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Services at Snodland (SNODLND SDA) on Wednesday 21/10/20

2T04d. 0443Paddock Wood0445 2L
2T06d. 0533Paddock WoodActivated
2T03d. 0539½StroodActivated
2T05d. 0609½StroodActivated
2T08d. 0609Paddock WoodActivated
2T10d. 0645Paddock WoodActivated
2T09d. 0649½StroodActivated
1T91d. 0700½St Pancras International 
2T12d. 0721Paddock Wood 
2T11d. 0722½StroodActivated
1T93d. 0733½St Pancras International 
2T90d. 0749Tonbridge 
1T95d. 0801½St Pancras International 
2T16d. 0801Tonbridge 
2T13d. 0817½Strood 
2T15d. 0845½Strood 
2T18d. 0845Maidstone West 
2T17d. 0915½Strood 
2T20d. 0915Paddock Wood 
2T22d. 0945Maidstone West 
2T19d. 0946Strood 
2T21d. 1015½Strood 
2T24d. 1015Paddock Wood 
2T23d. 1045½Strood 
2T26d. 1045Maidstone West 
2T25d. 1115½Strood 
2T28d. 1115Paddock Wood 
2T27d. 1145½Strood 
2T30d. 1145Maidstone West 
2T29d. 1215½Strood 
2T32d. 1215Paddock Wood 
2T31d. 1245½Strood 
2T34d. 1245Maidstone West 
2T33d. 1315½Strood 
2T36d. 1315Paddock Wood 
2T35d. 1345½Strood 
2T38d. 1345Maidstone West 
2T37d. 1415½Strood 
2T40d. 1415Paddock Wood 
2T39d. 1445½Strood 
2T42d. 1445Maidstone West 
2T41d. 1515½Strood 
2T44d. 1515Tonbridge 
2T43d. 1545½Strood 
2T46d. 1545Maidstone West 
2T45d. 1615½Strood 
2T48d. 1615Paddock Wood 
2T50d. 1645Paddock Wood 
2T47d. 1645½Strood 
2T52d. 1715Paddock Wood 
2T51d. 1738½Strood 
1T90d. 1754Maidstone West 
2T54d. 1806Paddock Wood 
2T53d. 1808½Strood 
1T92d. 1828Maidstone West 
2T55d. 1830½Strood 
2T56d. 1835Paddock Wood 
1T94d. 1859Maidstone West 
2T58d. 1906Paddock Wood 
2T57d. 1917½Strood 
2T62d. 1945Paddock Wood 
2T59d. 1947½Strood 
2T64d. 2015Maidstone West 
2T61d. 2017Strood 
2T63d. 2045½Strood 
2T66d. 2045Paddock Wood 
2T65d. 2115½Strood 
2T68d. 2115Maidstone West 
2T67d. 2145½Strood 
2T70d. 2145Paddock Wood 
2T69d. 2215½Strood 
2T72d. 2215Maidstone West 
2T71d. 2245½Strood 
2T74d. 2245Tonbridge 
2T73d. 2315½Strood 
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Completed at 21/10/20 04:56:16 by liverail 1609p at turnpike. Elapsed time 1,287 ms.

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