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Services at Hither Green (HTHRGRN HGR) on Wednesday 21/10/20

p. 0404½Hither Green Pre Assembly Depot 
d. 0415Crawley Foster Yeoman0414 1E
p. 0424Tonbridge Engineers SidingCancelled
5D03p. 0429EASTERN0425 4E
5V02p. 0430Hayes (Kent)0424 6E
5F04p. 0440EASTERN0435 5E
d. 0441Tolworth Sidings 
5F08p. 0446½Charing Cross0440 6E
p. 0447Stewarts Lane Marcon R M C 
p. 0450Hither Green Pre Assembly Depot 
5F80p. 0458Charing Cross0452 6E
7X44p. 0501½Eastleigh East Yard 
7Y44p. 0501½Eastleigh East Yard0459 2E
5F06p. 0503Charing Cross0500 3E
5F11p. 0503½Cannon Street0502 1E
5V03p. 0505Hayes (Kent)0502 3E
2D02d. 0510½Charing Cross0511 1L
2N03d. 0513GravesendOn time
2F02d. 0516Charing Cross0517 1L
5V06p. 0518½Hayes (Kent)0520 2L
5F01a. 0521From Grove Park Carriage Servicing Depot0522 1L
2F01d. 0522Cannon Street0523 1L
5F12p. 0522Charing Cross0515 7E
d. 0529Limbury Road (Luton) Yard Tarmac TopmixOn time
d. 0535Tonbridge West YardActivated
2D04d. 0537½Charing CrossOn time
5F03a. 0538From Grove Park Carriage Servicing Depot0537 1E
p. 0540Hoo Junction Up YardActivated
5V07p. 0541Hayes (Kent)0535 6E
2F03d. 0542Cannon StreetOn time
2N08d. 0543GravesendOn time
p. 0546½Cliffe Brett Marine 
2R06p. 0547½Ramsgate0546 1E
2F04d. 0549Charing Cross0548 1E
2D05d. 0552Cannon StreetOn time
2S08d. 0554½Sevenoaks0555 1L
p. 0555Willesden Euroterminal 
2H52p. 0558Charing CrossOn time
2N09d. 0600Slade Green0559 1E
2W05p. 0605½Cannon Street0607 2L
2D06d. 0608Charing Cross0610 2L
2F06d. 0611½Charing Cross0613 2L
2N12d. 0613Dartford0612 1E
2H02p. 0614Tunbridge Wells0616 2L
1G85p. 0615½Cannon Street0616 1L
2F05d. 0616Cannon Street0617 1L
5Y90p. 0623Barnehurst0620 3E
2S10d. 0624SevenoaksOn time
2D07d. 0625Cannon StreetCancelled
3R14p. 0627Tonbridge0626 1E
2H53p. 0627½Cannon Street0628 1L
2D08d. 0629½Charing CrossOn time
2N13d. 0630Slade Green0629 1E
p. 0631Hothfield SidingCancelled
2W08p. 0633½Charing CrossOn time
2S11d. 0636Orpington0637 1L
2F84d. 0636Charing CrossOn time
2N14d. 0643½Gravesend0642 1E
1H08p. 0645½Hastings0644 1E
1H52p. 0646½Charing Cross0647 1L
2O11d. 0648Cannon Street0647 1E
2R07p. 0648Ramsgate0646 2E
2F85d. 0650½Cannon Street0655 5L
2S12d. 0653Sevenoaks0652 1E
2D10d. 0656Charing Cross0657 1L
2F86d. 0658½Charing Cross0701 3L
2I11d. 0659Cannon Street0658 1E
2H56p. 0659½Charing CrossOn time
3G91p. 0700½Swanley0656 4E
2W10p. 0703Charing CrossOn time
2F87d. 0706½Cannon StreetOn time
2S13d. 0708½Orpington0711 3L
1G87p. 0709½Cannon Street0711 2L
2O13d. 0711Cannon StreetOn time
1H55p. 0712Cannon Street0714 2L
2N18d. 0713½GravesendOn time
3R65p. 0714TonbridgeOn time
2D12d. 0716Charing Cross0718 2L
2H08p. 0718Tunbridge WellsOn time
2F88d. 0719Charing Cross0721 2L
2H58p. 0721½Charing CrossOn time
d. 0722½Acton Terminal Complex 
2W12p. 0725½Charing Cross0727 2L
2S14d. 0726SevenoaksOn time
2R10p. 0726½Ramsgate0725 1E
1H90p. 0728Charing Cross0730 2L
2F89d. 0729Cannon StreetOn time
