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Services at Stratford International (STFORDI SDI) on Tuesday 04/08/20

1J03d. 0544½St Pancras International0543 1E
1F05d. 0558St Pancras International0557 1E
1J05d. 0614½St Pancras International0613 1E
1F07d. 0629St Pancras International0628 1E
1T06d. 0632Maidstone West0631 1E
1J08d. 0641Ashford (Kent)0640 1E
1J07d. 0647½St Pancras International0648 1L
1F09d. 0659St Pancras InternationalOn time
1F08d. 0702FavershamOn time
1J09d. 0706½St Pancras International0705 1E
1J79d. 0718St Pancras International0717 1E
1J10d. 0719MargateOn time
1F10d. 0729Ramsgate0728 1E
1F11d. 0729St Pancras InternationalOn time
5J85d. 0732Ashford (Kent)0731 1E
1T91d. 0740St Pancras International0739 1E
1J12d. 0744Dover PrioryOn time
1J11d. 0751St Pancras International0750 1E
1F13d. 0759St Pancras International0758 1E
1F12d. 0802½FavershamOn time
1J13d. 0805½St Pancras International0806 1L
1T93d. 0809½St Pancras International0810 1L
1J83d. 0813½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J14d. 0819Margate0818 1E
1J95d. 0821St Pancras International0820 1E
1F15d. 0830St Pancras International0829 1E
1F14d. 0832RamsgateOn time
1J15d. 0835½St Pancras International0834 1E
1T95d. 0839½St Pancras International0838 1E
1J16d. 0841Dover Priory0840 1E
1J85d. 0847½St Pancras International0848 1L
1F17d. 0859St Pancras International0903 4L
1J17d. 0914½St Pancras International0915 1L
1J18d. 0919Margate0923 4L
1F19d. 0929St Pancras International0928 1E
1F18d. 0932RamsgateOn time
1J20d. 0944Dover PrioryOn time
1J19d. 0947½St Pancras International0950 3L
1F21d. 0959St Pancras International0958 1E
1J21d. 1016½St Pancras International1017 1L
1J22d. 1019MargateOn time
1F23d. 1029St Pancras InternationalOn time
1F22d. 1034½Ramsgate1035 1L
1J24d. 1044Dover Priory1043 1E
1J23d. 1050½St Pancras International1051 1L
1F25d. 1059St Pancras International1058 1E
1J25d. 1114½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J26d. 1119Margate1120 1L
1F26d. 1132RamsgateOn time
1J28d. 1144Dover PrioryOn time
1J27d. 1147½St Pancras International1149 2L
1F29d. 1159St Pancras International1158 1E
1J29d. 1214½St Pancras International1213 1E
1J30d. 1219MargateOn time
1F30d. 1234½RamsgateOn time
1J32d. 1244Dover PrioryOn time
1J31d. 1247½St Pancras International1249 2L
1F33d. 1259St Pancras International1258 1E
1J33d. 1314½St Pancras International1313 1E
1J34d. 1319Margate1318 1E
1F34d. 1332Ramsgate1333 1L
1J36d. 1344Dover PrioryOn time
1J35d. 1347½St Pancras International1346 1E
1F37d. 1359St Pancras International1358 1E
1J37d. 1414½St Pancras International1413 1E
1J38d. 1419Margate1418 1E
1F38d. 1432Ramsgate1431 1E
1J40d. 1444Dover Priory1443 1E
1J39d. 1447½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1F41d. 1459St Pancras International1458 1E
1F40d. 1502FavershamOn time
1J41d. 1514½St Pancras International1516 2L
1J42d. 1519MargateOn time
1F42d. 1529RamsgateOn time
1J44d. 1544Dover Priory1543 1E
1J43d. 1550½St Pancras International1549 1E
1F44d. 1602Faversham1603 1L
1F45d. 1603St Pancras International1602 1E
1J46d. 1617MargateOn time
1J45d. 1619St Pancras International1618 1E
1F47d. 1629St Pancras International1628 1E
1F46d. 1632Faversham1631 1E
1J48d. 1641Dover PrioryOn time
1J47d. 1647½St Pancras International1646 1E
1J84d. 1657MargateOn time
1F49d. 1659St Pancras International1700 1L
1F48d. 1702FavershamOn time
1J50d. 1714Dover PrioryOn time
1J49d. 1716½St Pancras International1715 1E
1T90d. 1719Maidstone WestOn time
1J86d. 1727Margate1729 2L
1F51d. 1729St Pancras International1728 1E
1F50d. 1732RamsgateOn time
1J52d. 1744Ramsgate1743 1E
1J51d. 1747½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1T92d. 1753Maidstone West1752 1E
1F53d. 1759St Pancras International1803 4L
1F52d. 1802MargateOn time
1J53d. 1814½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J54d. 1814½SandwichOn time
1T94d. 1823Maidstone West1825 2L
1J88d. 1827Margate1831 4L
1F55d. 1829St Pancras InternationalOn time
1F54d. 1832Ramsgate1835 3L
1J56d. 1844Dover PrioryOn time
1J55d. 1847½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1T58d. 1854St Pancras International1853 1E
1F57d. 1859St Pancras InternationalOn time
1F56d. 1902FavershamOn time
1J57d. 1914½St Pancras International1915 1L
1J58d. 1919MargateOn time
1F59d. 1929St Pancras International1928 1E
1F58d. 1932RamsgateOn time
1J60d. 1944Dover Priory1945 1L
1J59d. 1947½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1T62d. 1959St Pancras International1958 1E
1F60d. 2002FavershamOn time
1J61d. 2014½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J62d. 2019Margate2018 1E
1F63d. 2029St Pancras International2031 2L
1F62d. 2032RamsgateOn time
1J64d. 2044Dover PrioryOn time
1J63d. 2047½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1F65d. 2059St Pancras International2100 1L
1F64d. 2102FavershamOn time
1J65d. 2114½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J66d. 2119MargateOn time
1F67d. 2129St Pancras International2128 1E
1F66d. 2132RamsgateOn time
1J68d. 2144Dover PrioryOn time
1J67d. 2148St Pancras International2147 1E
1F69d. 2159St Pancras International2158 1E
1F68d. 2202Faversham2203 1L
1J69d. 2214½St Pancras International2212 2E
1J70d. 2219Ramsgate2220 1L
1F71d. 2229St Pancras International2228 1E
1F70d. 2232Ramsgate2231 1E
1J72d. 2244Dover PrioryOn time
1J71d. 2247½St Pancras International2246 1E
1F73d. 2259St Pancras International2258 1E
1F72d. 2302Faversham2303 1L
1J73d. 2314½St Pancras International2313 1E
1J74d. 2319Ramsgate2318 1E
1F74d. 2332FavershamOn time
1J76d. 2344Dover Priory2343 1E
1J75d. 2347½St Pancras International2349 2L
1F76d. 0002Faversham0001 1E
1J78d. 0019Ashford (Kent)0020 1L
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Completed at 25/10/20 16:31:09 by liverail 1609p at turnpike. Elapsed time 11,581 ms.

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