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Services at Minster East Junction (MINSTEJ XMF) on Monday 21/10/19

p. 0415Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
3Y75p. 0415Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight 
3Y75p. 0434Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight 
p. 0448Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
2W10p. 0454½Charing CrossOn time ε
1J05p. 0457½St Pancras International0459 2L ε
2W89p. 0522Cannon Street0521 1E ε
5W04p. 0532Ashford Down Sidings0527 5E ε
2W12p. 0539½Charing Cross0542 3L ε
5W16p. 0548½Sandwich0546 2E ε
1J09p. 0559½St Pancras International0601 2L ε
5J13p. 0603½Margate0556 7E ε
2W91p. 0611½Cannon Street0613 2L ε
1J81p. 0616St Pancras International0618 2L ε
1J11p. 0629½St Pancras InternationalOn time ε
5J15p. 0629½Margate0623 6E ε
2R01p. 0636Ramsgate0633 3E ε
5W94p. 0639MinsterExp. 0636 3E
2R02p. 0643½Ramsgate0645 2L ε
2W20p. 0652Charing CrossOn time ε
3W74p. 0656Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight2332 444E ε
1J13p. 0659½St Pancras International0700 1L ε
2R05p. 0707Margate0712 5L ε
2W19p. 0708½Ashford (Kent)0707 1E ε
1J85p. 0712St Pancras International0713 1L ε
1J15p. 0729½St Pancras International0728 1E ε
2R04p. 0741Ramsgate0740 1E ε
2W24p. 0746½Charing CrossOn time ε
2R08p. 0800½Ramsgate0801 1L ε
1J17p. 0802½St Pancras InternationalOn time ε
2W26p. 0809½Charing CrossOn time ε
2R06p. 0812½Ramsgate0811 1E ε
1J08p. 0816Margate0814 2E ε
2W23p. 0818½Ashford (Kent)On time ε
2R07p. 0837Ramsgate0840 3L ε
1J21p. 0907½St Pancras International0906 1E ε
2R10p. 0911½Ramsgate0937 26L ε
2W27p. 0912½Ashford (Kent)On time ε
1L12p. 0915St Pancras International0921 6L ε
1C10p. 0917½St Pancras International0918 1L ε
1J14p. 0923Margate0924 1L ε
1J93p. 0939½St Pancras International0938 1E ε
1J25p. 1009½St Pancras InternationalOn time ε
2R14p. 1011Ramsgate1036 25L ε
1L16p. 1014St Pancras InternationalOn time ε
1C14p. 1017½St Pancras International1038 21L ε
1J18p. 1023Margate1022 1E ε
2W32p. 1023½Charing CrossOn time ε
3W01p. 1036Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight1042 6L ε
3W01p. 1052Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight1055 3L ε
1J29p. 1109½St Pancras International1108 1E ε
2R22p. 1111Ramsgate1110 1E ε
1L20p. 1114St Pancras International1113 1E ε
1C18p. 1117½St Pancras International1129 12L ε
1J22p. 1123Margate1124 1L ε
2W36p. 1123½Charing Cross1124 1L ε
3W74p. 1128Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight0404 444E ε
1J33p. 1209½St Pancras InternationalOn time ε
2R26p. 1211Ramsgate1215 4L ε
1L24p. 1214St Pancras International1218 4L ε
1C72p. 1217½St Pancras InternationalOn time ε
1J26p. 1223Margate1224 1L ε
2W40p. 1223½Charing Cross1224 1L ε
3W74p. 1238Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight0514 444E ε
3W74p. 1256½Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight0532 444E ε
1J37p. 1309½St Pancras International1312 3L ε
2R30p. 1311Ramsgate1310 1E ε
1L28p. 1314St Pancras International1327 13L ε
1C26p. 1317½St Pancras International1328 11L ε
1J30p. 1323MargateOn time ε
2W44p. 1323½Charing CrossOn time ε
p. 1356Gillingham (Kent) 
1J41p. 1409½St Pancras InternationalOn time ε
2R34p. 1411Ramsgate1410 1E ε
1L32p. 1414St Pancras International1415 1L ε
1C80p. 1417½St Pancras International1419 2L ε
1J34p. 1423MargateOn time ε
2W48p. 1423½Charing Cross1424 1L ε
1J45p. 1509½St Pancras InternationalOn time ε
2R38p. 1510½RamsgateOn time ε
1L36p. 1514½St Pancras InternationalOn time ε
1C34p. 1517½St Pancras International1518 1L ε
2W52p. 1521½Charing CrossOn time ε
1J38p. 1523MargateOn time ε
2W54p. 1526Charing Cross1528 2L ε
2W56p. 1555Charing Cross1556 1L ε
2R39p. 1602½Ramsgate1601 1E ε
1J49p. 1609½St Pancras International1608 1E ε