2D13d. 0731½Cannon StreetOn time
2S91d. 0731½Orpington0735 4L
1H10p. 0732½HastingsOn time
2I13d. 0734½Cannon Street0733 1E
2D14d. 0736Charing CrossOn time
2F90d. 0738½Charing Cross0739 1L
2H60p. 0739½Charing Cross0747 8L
2N22d. 0741Gravesend0740 1E
2W89p. 0742Cannon Street0743 1L
2W90p. 0745½Charing Cross0752 7L
2H10p. 0747½Tunbridge Wells0746 1E
3N25p. 0747½Sidcup Siding0745 2E
1H92p. 0748½Charing Cross0754 6L
2F91d. 0750½Cannon StreetOn time
2O17d. 0753Cannon Street0752 1E
2S16d. 0753½SevenoaksOn time
1D16p. 0755½Charing CrossOn time
2R12p. 0756Dover Priory0755 1E
1G91p. 0756½Cannon Street0800 4L
1H11p. 0758HastingsOn time
2F92d. 0759Charing CrossOn time
2H62p. 0800½Charing Cross0804 4L
2I15d. 0801Cannon Street0800 1E
2D18d. 0802Charing CrossOn time
1S90p. 0803½Orpington0805 2L
2W91p. 0804Cannon Street0807 3L
2F93p. 0806½Cannon Street0809 3L
2W16p. 0806½Charing Cross0809 3L
3N21p. 0809Barnehurst0804 5E
1H93p. 0810Cannon Street0812 2L
2D19d. 0811Cannon StreetOn time
2F16p. 0812½Charing Cross0814 2L
2N26d. 0814GravesendOn time
1D20d. 0815½Charing Cross0817 2L
2S17d. 0815½Orpington0816 1L
2R90p. 0815½Ashford (Kent)0817 2L
2F94d. 0818Charing Cross0819 1L
3N29p. 0818Sidcup Siding0817 1E
2H64p. 0819½Charing Cross0820 1L
5U89p. 0821Grove Park Carriage Servicing Depot0819 2E
2H12p. 0821½Tunbridge Wells0823 2L
1G93p. 0821½Cannon Street0825 4L
2W93p. 0823½Cannon StreetOn time
5J89p. 0825½Grove Park Carriage Servicing Depot0824 1E
2W18p. 0825½Charing Cross0827 2L
2D22d. 0827½Charing CrossOn time
2S18d. 0827½Sevenoaks0829 2L
1H94p. 0830Charing CrossExp. 0831 1L
1S92p. 0830OrpingtonExp. 0831 1L
2F95d. 0830Cannon StreetExp. 0834 4L
2I97d. 0830Cannon Street0830 1L α
2D23d. 0832½Cannon StreetExp. 0831½ 1E
2R14p. 0833½RamsgateExp. On time
2N28d. 0834DartfordExp. On time
1D24d. 0835½Charing CrossExp. 0834½ 1E
1H16p. 0835½HastingsExp. On time
1S94p. 0837½OrpingtonExp. 0838½ 1L
2F96d. 0838½Charing CrossExp. On time
2S19d. 0838½OrpingtonExp. On time
1G95p. 0838Cannon StreetExp. 0837 1E
2H66p. 0841Charing CrossExp. On time
2D26d. 0842Charing CrossActivated
2N30d. 0842GravesendExp. On time
1S96p. 0843½OrpingtonExp. On time
5J91p. 0844½Grove Park Carriage Servicing DepotExp. 0845½ 1L
2W95p. 0844½Cannon StreetExp. 0845½ 1L
5J41p. 0846½Grove Park Carriage Servicing DepotActivated
1H67p. 0848½Cannon StreetExp. 0851½ 3L
2H14p. 0848½Tunbridge WellsExp. 0847½ 1E
5N15p. 0849Sidcup SidingActivated
2O21d. 0850Cannon StreetExp. 0849 1E
2F97d. 0852½Cannon StreetExp. 0855½ 3L
2R18p. 0852½Dover PrioryActivated
1F96p. 0853Charing CrossActivated
2S20d. 0854SevenoaksActivated
2D28d. 0855Charing CrossExp. On time
1H19p. 0855½HastingsActivated
1G97p. 0858½Cannon StreetExp. 0903½ 5L
2F98d. 0859Charing CrossActivated
2I19d. 0900Cannon StreetActivated
5J16p. 0901Grove Park Up Carriage Holding SidingsActivated
2D29d. 0903Cannon StreetActivated
2H68p. 0903Charing CrossExp. On time
1S98p. 0904½OrpingtonActivated
