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Services at Minster East Junction (MINSTEJ XMF) on Tuesday 04/08/20

3Y75p. 0407Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight 
p. 0414Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
d. 0420Ashford Crane Depot0331 49E ε
p. 0434½Ashford Crane Depot0349 45E ε
2W12p. 0456Charing CrossOn time ε
1J05p. 0459½St Pancras International0458 1E ε
2W89p. 0525Cannon StreetOn time ε
5W97p. 0533Ashford (Kent)0532 1E ε
2W14p. 0546½Charing Cross0545 1E ε
5J11p. 0552½Ramsgate0547 5E ε
1J09p. 0604½St Pancras International0605 1L ε
5R01p. 0608Ramsgate0609 1L ε
1J11p. 0615St Pancras International0616 1L ε
2W16p. 0619½Charing Cross0621 2L ε
5J13p. 0619½Margate0617 2E ε
2W91p. 0632½Cannon Street0634 2L ε
3W74p. 0657½Tonbridge West Yard GB RailfreightCancelled
1J13p. 0704½St Pancras International0706 2L ε
2R04p. 0707Ramsgate0706 1E ε
2R07p. 0710MargateOn time ε
1J85p. 0712½St Pancras International0713 1L ε
2W20p. 0719½Charing Cross0720 1L ε
2W22p. 0730Charing Cross0732 2L ε
1J15p. 0734½St Pancras International0735 1L ε
2R08p. 0805RamsgateOn time ε
1J17p. 0811½St Pancras InternationalOn time ε
2R10p. 0812Ramsgate0811 1E ε
2W24p. 0818½Charing Cross0819 1L ε
2W96p. 0821½Charing Cross0820 1E ε
1J10p. 0822½Margate0821 1E ε
2R11p. 0905Ramsgate0904 1E ε
2R14p. 0910Ramsgate0908 2E ε
1J21p. 0911½St Pancras International0910 1E ε
2W28p. 0920½Charing CrossOn time ε
1J14p. 0922½Margate0921 1E ε
2W30p. 0930Charing Cross0931 1L ε
2R16p. 1005Ramsgate1007 2L ε
2R18p. 1010Ramsgate1009 1E ε
1J25p. 1011½St Pancras International1012 1L ε
1J18p. 1022½MargateOn time ε
2W32p. 1023½Charing CrossOn time ε
2W34p. 1030Charing Cross1032 2L ε
2R20p. 1105Ramsgate1107 2L ε
2R22p. 1110Ramsgate1109 1E ε
1J29p. 1111½St Pancras International1110 1E ε
1J22p. 1122½Margate1123 1L ε
2W36p. 1123½Charing Cross1124 1L ε
3W74p. 1129Tonbridge West Yard GB RailfreightCancelled
2W38p. 1130Charing Cross1131 1L ε
2R24p. 1205Ramsgate1210 5L ε
2R26p. 1210Ramsgate1212 2L ε
1J33p. 1211½St Pancras International1210 1E ε
1J26p. 1222½Margate1223 1L ε
2W40p. 1223½Charing Cross1224 1L ε
2W42p. 1230Charing Cross1231 1L ε
3W74p. 1238Tonbridge West Yard GB RailfreightCancelled
3W74p. 1256½Tonbridge West Yard GB RailfreightCancelled
2R28p. 1305RamsgateOn time ε
2R30p. 1310RamsgateOn time ε
1J37p. 1311½St Pancras InternationalOn time ε
1J30p. 1322½Margate1321 1E ε
2W44p. 1323½Charing CrossOn time ε
2W46p. 1330Charing CrossOn time ε
p. 1356Gillingham (Kent) 
2R32p. 1405Ramsgate1406 1L ε
2R34p. 1410Ramsgate1408 2E ε
1J41p. 1411½St Pancras International1412 1L ε
1J34p. 1422½Margate1421 1E ε
2W48p. 1423½Charing Cross1424 1L ε
2W50p. 1430Charing Cross1431 1L ε
2R36p. 1505RamsgateOn time ε
2R38p. 1510RamsgateOn time ε
1J45p. 1511½St Pancras International1512 1L ε
1J38p. 1522½Margate1523 1L ε
2W52p. 1523½Charing Cross1525 2L ε
2W54p. 1530Charing Cross1533 3L ε
2R42p. 1610RamsgateOn time ε
2R96p. 1613RamsgateOn time ε
1J49p. 1614½St Pancras InternationalOn time ε
1J42p. 1622½Margate1621 1E ε