2R42p. 1610½Ramsgate1612 2L ε
1L40p. 1614½St Pancras International1615 1L ε
1C38p. 1618½St Pancras International1625 7L ε
2W55p. 1621½Ashford (Kent)1622 1L ε
1J42p. 1623Margate1621 2E ε
2R43p. 1648½RamsgateOn time ε
2W60p. 1655Charing Cross1656 1L ε
1J53p. 1709½St Pancras InternationalOn time ε
1L44p. 1713½St Pancras International1712 1E ε
2R46p. 1716½RamsgateOn time ε
1C42p. 1718½St Pancras International1722 4L ε
2W59p. 1722½Ashford (Kent)1725 3L ε
1J46p. 1730Margate1724 6E ε
2R47p. 1742Ramsgate1741 1E ε
2W64p. 1755Charing Cross1756 1L ε
1J84p. 1800Margate1802 2L ε
1J57p. 1809½St Pancras InternationalOn time ε
2W63p. 1814½Ashford (Kent)On time ε
2R50p. 1816½RamsgateOn time ε
1J48p. 1822½Faversham1820 2E ε
2W66p. 1828Charing Cross1829 1L ε
1J86p. 1829½Margate1827 2E ε
2R52p. 1845Ramsgate1847 2L ε
2R51p. 1851Ramsgate1850 1E ε
1J88p. 1856½MargateOn time ε
1J61p. 1909½St Pancras International1908 1E ε
2R54p. 1915½Ramsgate1916 1L ε
2W68p. 1921Charing Cross1922 1L ε
1J52p. 1924Ramsgate1936 12L ε
2W70p. 1928Charing Cross1931 3L ε
1J90p. 1928½Margate1927 1E ε
5J82p. 1934Ashford Down SidingsOn time ε
2R56p. 1946Ramsgate1950 4L ε
1J92p. 2000½Margate2001 1L ε
2R91p. 2004RamsgateOn time ε
1J65p. 2009½St Pancras InternationalOn time ε
2R95p. 2014½Ramsgate2015 1L ε
5R93p. 2017½Ramsgate Traction Maintenance DepotOn time ε
2W72p. 2020½Charing Cross2021 1L ε
2W74p. 2028Charing Cross2029 1L ε
1J94p. 2028Margate2026 2E ε
2R60p. 2032Ramsgate2042 10L ε
2R64p. 2052Ramsgate2050 2E ε
3S75p. 2106Tonbridge Engineers Siding2105 1E ε
1J69p. 2109½St Pancras International2108 1E ε
1L60p. 2113½St Pancras International2114 1L ε
1J71p. 2117½St Pancras InternationalOn time ε
2R66p. 2117½Ramsgate2118 1L ε
2W76p. 2121Charing Cross2122 1L ε
3S75p. 2124Tonbridge Engineers Siding2118 6E ε
1J62p. 2127½Margate2128 1L ε
5W99p. 2136Ashford Down Sidings 
2R67p. 2146RamsgateOn time ε
p. 2151Canterbury West 
p. 2156HighamCancelled
1J73p. 2209½St Pancras InternationalOn time ε
2R70p. 2210Ramsgate2219 9L ε
1J64p. 2213½RamsgateOn time ε
1J75p. 2217½St Pancras InternationalOn time ε
2W80p. 2221Tonbridge2223 2L ε
1J66p. 2223Margate2229 6L ε
5W50p. 2233Folkestone East Train RoadOn time ε
5R06p. 2236Ramsgate Traction Maintenance DepotOn time ε
5W01p. 2247Ashford Down Sidings2241 6E ε
2W77p. 2309½Ashford (Kent)On time ε
2R74p. 2312½Ramsgate2311 1E ε
1J68p. 2316½RamsgateOn time ε
2W81p. 2317½Ashford (Kent)2316 1E ε
3S75p. 2319Tonbridge Engineers Siding2326 7L ε
1J70p. 2325Margate2323 2E ε
5R51p. 2337Ramsgate Traction Maintenance Depot 
5W70p. 2345Ashford Down Sidings2343 2E ε
p. 0002Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
3Y75p. 0002Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight 
1J72p. 0015½Ramsgate0014 1E ε
p. 0017Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
3Y75p. 0017Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight 
2R78p. 0021½RamsgateOn time ε
5R76p. 0029Ramsgate Traction Maintenance DepotOn time ε
1J74p. 0039Margate0038 1E ε
1J76p. 0115½Ramsgate0113 2E ε
3W05p. 0118Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight0124 6L ε
2R82p. 0121½Ramsgate0130 9L ε
3W05p. 0134Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight0139 5L ε
3S75p. 0146Tonbridge Engineers Siding0104 42E ε
p. 0324Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
3Y75p. 0324Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight 
3Y75p. 0339Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight 
p. 0357Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
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177 trains.
28 not on time.
1 cancelled.
0 buses.
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159 departure not reported.

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