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Services at Stratford International East Junction (STFOEJN XXQ) on Wednesday 05/08/20

p. 0529½Singlewell Depot0452 37E ε
1J03p. 0542½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1F05p. 0556St Pancras International0603 7L
5T90p. 0607½Maidstone West0606 1E
1J05p. 0612½St Pancras International0611 1E
1F07p. 0627St Pancras International0626 1E
1T06p. 0632½Maidstone West0633 1L
1J08p. 0641½Ashford (Kent)On time
1J07p. 0645½St Pancras InternationalOn time
5T94p. 0655½Maidstone WestOn time
1F09p. 0657St Pancras InternationalOn time
1F08p. 0702½FavershamOn time
1J09p. 0704½St Pancras International0707 3L
1J79p. 0716St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J10p. 0719½MargateOn time
1F11p. 0727St Pancras International0726 1E
1F10p. 0729½Ramsgate0736 7L
5J85p. 0732½Ashford (Kent)0738 6L
1T91p. 0738St Pancras International0749 11L
1J12p. 0744½Dover PrioryOn time
1J11p. 0749St Pancras International0753 4L
5J95p. 0750½Ebbsfleet InternationalOn time
1F13p. 0757St Pancras International0756 1E
9O08p. 0757½Paris Nord0758 1L
1F12p. 0803Faversham0811 8L
1J13p. 0803St Pancras International0802 1E
1T93p. 0807½St Pancras International0808 1L
1J83p. 0811St Pancras International0812 1L
1J95p. 0818½St Pancras International0819 1L
1J14p. 0819½MargateOn time
5J14p. 0822½Ashford Down SidingsOn time
5J13p. 0827½Ashford Down Sidings0826 1E
1F15p. 0828St Pancras International0827 1E
1F14p. 0832½RamsgateOn time
1J15p. 0833St Pancras International0832 1E
1T95p. 0837½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J16p. 0841½Dover PrioryOn time
1J85p. 0845½St Pancras International0847 2L
5J96p. 0848½Ashford Down SidingsOn time
5J46p. 0852½Ashford Down SidingsOn time
9O09p. 0853½St Pancras International0854 1L
1F17p. 0857St Pancras International0858 1L
9I16p. 0900½Bruxelles Midi0902 2L
1J17p. 0912½St Pancras International0915 3L
1J18p. 0919½Margate0921 2L
5J23p. 0922½Ashford (Kent)0924 2L
1F19p. 0927St Pancras InternationalOn time
1F18p. 0932½RamsgateOn time
1J20p. 0944½Dover Priory0945 1L
1J19p. 0945½St Pancras InternationalOn time
9I17p. 0950½St Pancras International0948 2E
1F21p. 0957St Pancras International0956 1E
1J21p. 1014½St Pancras International1015 1L
1J22p. 1019½MargateOn time
1F23p. 1026½St Pancras International1028 2L
9O18p. 1030½Paris NordOn time
1F22p. 1035RamsgateOn time
9O74p. 1039½Marne-La-ValleeOn time
1J24p. 1044½Dover Priory1046 2L
1J23p. 1048½St Pancras International1047 1E
1F25p. 1057St Pancras InternationalOn time
9I26p. 1109½Amsterdam Centraal Station1110 1L
1J25p. 1112½St Pancras International1111 1E
1J26p. 1119½Margate1120 1L
9O19p. 1123½St Pancras International1126 3L
1F26p. 1132½RamsgateOn time
1J28p. 1144½Dover PrioryOn time
1J27p. 1145½St Pancras International1147 2L
1F29p. 1157St Pancras International1156 1E
1J29p. 1212½St Pancras International1211 1E
1J30p. 1219½MargateOn time
9O24p. 1229½Paris NordOn time
1F30p. 1235Ramsgate1234 1E
1J32p. 1244½Dover PrioryOn time
1J31p. 1245½St Pancras International1246 1L
1F33p. 1257St Pancras International1256 1E
1J33p. 1312½St Pancras International1311 1E
1J34p. 1319½MargateOn time
1F34p. 1332½RamsgateOn time
1J36p. 1344½Dover PrioryOn time
1J35p. 1345½St Pancras International1344 1E
1F37p. 1357St Pancras International1358 1L
1J37p. 1412½St Pancras International1413 1L
1J38p. 1419½MargateOn time
9O31p. 1432St Pancras International1436 4L
1F38p. 1432½RamsgateOn time
5J39p. 1436½St Pancras International1433 3E
9O32p. 1436½Paris Nord1438 2L
1J40p. 1444½Dover PrioryOn time
1J39p. 1445½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1F41p. 1457St Pancras International1509 12L
1F40p. 1502½FavershamOn time
9I40p. 1509½Bruxelles MidiOn time
1J41p. 1512½St Pancras International1513 1L
1J42p. 1519½MargateOn time
