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Services at Hildenborough (HLDNBRO HLB) on Tuesday 04/08/20

1Y02d. 0450Charing CrossOn time
2H52d. 0532Charing Cross0533 1L
2H53d. 0602Cannon Street0603 1L
2H56d. 0635Charing Cross0643 8L
2H02d. 0642Tunbridge WellsOn time
1H60d. 0651Charing CrossOn time
2H58d. 0705Charing Cross0706 1L
2H04d. 0712Tunbridge WellsOn time
2W89d. 0719Cannon StreetOn time
2H62d. 0735Charing Cross0739 4L
2H05d. 0742Tunbridge Wells0741 1E
2W91d. 0756½Cannon Street0758 2L
2H64d. 0805Charing Cross0806 1L
2H08d. 0813Tunbridge WellsOn time
2W95d. 0819Cannon StreetOn time
2H66d. 0835Charing Cross0836 1L
2H12d. 0843Tunbridge Wells0844 1L
2H70d. 0905Charing CrossOn time
2H14d. 0913Tunbridge Wells0914 1L
2H72d. 0935Charing Cross0936 1L
2H16d. 0942Tunbridge Wells0941 1E
2H74d. 1005Charing CrossOn time
2H18d. 1012Tunbridge Wells1014 2L
2H76d. 1035Charing CrossOn time
2H20d. 1042Tunbridge Wells1043 1L
2H78d. 1105Charing CrossOn time
2H22d. 1112Tunbridge Wells1113 1L
2H80d. 1135Charing CrossOn time
2H24d. 1142Tunbridge WellsOn time
2H82d. 1205Charing Cross1206 1L
2H26d. 1212Tunbridge WellsOn time
2H84d. 1235Charing Cross1236 1L
2H28d. 1242Tunbridge Wells1245 3L
2H86d. 1305Charing CrossOn time
2H30d. 1312Tunbridge Wells1311 1E
2H88d. 1335Charing CrossOn time
2H32d. 1342Tunbridge WellsOn time
2H50d. 1405Charing CrossOn time
2H34d. 1412Tunbridge WellsOn time
2H52d. 1435Charing CrossOn time
2H36d. 1442Tunbridge WellsOn time
2H54d. 1505Charing CrossOn time
2H38d. 1512Tunbridge Wells1511 1E
2H56d. 1535Charing CrossOn time
2H40d. 1542Tunbridge WellsOn time
2H58d. 1605Charing CrossOn time
2H42d. 1612Tunbridge WellsOn time
2H60d. 1635Charing CrossOn time
2H46d. 1642Tunbridge WellsOn time
2H62d. 1705Charing CrossOn time
2H48d. 1712Tunbridge WellsOn time
2H64d. 1735Charing Cross1734 1E
2H02d. 1742½Tunbridge Wells1743 1L
2H66d. 1805Charing CrossOn time
2R91d. 1808½Ramsgate1813 5L
2H04d. 1812Tunbridge Wells1818 6L
2H68d. 1835Charing CrossOn time
2H08d. 1842Tunbridge Wells1846 4L
2R93d. 1845Ramsgate1850 5L
2H70d. 1905Charing Cross1906 1L
2R95d. 1908½Ashford (Kent)On time
2H10d. 1913Tunbridge WellsOn time
2H72d. 1935Charing CrossOn time
2H12d. 1942Tunbridge Wells1943 1L
2H74d. 2005Charing CrossOn time
2H14d. 2012Tunbridge WellsOn time
2H76d. 2035Charing Cross2036 1L
2H16d. 2042Tunbridge WellsOn time
2H78d. 2105Charing CrossOn time
2H18d. 2112Tunbridge Wells2114 2L
2H80d. 2135Charing Cross2136 1L
2H20d. 2142Tunbridge Wells2144 2L
2H82d. 2205Charing CrossOn time
2H22d. 2212Tunbridge Wells2213 1L
2H84d. 2235Charing CrossOn time
2H24d. 2242Tunbridge WellsOn time
2H26d. 2312Tunbridge WellsOn time
2H85d. 2319Cannon Street2322 3L
2H28d. 2342Tunbridge Wells2344 2L
2H30d. 0012Tunbridge Wells0023 11L
2H95d. 0110Tunbridge Wells0115 5L
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Completed at 20/10/20 06:39:28 by liverail 1609p at turnpike. Elapsed time 4,470 ms.

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