2W56p. 1623½Charing Cross1624 1L ε
2W58p. 1630Charing CrossOn time ε
2R44p. 1705RamsgateOn time ε
2R46p. 1710Ramsgate1709 1E ε
1J53p. 1711½St Pancras International1710 1E ε
1J46p. 1722½Margate1721 1E ε
2W60p. 1723½Charing CrossOn time ε
2W62p. 1730Charing Cross1731 1L ε
1J84p. 1756Margate1757 1L ε
2R48p. 1805Ramsgate1806 1L ε
2R50p. 1810Ramsgate1811 1L ε
1J57p. 1811½St Pancras InternationalOn time ε
2W64p. 1823½Charing CrossOn time ε
1J86p. 1825½Margate1833 8L ε
2W66p. 1830Charing Cross1831 1L ε
2R52p. 1905RamsgateOn time ε
2R54p. 1910Ramsgate1909 1E ε
1J61p. 1911½St Pancras International1912 1L ε
1J52p. 1917Ramsgate1916 1E ε
2W68p. 1923½Charing Cross1924 1L ε
1J88p. 1925½Margate1928 3L ε
2W70p. 1930Charing Cross1931 1L ε
5J52p. 1938½Ashford Down SidingsOn time ε
2R91p. 2004RamsgateOn time ε
1J65p. 2011½St Pancras InternationalOn time ε
2R58p. 2012Ramsgate2017 5L ε
1J58p. 2022½Margate2029 7L ε
2W72p. 2023½Charing CrossOn time ε
2W74p. 2030Charing Cross2031 1L ε
2R93p. 2040½RamsgateOn time ε
5W93p. 2059½Folkestone East Train Road2056 3E ε
p. 2100Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
2R60p. 2108Ramsgate2110 2L ε
1J69p. 2111½St Pancras International2110 1E ε
2R62p. 2112Ramsgate2113 1L ε
2W76p. 2121Charing Cross2125 4L ε
1J62p. 2122½Margate2125 3L ε
2W78p. 2130Tonbridge2131 1L ε
5W99p. 2136Ashford Down Sidings 
p. 2151Canterbury West 
5R71p. 2152½Ramsgate Traction Maintenance Depot 
2R64p. 2205Ramsgate2207 2L ε
2R66p. 2210Ramsgate2211 1L ε
1J73p. 2211½St Pancras International2210 1E ε
2W80p. 2221Tonbridge2224 3L ε
1J66p. 2222½Margate2221 1E ε
2W82p. 2230Ashford (Kent)2232 2L ε
p. 2239WhitstableActivated
p. 2251Herne BayCancelled
2R68p. 2305Ramsgate2306 1L ε
2W77p. 2311½Ashford (Kent)On time ε
2R70p. 2312Ramsgate2311 1E ε
1J70p. 2324Ramsgate2322 2E ε
5R51p. 2336½Ramsgate Traction Maintenance Depot 
5W70p. 2339Ashford Down Sidings2334 5E ε
3Y75p. 2359½Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight 
p. 0002Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
2R72p. 0007Ramsgate0009 2L ε
2R74p. 0012Ramsgate0010 2E ε
3Y75p. 0017Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight 
p. 0020Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
1J74p. 0025Ramsgate0021 4E ε
1F70p. 0033½Ramsgate0025 8E ε
1S78p. 0101½Ramsgate0056 5E ε
2R76p. 0112Ramsgate0103 9E ε
2R78p. 0112½Ramsgate0111 1E ε
1S80p. 0126½Ramsgate0120 6E ε
5R85p. 0145½Dover Priory0156 11L ε
1K84p. 0225Ramsgate0220 5E ε
p. 0250Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
p. 0342Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
p. 0342Tonbridge Engineers Siding0334 8E ε
3Y75p. 0350Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight 
Train moving.
Train has passed.
Deduced activation.  
Departure not reported.  α
Time estimated.  ε
153 trains.
10 not on time.
5 cancelled.
0 buses.
0 activation deduced.
132 departure not reported.

Completed at 25/10/20 16:10:08 by liverail 1609p at turnpike. Elapsed time 7,492 ms.

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