1F42p. 1529½Ramsgate1534 5L
9O36p. 1536½Paris Nord1537 1L
1J44p. 1544½Dover PrioryOn time
1J43p. 1548½St Pancras International1547 1E
9I41p. 1555½St Pancras International1550 5E
1F45p. 1601St Pancras International1600 1E
1F44p. 1602½FavershamOn time
1J45p. 1616St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J46p. 1617½MargateOn time
1F47p. 1627St Pancras International1626 1E
1F46p. 1632½Faversham1636 4L
9O39p. 1632½St Pancras International1631 1E
1J48p. 1641½Dover PrioryOn time
1J47p. 1645½St Pancras International1644 1E
1F49p. 1657St Pancras International1700 3L
1J84p. 1657½Margate1658 1L
5J85p. 1701St Pancras International1704 3L
1F48p. 1702½FavershamOn time
1J49p. 1714½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J50p. 1714½Dover PrioryOn time
1T90p. 1719½Maidstone WestOn time
1F51p. 1727St Pancras International1726 1E
1J86p. 1727½MargateOn time
1F50p. 1732½Ramsgate1733 1L
5J52p. 1739St Pancras International1736 3E
1J52p. 1744½RamsgateOn time
1J51p. 1745½St Pancras International1748 3L
5J55p. 1748½St Pancras International1752 4L
1T92p. 1753½Maidstone WestOn time
5J54p. 1753½St Pancras International1754 1L
1F53p. 1757St Pancras International1758 1L
1F52p. 1802½MargateOn time
5J90p. 1802½St Pancras International1804 2L
9I49p. 1805½St Pancras International1801 4E
9O46p. 1806½Paris NordOn time
1J53p. 1812½St Pancras International1813 1L
1J54p. 1815Sandwich1816 1L
1T94p. 1823½Maidstone WestOn time
9O47p. 1823½St Pancras International1824 1L
1F55p. 1827St Pancras International1828 1L
1J88p. 1827½MargateOn time
1F54p. 1832½RamsgateOn time
5F56p. 1832½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J56p. 1844½Dover Priory1846 2L
1J55p. 1845½St Pancras International1844 1E
1T58p. 1851½St Pancras International1855 4L
1F57p. 1857St Pancras International1859 2L
1F56p. 1902½FavershamOn time
1J57p. 1912½St Pancras International1911 1E
1J58p. 1919½Margate1920 1L
9O57p. 1920½St Pancras International1914 6E
1F59p. 1927St Pancras International1926 1E
9O54p. 1927½Paris Nord1928 1L
1F58p. 1932½Ramsgate1933 1L
5T62p. 1935½St Pancras International1934 1E
9I58p. 1939½Bruxelles MidiOn time
1J60p. 1944½Dover PrioryOn time
1J59p. 1945½St Pancras International1946 1L
1T62p. 1956½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1F60p. 2002½Faversham2003 1L
1J61p. 2012½St Pancras International2014 2L
1J62p. 2019½Margate2020 1L
1F63p. 2027St Pancras InternationalOn time
9O55p. 2030St Pancras International2050 20L
1F62p. 2032½RamsgateOn time
1J64p. 2044½Dover Priory2045 1L
1J63p. 2045½St Pancras International2047 2L
1F65p. 2057St Pancras InternationalOn time
1F64p. 2102½Faversham2105 3L
1J65p. 2112½St Pancras International2111 1E
1J66p. 2119½MargateOn time
9I63p. 2124St Pancras International2115 9E
1F67p. 2127St Pancras International2126 1E
1F66p. 2132½Ramsgate2133 1L
1J68p. 2144½Dover Priory2145 1L
1J67p. 2145½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1F69p. 2157St Pancras International2159 2L
1F68p. 2202½FavershamOn time
1J69p. 2212½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J70p. 2219½MargateOn time
9O63p. 2224½St Pancras International2221 3E
1F71p. 2227St Pancras InternationalOn time
1F70p. 2232½RamsgateOn time
1J72p. 2244½Dover PrioryOn time
1J71p. 2245½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1F73p. 2257St Pancras InternationalOn time
1F72p. 2302½Faversham2305 3L
1J73p. 2312½St Pancras International2311 1E
1J74p. 2319½MargateOn time
1F74p. 2332½Faversham2333 1L
1J76p. 2344½Dover PrioryOn time
1J75p. 2345½St Pancras International2352 7L
1F76p. 0002½FavershamOn time
1J78p. 0019½Ashford (Kent)0020 1L
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Completed at 27/10/20 21:32:06 by liverail 1609p at turnpike. Elapsed time 3,057 ms.

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