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Services at Pluckley (PLUCKLY PLC) on Wednesday 21/10/20

d. 0500Paddock Wood Keylands Sidings0434 26E
2W05d. 0509Cannon StreetOn time
2W08d. 0534Charing CrossOn time
2R02d. 0552½Ramsgate0554 2L
2W10d. 0606Charing Cross0609 3L
2W12d. 0632Charing CrossOn time
2W89d. 0644Cannon StreetOn time
2W90d. 0650Charing CrossOn time
2R06d. 0650½Ramsgate0652 2L
2W91d. 0705Cannon Street0704 1E
2W16d. 0707½Charing Cross0708 1L
2W93d. 0723Cannon Street0724 1L
2W95d. 0741Cannon StreetOn time
2R07d. 0745½RamsgateOn time
2W20d. 0808½Charing CrossExp. 0810½ 2L
2R10d. 0819RamsgateExp. 0823 4L
2W22d. 0838½Charing CrossExp. 0837½ 1E
2R12d. 0850½Dover PrioryExp. On time
2W26d. 0938½Charing CrossExp. On time
2R18d. 0950½Dover PrioryActivated
2W30d. 1038½Charing CrossActivated
2R24d. 1050½Dover PrioryActivated
2W34d. 1138½Charing Cross 
2R28d. 1150½Dover Priory 
2W38d. 1238½Charing Cross 
2R32d. 1250½Dover Priory 
2W42d. 1338½Charing Cross 
2R36d. 1350½Dover Priory 
2W46d. 1438½Charing Cross 
2R40d. 1450½Dover Priory 
2W50d. 1539½Charing Cross 
2R44d. 1550½Dover Priory 
2W52d. 1608½Charing Cross 
2R46d. 1622Ramsgate 
2W54d. 1638½Charing Cross 
2R48d. 1650½Dover Priory 
2R50d. 1720½Ramsgate 
2W58d. 1738½Charing Cross 
2R52d. 1750½Ramsgate 
2R90d. 1806Folkestone Central 
2R91d. 1835½Ramsgate 
2W62d. 1840½Charing Cross 
2R56d. 1848½Ramsgate 
2R93d. 1854½Folkestone Central 
2R95d. 1918½Ramsgate 
2R96d. 1932½Ashford (Kent) 
2W66d. 1938½Charing Cross 
2R97d. 1939½Dover Priory 
2R64d. 1956Ramsgate 
2W70d. 2038½Charing Cross 
2R68d. 2050½Dover Priory 
2W74d. 2138½Charing Cross 
2R72d. 2150Dover Priory 
2W76d. 2208½Charing Cross 
2W78d. 2238½Tonbridge 
2R76d. 2250½Dover Priory 
2W80d. 2308½Tonbridge 
2R80d. 2351Dover Priory 
2R84d. 0050½Dover Priory 
a. 0057From Ashford Crane Depot 
a. 0059From Hither Green Pre Assembly Depot 
a. 0102From Paddock Wood Keylands Sidings 
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62 trains.
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0 buses.
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Completed at 21/10/20 08:05:23 by liverail 1609p at turnpike. Elapsed time 8,024 ms.

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