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Services at Staplehurst (SPHS SPU) on Wednesday 21/10/20

2W05d. 0521Cannon StreetOn time
2R02d. 0540½Ramsgate0541 1L
2W08d. 0546Charing Cross0545 1E
2W10d. 0618Charing Cross0620 2L
2R06d. 0638½Ramsgate0640 2L
2W12d. 0644Charing Cross0643 1E
2W89d. 0656Cannon StreetOn time
2W90d. 0702Charing CrossOn time
2W91d. 0717Cannon Street0716 1E
2W16d. 0720Charing CrossOn time
2R07d. 0733½RamsgateOn time
2W93d. 0735Cannon StreetOn time
2W18d. 0743½Charing Cross0742 1E
2W95d. 0753Cannon Street0752 1E
2R10d. 0807Ramsgate0810 3L
2W20d. 0820½Charing Cross0823 3L
2R12d. 0838½Dover Priory0840 2L
2W22d. 0850Charing Cross0849 1E
2R90d. 0855Ashford (Kent)On time
2R14d. 0915RamsgateExp. 0916 1L
2W24d. 0921Charing CrossExp. 0920 1E
2R18d. 0939Dover PrioryExp. 0940 1L
2W26d. 0950Charing CrossExp. 0949 1E
2R22d. 1008½RamsgateActivated
2W28d. 1020Charing CrossActivated
2R24d. 1038½Dover PrioryActivated
2W30d. 1050Charing CrossActivated
2R26d. 1108½RamsgateActivated
2W32d. 1120Charing CrossActivated
2R28d. 1139Dover PrioryActivated
2W34d. 1150Charing Cross 
2R30d. 1208½Ramsgate 
2W36d. 1220Charing Cross 
2R32d. 1238½Dover Priory 
2W38d. 1250Charing Cross 
2R34d. 1308½Ramsgate 
2W40d. 1320Charing Cross 
2R36d. 1338½Dover Priory 
2W42d. 1350Charing Cross 
2R38d. 1408½Ramsgate 
2W44d. 1420Charing Cross 
2R40d. 1438½Dover Priory 
2W46d. 1450Charing Cross 
2R42d. 1508½Ramsgate 
2W48d. 1520Charing Cross 
2R44d. 1538½Dover Priory 
2W50d. 1550½Charing Cross 
2R46d. 1609½Ramsgate 
2W52d. 1620Charing Cross 
2R48d. 1638½Dover Priory 
2W54d. 1650Charing Cross 
2R50d. 1708½Ramsgate 
2W56d. 1720½Charing Cross 
2R52d. 1738Ramsgate 
2W58d. 1750Charing Cross 
2R90d. 1754Folkestone Central 
2R54d. 1813½Ramsgate 
2W60d. 1821Charing Cross 
2R91d. 1823Ramsgate 
2R56d. 1836Ramsgate 
2R93d. 1842Folkestone Central 
2W62d. 1852Charing Cross 
2R60d. 1901Ramsgate 
2R95d. 1906Ramsgate 
2R96d. 1920Ashford (Kent) 
2W64d. 1921½Charing Cross 
2R97d. 1927Dover Priory 
2R64d. 1944Ramsgate 
2W66d. 1950Charing Cross 
2R66d. 2009Ramsgate 
2W68d. 2020Charing Cross 
2R68d. 2038½Dover Priory 
2W70d. 2050Charing Cross 
2R70d. 2108½Ramsgate 
2W72d. 2120Charing Cross 
2R72d. 2138Dover Priory 
2W74d. 2150Charing Cross 
2R74d. 2210½Ramsgate 
2W76d. 2220Charing Cross 
2R76d. 2238½Dover Priory 
2W78d. 2250Tonbridge 
2R78d. 2310½Ramsgate 
2W80d. 2320Tonbridge 
2R80d. 2339½Dover Priory 
2R82d. 0011½Minster 
2R84d. 0038½Dover Priory 
a. 0055From Paddock Wood Keylands Sidings 
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87 trains.
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0 cancelled.
0 buses.
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Completed at 21/10/20 08:56:47 by liverail 1609p at turnpike. Elapsed time 4,201 ms.

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