½Ashford (Kent)On time
2A76p. 0004½VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0003 1E
2M60d. 0008½OrpingtonOn time
9W16p. 0009BedfordOn time
9W17p. 0011½Brighton0009 2E
2P56p. 0012VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0013 1L
5V82p. 0016London Blackfriars0015 1E
2D66d. 0023VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0022 1E
0B00d. 0024Orpington(Bus)
0B00d. 0054Orpington(Bus)
5W90p. 0110Peterborough0052 18E ε
3O02p. 0123½THREE BRIDGES TL UP DEPOT0057 26E ε
p. 0336Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
p. 0352½Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
Train moving.
Train has passed.
Deduced activation.  
Departure not reported.  α
Time estimated.  ε
446 trains.
23 not on time.
7 cancelled.
2 buses.
0 activation deduced.
5 departure not reported.

Completed at 29/10/20 07:09:51 by liverail 1609p at turnpike. Elapsed time 17,540 ms.

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