5J93p. 0906Grove Park Carriage Servicing DepotActivated
2W20p. 0906½Charing CrossExp. 0910½ 4L
5J64p. 0907Grove Park Up Carriage Holding SidingsActivated
0Y67d. 0908Eastleigh East Yard 
2F20d. 0909Charing CrossActivated
2N94d. 0911DartfordActivated
1H68p. 0911½Charing CrossExp. 0912½ 1L
2S21d. 0913OrpingtonActivated
5J94p. 0915Grove Park Down Carriage Holding SidingsActivated
2D30d. 0917Charing CrossActivated
2H16p. 0917Tunbridge WellsActivated
5J43p. 0919Grove Park Carriage Servicing DepotActivated
1N36p. 0921½GravesendActivated
2O23d. 0922Cannon StreetExp. On time
2R22p. 0922½RamsgateActivated
2S22p. 0924½SevenoaksActivated
5J65p. 0926Grove Park Carriage Servicing DepotActivated
2F21d. 0927Cannon StreetActivated
1H21p. 0928½HastingsActivated
d. 0929½Colnbrook BAA LogisticsActivated
2I21d. 0930Cannon StreetActivated
2H70p. 0931Charing CrossActivated
2W22p. 0933½Charing CrossExp. 0932½ 1E
2D32d. 0934Charing CrossActivated
5J66p. 0934½Grove Park Up Carriage Holding SidingsActivated
5G20p. 0936Gillingham (Kent) Electric Multiple Unit DepotActivated
2F22d. 0937Charing CrossActivated
p. 0939St Pancras Churchyard Sidings TarmacExp. 0923 16E
2N38d. 0939DartfordActivated
2S23d. 0941½OrpingtonActivated
2H18p. 0941½Tunbridge WellsActivated
1D34d. 0942Charing CrossActivated
5J67p. 0944½Grove Park Carriage Servicing DepotActivated
1H70p. 0944½Charing CrossExp. On time
1N40p. 0947GravesendActivated
5J68p. 0949Grove Park Down Carriage Holding SidingsActivated
5Y97p. 0951Tonbridge Down Main SidingActivated
2O25d. 0953Cannon StreetActivated
2S24d. 0953SevenoaksActivated
2R24p. 0957Dover PrioryActivated
2F23d. 0958Cannon StreetActivated
2I23d. 0958½Cannon StreetActivated
2H72p. 0959Charing CrossActivated
1H24p. 1002Hastings 
2W24p. 1002½Charing CrossExp. On time
2D36d. 1003Charing CrossActivated
2F24d. 1006Charing CrossActivated
2N42d. 1007½DartfordActivated
2S25d. 1010½OrpingtonActivated
1D38p. 1012Charing Cross 
5N30p. 1013Slade Green Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance DepotActivated
1H72p. 1014½Charing CrossActivated
2H20p. 1017½Tunbridge WellsActivated
1N44p. 1020½Gravesend 
p. 1022Cliffe Brett Marine 
2O27d. 1022Cannon StreetActivated
2S26d. 1023SevenoaksActivated
2R26p. 1027RamsgateActivated
2F25d. 1028Cannon StreetActivated
2H74p. 1029Charing CrossActivated
2I25d. 1029Cannon StreetActivated
1H26p. 1032Hastings 
2W26p. 1032½Charing CrossExp. 1031½ 1E
2D40d. 1033Charing CrossActivated
2F26d. 1036Charing CrossActivated
6L37p. 1036Whitemoor Local Distribution Centre 
6X37p. 1036Whitemoor Local Distribution Centre 
2N46d. 1036½DartfordActivated
2S27d. 1039½OrpingtonActivated
1D42p. 1041Charing Cross 
d. 1044½Hothfield Siding 
1H74p. 1044½Charing CrossActivated
d. 1044½Hothfield SidingCancelled
2H22p. 1047½Tunbridge Wells 
p. 1048½Willesden South West Sidings 
1N48p. 1050½Gravesend 
2O29d. 1052Cannon StreetActivated
2S28d. 1053Sevenoaks 
2R28p. 1057Dover Priory 
2F27d. 1058Cannon Street 
