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Services at Marden (MARDEN MRN) on Tuesday 04/08/20

2W05d. 0525Cannon Street0524 1E
2W10d. 0554Charing Cross0553 1E
2W12d. 0624Charing Cross0623 1E
2R08d. 0634½RamsgateOn time
2W14d. 0653½Charing Cross0652 1E
2W89d. 0700½Cannon Street0659 1E
2W16d. 0724Charing Cross0727 3L
2R11d. 0734½RamsgateOn time
2W91d. 0736½Cannon Street0738 2L
2W18d. 0754Charing Cross0753 1E
2W95d. 0800½Cannon Street0759 1E
2R14d. 0804½RamsgateOn time
2W20d. 0824Charing Cross0823 1E
2R16d. 0834½Ramsgate0835 1L
2W22d. 0854Charing CrossOn time
2R18d. 0904½RamsgateOn time
2W24d. 0924Charing CrossOn time
2R20d. 0934½Ramsgate0935 1L
2W96d. 0954Charing CrossOn time
2R22d. 1004½RamsgateOn time
2W28d. 1024Charing Cross1023 1E
2R24d. 1034½Ramsgate1038 4L
2W30d. 1054Charing Cross1058 4L
2R26d. 1104½RamsgateOn time
2W32d. 1124Charing Cross1123 1E
2R28d. 1134½RamsgateOn time
2W34d. 1154Charing Cross1201 7L
2R30d. 1204½RamsgateOn time
2W36d. 1224Charing Cross1223 1E
2R32d. 1234½Ramsgate1233 1E
2W38d. 1254Charing CrossOn time
2R34d. 1304½RamsgateOn time
2W40d. 1324Charing Cross1323 1E
2R36d. 1334½RamsgateOn time
2W42d. 1354Charing Cross1355 1L
2R38d. 1404½Ramsgate1405 1L
2W44d. 1424Charing Cross1423 1E
2R96d. 1434½RamsgateOn time
2W46d. 1454Charing CrossOn time
2R42d. 1504½RamsgateOn time
2W48d. 1524Charing CrossOn time
2R44d. 1534½Ramsgate1536 2L
2W50d. 1554Charing Cross1553 1E
2R46d. 1604½RamsgateOn time
2W52d. 1624Charing Cross1626 2L
2R48d. 1634½Ramsgate1636 2L
2W54d. 1654Charing Cross1701 7L
2R50d. 1704½RamsgateOn time
2W56d. 1724Charing Cross1723 1E
2R52d. 1736½Ramsgate1737 1L
2W58d. 1754Charing Cross1753 1E
2R54d. 1806Ramsgate1805 1E
2W60d. 1824Charing Cross1823 1E
2R91d. 1826½Ramsgate1831 5L
2R56d. 1836½Ashford (Kent)1840 4L
2W62d. 1854Charing Cross1853 1E
2R93d. 1903Ramsgate1907 4L
2R58d. 1907Ramsgate1912 5L
2W64d. 1924Charing Cross1923 1E
2R95d. 1926½Ashford (Kent)1925 1E
2R60d. 1936Ramsgate1937 1L
2W66d. 1954Charing Cross1956 2L
2R62d. 2005Ramsgate2004 1E
2W68d. 2024Charing CrossOn time
2R64d. 2034½RamsgateOn time
2W70d. 2054Charing Cross2053 1E
2R66d. 2104½RamsgateOn time
2W72d. 2124Charing Cross2123 1E
2R68d. 2134½Ramsgate2135 1L
2W74d. 2154Charing Cross2155 1L
2R70d. 2206½RamsgateOn time
2W76d. 2224Charing Cross2228 4L
2R72d. 2234½Ramsgate2235 1L
2W78d. 2254Tonbridge2259 5L
2R74d. 2306½RamsgateOn time
2W80d. 2324TonbridgeOn time
2R76d. 2334½RamsgateOn time
2R78d. 0007Ramsgate0016 9L
2R80d. 0034½Dover Priory0048 14L
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Completed at 21/10/20 07:59:24 by liverail 1609p at turnpike. Elapsed time 3,145 ms.

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