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Services at Minster (MINSTER MSR) on Wednesday 21/10/20

3Y75p. 0409Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight 
p. 0416Tonbridge Engineers SidingCancelled
1J05d. 0458½St Pancras International0459 1L
5W97p. 0531½Ashford (Kent) 
5J79p. 0537½Sandwich0533 4E
2W12d. 0544½Charing CrossOn time
1J09p. 0602St Pancras InternationalOn time
5J13p. 0606Margate0600 6E
2W91d. 0614Cannon StreetOn time
5J83p. 0620Sandwich0616 4E
5J15p. 0632Margate0630 2E
1J11p. 0632St Pancras InternationalOn time
5W94a. 0641From Ramsgate New Sidings0643 2L
2W18d. 0644Charing Cross0643 1E
2R02d. 0646RamsgateOn time
3W74p. 0656½Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight2330 446E ε
1J13p. 0702St Pancras InternationalOn time
2R05d. 0713MargateOn time
2W19d. 0715Ashford (Kent)0720 5L
1J15p. 0735St Pancras InternationalOn time
2N04a. 0740From Maidstone East0743 3L
2A20d. 0747VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY)0748 1L
2W24d. 0754Charing Cross0755 1L
2R08d. 0800Ramsgate0803 3L
2W26d. 0807Charing CrossOn time
1J17p. 0810St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J08p. 0813½MargateOn time
2W23d. 0822Ashford (Kent)0825 3L
2R07d. 0836½RamsgateExp. 0835½ 1E
1J21p. 0907St Pancras InternationalActivated
2R10d. 0910RamsgateExp. On time
2W28d. 0919Charing CrossActivated
1J14p. 0922½MargateExp. On time
1J93p. 0941St Pancras International 
2R14d. 1009½RamsgateExp. 1010½ 1L
1J25p. 1012St Pancras International 
1J18p. 1022MargateActivated
2W32d. 1025Charing CrossActivated
2R22d. 1109½RamsgateActivated
1J29p. 1112St Pancras International 
1J22p. 1122Margate 
2W36d. 1125Charing Cross 
2R26d. 1209½RamsgateActivated
1J33p. 1212St Pancras International 
1J26p. 1222Margate 
2W40d. 1225Charing Cross 
3W74p. 1257½Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight0531 446E ε
2R30d. 1309½Ramsgate 
1J37p. 1312St Pancras International 
1J30p. 1322Margate 
2W44d. 1325Charing Cross 
p. 1355Gillingham (Kent) 
2R34d. 1409½Ramsgate 
1J41p. 1412St Pancras International 
1J34p. 1422Margate 
2W48d. 1425Charing Cross 
2R38d. 1509½Ramsgate 
1J45p. 1512St Pancras International 
1J38p. 1522Margate 
2W52d. 1524Charing Cross 
2R39d. 1602Ramsgate 
2R42d. 1609½Ramsgate 
1J49p. 1612St Pancras International 
1J42p. 1622Margate 
2W55d. 1624Ashford (Kent) 
2R43d. 1648Ramsgate 
1J53p. 1712St Pancras International 
2R46d. 1717Ramsgate 
2W59d. 1724Ashford (Kent) 
1J46p. 1729½Margate 
d. 1743Tonbridge West YardActivated
1J84p. 1800½Margate 
1J57p. 1812St Pancras International 
2W63d. 1823Ashford (Kent) 
1J86p. 1828Margate 
2R52d. 1842Ramsgate 
1J88p. 1855Margate 
1J61p. 1912St Pancras International 
2R54d. 1913½Ramsgate 
2W68d. 1924½Charing Cross 
1J90p. 1926Margate 
5J82p. 1937½Ashford Down Sidings 
2R56d. 1944Ramsgate 
1J92p. 1956Margate 
1J65p. 2010½St Pancras International 
2R95d. 2013½Ramsgate 
2W72d. 2022½Charing Cross 
1J94p. 2026Margate 
5J56d. 2037Ashford Down Sidings 
2R64d. 2046½Ramsgate 
p. 2059Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
3S75p. 2059Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
1J69p. 2110St Pancras International 
2R66d. 2116Ramsgate 
2W76d. 2122½Charing Cross 
1J62p. 2128Margate 
3S75d. 2134Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
5W99p. 2136½Ashford Down Sidings 
p. 2152Canterbury West 
2R70d. 2209½Ramsgate 
1J73p. 2212St Pancras International 
1J66p. 2222Margate 
2W80d. 2224Tonbridge 
p. 2247½Tonbridge West YardActivated
2R74d. 2311Ramsgate 
2W77p. 2312Ashford (Kent) 
1J70p. 2323½Margate 
5R51p. 2336Ramsgate Traction Maintenance Depot 
5W70p. 2345Ashford Down Sidings 
p. 2355Tonbridge West YardActivated
3Y75p. 2357½Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight 
p. 0001Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
2R78d. 0011½Ramsgate 
1J74a. 0025From St Pancras International 
0B00d. 0035Margate(Bus)
a. 0043From Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
2R82a. 0112From Charing Cross 
0B00d. 0122Ramsgate(Bus)
d. 0234½Hither Green Pre Assembly Depot 
p. 0349Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
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118 trains.
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1 cancelled.
2 buses.
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Completed at 21/10/20 08:34:49 by liverail 1609p at turnpike. Elapsed time 7,439 ms.

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