2H76p. 1059Charing CrossActivated
2I27d. 1059Cannon Street 
1H28p. 1102Hastings 
2W28p. 1102½Charing CrossActivated
2D44d. 1103Charing Cross 
2F28d. 1106Charing Cross 
2N50d. 1107Dartford 
2S29d. 1109½Orpington 
1D46p. 1111Charing Cross 
1H76p. 1114½Charing Cross 
2H24p. 1117½Tunbridge Wells 
1N52p. 1120½Gravesend 
2O31d. 1123Cannon StreetActivated
2S30d. 1123Sevenoaks 
2R30p. 1127Ramsgate 
2F29d. 1128Cannon Street 
2H78p. 1129Charing Cross 
2I29d. 1129Cannon Street 
1H30p. 1132Hastings 
2W30p. 1132½Charing CrossActivated
2D48d. 1133Charing Cross 
2F30d. 1136Charing Cross 
d. 1136½Neasden Engineers Sidings 
2N54d. 1137Dartford 
5U85p. 1139½Grove Park Down Carriage Holding Sidings 
1D50p. 1141½Charing Cross 
2S31d. 1144½Orpington 
1H78p. 1144½Charing Cross 
2H26p. 1147½Tunbridge Wells 
1N56p. 1150½Gravesend 
2O33d. 1151½Cannon Street 
2S32d. 1153Sevenoaks 
6X48p. 1156Hoo Junction Up Yard 
6Y48p. 1156Hoo Junction Up YardActivated
2R32p. 1157Dover Priory 
2F31d. 1158Cannon Street 
2H80p. 1159Charing Cross 
2I31d. 1159Cannon Street 
p. 1200½Tonbridge West YardActivated
1H32p. 1202Hastings 
2W32p. 1202½Charing CrossActivated
2D52d. 1203Charing Cross 
2F32d. 1206Charing Cross 
d. 1206½Woking Down Reception 
d. 1206½Acton Terminal Complex 
d. 1206½Wembley European Freight Operations Centre 
2N58d. 1207Dartford 
2S33d. 1210Orpington 
1D54p. 1211Charing Cross 
1H80p. 1214½Charing Cross 
2H28p. 1217½Tunbridge Wells 
1N60p. 1220½Gravesend 
2O35d. 1221½Cannon Street 
2S34d. 1223Sevenoaks 
0Y62p. 1224Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight 
0Y63p. 1224Hoo Junction Up Yard 
2R34p. 1227Ramsgate 
2F33d. 1228Cannon Street 
2H82p. 1229Charing Cross 
2I33d. 1229Cannon Street 
p. 1231½Tonbridge West YardActivated
1H34p. 1232Hastings 
2W34p. 1232½Charing Cross 
2D56d. 1233Charing Cross 
2F34d. 1236Charing Cross 
d. 1236½Whatley Quarry Freightliner Heavy HaulActivated
2N62d. 1237Dartford 
2S35d. 1239½Orpington 
1D58p. 1241Charing Cross 
1H82p. 1244½Charing Cross 
2H30p. 1247½Tunbridge Wells 
1N64p. 1250½Gravesend 
2O37d. 1251½Cannon Street 
2S36d. 1253Sevenoaks 
2R36p. 1257Dover Priory 
2F35d. 1258Cannon Street 
2H84p. 1259Charing Cross 
d. 1259Cliffe Brett Marine 
2I35d. 1259Cannon Street 
1H36p. 1302Hastings 
2W36p. 1302½Charing Cross 
2D60d. 1303Charing Cross 
2F36d. 1306Charing Cross 
6M79d. 1306½Bardon Hill GB Railfreight 
2N66d. 1307Dartford 
2S37d. 1309½Orpington 
1D62p. 1311Charing Cross 
1H84p. 1314½Charing Cross 
2H32p. 1317½Tunbridge Wells 
1N68p. 1320½Gravesend 
2O39d. 1321½Cannon Street 
2S38d. 1323Sevenoaks 
2R38p. 1327Ramsgate 
2F37d. 1328Cannon Street 
2H86p. 1329Charing Cross 
2I37d. 1329Cannon Street 
1H38p. 1332Hastings 
2W38p. 1332½Charing Cross 
2D64d. 1333Charing Cross 
2F38d. 1336½Charing Cross 
p. 1336½Willesden Euroterminal 
2N70d. 1337Dartford 
2S39d. 1339½Orpington 
1D66p. 1341Charing Cross 
0Z66p. 1342Hoo Junction Up YardActivated
1H86p. 1344½Charing Cross 
2H34p. 1347½Tunbridge Wells 
4Y19d. 1347½Southampton Western Docks GB RailfreightActivated
1N72p. 1350½Gravesend 
2O41d. 1351½Cannon Street 
2S40d. 1353Sevenoaks 
d. 1356Angerstein Wharf Tarmac 
d. 1356Angerstein Wharf Tarmac 
2R40p. 1357Dover Priory 
2F39d. 1358Cannon Street 
2H88p. 1359Charing Cross 
2I39d. 1359Cannon Street 
1H40p. 1402Hastings 
2W40p. 1402½Charing Cross 
2D68d. 1403Charing Cross 
2F40d. 1406Charing Cross 
2N74d. 1407Dartford 
2S41d. 1409½Orpington 
1D70p. 1411Charing Cross 
1H88p. 1414½Charing Cross 
2H36p. 1417½Tunbridge Wells 
1N76p. 1420Gravesend 
2O43d. 1421½Cannon Street 
2S42d. 1423Sevenoaks 
p. 1424Hither Green Down ReceptionActivated
2R42p. 1427Ramsgate 
2F41d. 1428Cannon Street 
2H50p. 1429Charing Cross 
2I41d. 1430Cannon Street 
1H42p. 1432Hastings 
2W42p. 1432½Charing Cross 
2D72d. 1433Charing Cross 
2F42d. 1436Charing Cross 
d. 1437Stewarts Lane Days 
2N78d. 1437Dartford 
2S43d. 1439½Orpington 
1D74p. 1441Charing Cross 
1H52p. 1444½Charing Cross 
2H38p. 1447½Tunbridge Wells 
1N80p. 1450½Gravesend 
2O45d. 1451½Cannon Street 
2S44d. 1453Sevenoaks 
2R44p. 1457Dover Priory 
2F43d. 1458Cannon Street 
2H52p. 1459Charing Cross 
2I43d. 1459Cannon Street 
1H44p. 1502Hastings 
2W44p. 1502½Charing Cross 
2D76d. 1503Charing Cross 
6X42p. 1506Eastleigh East Yard 
6Y42p. 1506Eastleigh East Yard 
2F44d. 1506Charing Cross 
2N82d. 1507Dartford 
2S45d. 1510Orpington 
1D78p. 1511Charing Cross 
1H54p. 1514½Charing Cross 
2H40p. 1517½Tunbridge Wells 
1N84p. 1520½Gravesend 
2O47d. 1521½Cannon Street 
2S46d. 1523Sevenoaks 
p. 1524Cliffe Brett Marine 
2R46p. 1527Ramsgate 
2F45d. 1528Cannon Street 
2H54p. 1529Charing Cross 
2I45d. 1529Cannon Street 
1H46p. 1531½Hastings 
2W46p. 1532½Charing Cross 
2D80d. 1533Charing Cross 
2F46d. 1536Charing Cross 
2N86d. 1537Dartford 
2S47d. 1539½Orpington 
1D82p. 1541Charing Cross 
1H56p. 1544½Charing Cross 
2H42p. 1547½Tunbridge Wells 
1N88p. 1550Gravesend 
2O49d. 1552½Cannon Street 
2S48d. 1553Sevenoaks 
5F85p. 1555Cannon Street 
d. 1557Angerstein Wharf Tarmac 
2R48p. 1557Dover Priory 
d. 1557Hoo Junction Up Yard 
2F47d. 1558Cannon Street 
2H56p. 1559Charing Cross 
2I47d. 1600Cannon Street 
1H48p. 1602Hastings 
2W48p. 1602½Charing Cross 
2D84d. 1603Charing Cross 
2F48d. 1606Charing Cross 
2N02d. 1607Dartford 
2S49d. 1610½Orpington 
1D86p. 1611½Charing Cross 
1H58p. 1614½Charing Cross 
2H44p. 1617½Tunbridge Wells 
1F90p. 1618½Charing Cross 
1N04p. 1620½Gravesend 
2O51d. 1621½Cannon Street 
2S50d. 1623Sevenoaks 
d. 1626½Angerstein Wharf Tarmac 
2R50p. 1627½Ramsgate 
2F49d. 1628Cannon Street 
5F54p. 1628Charing Cross 
2I49d. 1629Cannon Street 
2H58p. 1630½Charing Cross 
5F07p. 1630½Cannon Street 
1H02p. 1631½Hastings 
2W50p. 1632½Charing Cross 
2D88d. 1633Charing Cross 
2F50d. 1636Charing Cross 
5W87p. 1638½Cannon Street 
1D02p. 1638½Charing Cross 
2N06d. 1639Dartford 
2S51d. 1642Orpington 
1G85p. 1643½Dover Priory 
1H60p. 1644½Charing Cross 
2H46p. 1645½Tunbridge Wells 
5F56p. 1646½Charing Cross 
2S52d. 1649Sevenoaks 
1N08p. 1650½Gravesend 
5F91p. 1650½Cannon Street 
2O53d. 1653Cannon Street 
5F04p. 1654Charing Cross 
6O57p. 1655Grain Foster Yeoman GB Railfreight 
3F91p. 1655½Cannon Street 
2R52p. 1656½Ramsgate 
d. 1657½Angerstein Wharf Tarmac 
d. 1657½Angerstein Wharf MarconActivated
2F51d. 1658½Cannon Street 
2H60p. 1659Charing Cross 
2I51d. 1700Cannon Street 
1H04p. 1700½Hastings 
5F89p. 1701Cannon Street 
5F26p. 1702Charing Cross 
2D04d. 1703Charing Cross 
2W52p. 1705½Charing Cross 
2S90d. 1706Orpington 
5F93p. 1706Cannon Street 
2N10d. 1708½Gravesend 
2F52d. 1709Charing Cross 
2R90p. 1709½Folkestone Central 
2S91d. 1711Sevenoaks 
1D06p. 1712Charing Cross 
1H63p. 1716Cannon Street 
1H07p. 1717Hastings 
2H02p. 1719Tunbridge Wells 
2I53d. 1720Cannon Street 
1F58p. 1722Charing Cross 
1G87p. 1722Margate 
5F71p. 1724Cannon Street 
2O95d. 1726½Cannon Street 
2S92d. 1726Orpington 
2N12d. 1728½Sidcup 
2R54p. 1728½Ramsgate 
2F55d. 1729Cannon Street 
2H62p. 1729½Charing Cross 
2D08d. 1731½Charing Cross 
2W54p. 1732Charing Cross 
2S93d. 1732Sevenoaks 
1H92p. 1732½Hastings 
3F08p. 1734Charing Cross 
1F96p. 1735Charing Cross 
5F95p. 1736Cannon Street 
1N14d. 1737Strood 
2R91p. 1738Ramsgate 
2F56d. 1740Charing Cross 
1D10p. 1741Charing Cross 
2N15d. 1741Dartford 
2H04p. 1743Tunbridge Wells 
1G89p. 1744Dover Priory 
5W93p. 1744Cannon Street 
5F61p. 1746½Cannon Street 
2N16d. 1748Sidcup 
1H64p. 1748½Charing Cross 
2S94d. 1750Sevenoaks 
1H93p. 1750Hastings 
2O97d. 1752Cannon Street 
2S95d. 1755½Orpington 
2F59d. 1756½Cannon Street 
2H64p. 1756½Charing Cross 
2R56p. 1756½Ramsgate 
5F97p. 1759Cannon Street 
1N18d. 1800½Gravesend 
2R93p. 1800½Folkestone Central 
5F47p. 1801Cannon Street 
2D92d. 1803Charing Cross 
2H06p. 1803½Tunbridge Wells 
2I57d. 1804Cannon Street 
2F60d. 1805½Charing Cross 
1G91p. 1805Broadstairs 
3D09p. 1807Cannon Street 
2S96p. 1809Orpington 
2W56p. 1809½Charing Cross 
1D14p. 1811½Charing Cross 
2N20d. 1813½Barnehurst 
1H96p. 1814½Hastings 
2S97d. 1815½Sevenoaks 
1H66p. 1815½Charing Cross 
5F01p. 1817½Cannon Street 
2R60p. 1818½Ramsgate 
1N22d. 1819Strood 
2R95p. 1821Ramsgate 
2I59d. 1822½Cannon Street 
2O59d. 1824Cannon Street 
2H08p. 1825Tunbridge Wells 
1G93p. 1826½Dover Priory 
2F61d. 1827Cannon Street 
2S60p. 1827Orpington 
2H65p. 1828½Cannon Street 
3D12d. 1830Charing Cross 
2W58p. 1832½Charing Cross 
2D16d. 1833Charing Cross 
2N24d. 1836Slade Green 
2R96p. 1836½Ashford (Kent) 
1F66p. 1837Charing Cross 
2F62d. 1839Charing Cross 
2S61d. 1841½Sevenoaks 
1H97p. 1841Ore 
1D18p. 1842½Charing Cross 
1N26p. 1843Gravesend 
2R97p. 1845Dover Priory 
1H68p. 1846½Charing Cross 
2I61d. 1847Cannon Street 
2H10p. 1849Tunbridge Wells 
2S62d. 1849Orpington 
2N28d. 1856Dartford 
2F63d. 1857Cannon Street 
2R64p. 1858½Ramsgate 
1G95p. 1858½Ramsgate 
2D17d. 1859½Cannon Street 
2H68p. 1900Charing Cross 
2D20d. 1902½Charing Cross 
1H14p. 1903½Hastings 
2N29d. 1904Dartford 
2W60p. 1905Charing Cross 
2F98d. 1906Charing Cross 
2S64d. 1907½Orpington 
2S65d. 1911Orpington 
1D22p. 1911½Charing Cross 
1N30p. 1912Gravesend 
1H11p. 1916½Hastings 
1H70p. 1916½Charing Cross 
2H12p. 1918½Tunbridge Wells 
2O63d. 1921½Cannon Street 
2N32d. 1922Dartford 
2S66d. 1923½Sevenoaks 
2R66p. 1927Ramsgate 
2F65d. 1928Cannon Street 
2I65d. 1929Cannon Street 
2H70p. 1929½Charing Cross 
1H16p. 1932Hastings 
2W62p. 1932½Charing Cross 
2D24d. 1934Charing Cross 
2F66d. 1936Charing Cross 
d. 1937Colnbrook BAA Logistics 
2N34d. 1938½Dartford 
2S67d. 1941½Orpington 
1D26p. 1942½Charing Cross 
1H72p. 1944½Charing Cross 
2H14p. 1947½Tunbridge Wells 
1N36p. 1950½Gravesend 
2O65d. 1951½Cannon Street 
2S68d. 1953Sevenoaks 
6O70p. 1954Grain Foster Yeoman GB Railfreight 
2R68p. 1957Dover Priory 
2F67d. 1958Cannon Street 
2H72p. 1959Charing Cross 
2I67d. 2000½Cannon Street 
1H18p. 2002Hastings 
2W64p. 2002½Charing Cross 
2D28d. 2003Charing Cross 
2F68d. 2006Charing Cross 
2N38d. 2007Dartford 
2S69d. 2009½Orpington 
1D30p. 2011Charing Cross 
1H74p. 2015½Charing Cross 
2H16p. 2017½Tunbridge Wells 
1N40p. 2020½Gravesend 
2O67d. 2021½Cannon Street 
2S70d. 2023Sevenoaks 
d. 2026½Cliffe Brett Marine 
2R70p. 2027Ramsgate 
2F69d. 2028Cannon Street 
2H74p. 2029Charing Cross 
2I69d. 2029½Cannon Street 
1H20p. 2032Hastings 
2W66p. 2032½Charing Cross 
2D32d. 2033Charing Cross 
2F70d. 2036Charing Cross 
6X38p. 2036½Whitemoor Local Distribution Centre 
6X34p. 2036½Whitemoor Local Distribution Centre 
6L34p. 2036½Whitemoor Local Distribution Centre 
2N42d. 2037Dartford 
2S71d. 2039½Orpington 
1D34p. 2041Charing Cross 
2H18p. 2047½Tunbridge Wells 
1N44p. 2050½Gravesend 
2O69d. 2051½Cannon Street 
2S72d. 2053Sevenoaks 
2R72p. 2057Dover Priory 
2F71d. 2058Cannon Street 
2H76p. 2059Charing Cross 
2I71d. 2059Cannon Street 
1H22p. 2102Hastings 
2W68p. 2102½Charing Cross 
2D36d. 2104Charing Cross 
2F72d. 2106Charing Cross 
2N46d. 2107Dartford 
6E44p. 2108Ferme Park Reception Line GB Railfreight 
2S73d. 2111Orpington 
1D38p. 2112Charing Cross 
1H78p. 2114½Charing Cross 
2H20p. 2117½Tunbridge Wells 
1N48p. 2120½Gravesend 
2O71d. 2121½Cannon Street 
2S74d. 2123Sevenoaks 
2R74p. 2127Ramsgate 
2F73d. 2128Cannon Street 
2H78p. 2129Charing Cross 
2I73d. 2129Cannon Street 
2W70p. 2132½Charing Cross 
2D40d. 2133Charing Cross 
2F74d. 2136Charing Cross 
2N50d. 2137Dartford 
2S75d. 2139½Orpington 
1D42p. 2141Charing Cross 
5J69p. 2141½Grove Park Carriage Servicing Depot 
p. 2142Hither Green Down Reception 
2H22p. 2147½Tunbridge Wells 
1N52p. 2150½Gravesend 
2O73d. 2151½Cannon Street 
2S76d. 2153Sevenoaks 
2R76p. 2157Dover Priory 
2F75d. 2158Cannon Street 
2I75d. 2159Cannon Street 
2H80p. 2200Charing Cross 
1H26p. 2202Hastings 
2W72p. 2202½Charing Cross 
2D44d. 2203Charing Cross 
2F76d. 2206Charing Cross 
2N54d. 2207Dartford 
2S77d. 2209½Orpington 
1D46p. 2211Charing Cross 
1H82p. 2214½Charing Cross 
2H24p. 2217½Tunbridge Wells 
1N56p. 2220½Gravesend 
2O75d. 2221½Cannon Street 
2S78d. 2223Sevenoaks 
2R78p. 2227Ramsgate 
2F77d. 2228Cannon Street 
2H82p. 2229Charing Cross 
2I77d. 2229Cannon Street 
2W74p. 2232½Charing Cross 
2D48d. 2233½Charing Cross 
2F78d. 2236Charing Cross 
6E41p. 2236½Ferme Park Reception Line GB Railfreight 
2N58d. 2237Dartford 
2S79d. 2239½Orpington 
1D50p. 2241Charing Cross 
2H26p. 2247½Tunbridge Wells 
p. 2248½New Cross 
1N60p. 2250½Gravesend 
2O77d. 2251½Cannon Street 
2S80d. 2253Sevenoaks 
7X43p. 2255½Hoo Junction Up Yard 
7Y43p. 2255½Hoo Junction Up Yard 
2R80p. 2257Dover Priory 
2F79d. 2258Cannon Street 
2H84p. 2259Charing Cross 
2N79d. 2259Dartford 
1H30p. 2302Hastings 
2W76p. 2302½Charing Cross 
2D52d. 2303Charing Cross 
2F80d. 2306Charing Cross 
2N62d. 2307Dartford 
d. 2308Doncaster Belmont Down Yard 
d. 2308Doncaster Belmont Down Yard 
2S81d. 2309½Orpington 
1D54p. 2311Charing Cross 
1H86p. 2314½Charing Cross 
2H28p. 2317½Tunbridge Wells 
2O79d. 2321½EASTERN 
2N64d. 2322Gravesend 
2S82d. 2323Sevenoaks 
2R82p. 2327Minster 
2D56d. 2333Charing Cross 
2F82d. 2336Charing Cross 
2S83d. 2339½Orpington 
1D58p. 2341Charing Cross 
2H86p. 2342½Charing Cross 
2N90d. 2343Dartford 
2H30p. 2347½Tunbridge Wells 
2D96d. 2351½EASTERN 
2N68d. 2352Gravesend 
2S84d. 2353Sevenoaks 
2R84p. 2357Dover Priory 
1H34p. 0002Hastings 
2F84d. 0006Charing Cross 
2S85d. 0009Orpington 
2N94d. 0013Dartford 
2D62d. 0016½Charing Cross 
2N72d. 0022Gravesend 
2S86d. 0023½Orpington 
5J42p. 0039Grove Park Up Carriage Holding Sidings 
2S98d. 0041½Orpington 
d. 0042½New Malden 
5J82p. 0045½Grove Park Up Carriage Holding Sidings 
5J44p. 0052Grove Park Up Carriage Holding Sidings 
2N98d. 0055Gravesend 
5J84p. 0102Grove Park Up Carriage Holding Sidings 
p. 0105½Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
6E92p. 0106Ferme Park Reception Line GB Railfreight 
2S02d. 0113Orpington 
p. 0115½Cliffe Brett Marine 
p. 0121½Hither Green Down Reception 
6X36p. 0138½Hoo Junction Up Yard 
6O36p. 0139Hoo Junction Up Yard 
p. 0143New Cross 
p. 0156Willesden Euroterminal 
p. 0208½New Cross 
6X35p. 0215½Hoo Junction Up Yard 
p. 0246Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
p. 0303½Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
d. 0315½Acton Terminal Complex 
p. 0333½Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
d. 0345½Grain Thamesport English Welsh & Scottish Railway 
d. 0345½Grain Thamesport English Welsh & Scottish Railway 
d. 0348Purley Foster Yeoman 
p. 0351½Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
6E90d. 0358½Ferme Park Reception Line GB Railfreight 
6L90d. 0359BOW DEPOT GBRF 
Train moving.
Train has passed.
Deduced activation.  
Departure not reported.  α
Time estimated.  ε
798 trains.
18 not on time.
4 cancelled.
0 buses.
0 activation deduced.
1 departure not reported.

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