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Services at St Johns (STJOHNS SAJ) on Thursday 29/10/20

p. 0440Hither Green Pre Assembly Depot0401 39E
5F11p. 0507Cannon Street0500 7E
5V03p. 0511Hayes (Kent)Cancelled
5V03p. 0521Hayes (Kent)Cancelled
5V06p. 0521Hayes (Kent)0522 1L
2F01d. 0529Cannon Street0530 1L
5V06p. 0531½Hayes (Kent)0530 1E
5V07p. 0544Hayes (Kent)0536 8E
2F03d. 0549Cannon Street0552 3L
2N09d. 0551Slade Green0555 4L
5V07p. 0554Hayes (Kent)0546 8E
2D05d. 0600Cannon Street0601 1L
2C05d. 0605Cannon StreetOn time
2W05p. 0608½Cannon Street0610 2L
2K03d. 0611Cannon StreetCancelled
1G85p. 0618½Cannon Street0617 1E
2N13d. 0621Slade Green0622 1L
2F05d. 0623Cannon StreetOn time
5Y90p. 0625½BarnehurstOn time
2S11d. 0629OrpingtonOn time
2H53p. 0630½Cannon StreetOn time
2D07p. 0632½Cannon StreetOn time
2C07d. 0635Cannon Street0637 2L
5Y90p. 0635½BarnehurstOn time
2V05d. 0640Hayes (Kent)0641 1L
2R07p. 0642½Ramsgate0643 1L
2K07d. 0650Cannon StreetOn time
2I11d. 0651Cannon Street0652 1L
3G91p. 0653½SwanleyOn time
2F85p. 0653½Cannon Street0654 1L
2O11d. 0656Cannon Street0657 1L
2S13d. 0701OrpingtonExp. On time
2C09d. 0701½Cannon StreetExp. On time
3R65p. 0706½TonbridgeExp. 0705½ 1E
2F87p. 0709½Cannon StreetExp. 0708½ 1E
2V07d. 0712Hayes (Kent)Activated
1G87p. 0713½Cannon StreetExp. 0711½ 2E
1H55p. 0715½Cannon StreetExp. 0718½ 3L
2O13d. 0719Cannon StreetExp. 0718 1E
2K09p. 0722Cannon StreetExp. 0723 1L
2I13d. 0723½Cannon StreetActivated
2C11d. 0725½Cannon StreetActivated
2S91p. 0727½OrpingtonActivated
2V09p. 0730½Hayes (Kent)Activated
2M13d. 0734CrayfordActivated
2P15p. 0736Cannon StreetExp. On time
2D13d. 0740½Cannon StreetActivated
3N25p. 0741½Sidcup SidingActivated
2W89p. 0746Cannon StreetExp. On time
2K11d. 0750½Cannon StreetActivated
2I15d. 0752Cannon StreetActivated
2F91p. 0753½Cannon StreetActivated
1H11p. 0754½HastingsActivated
1M91p. 0756½Slade GreenActivated
2C13d. 0757½Cannon StreetActivated
3N21p. 0800BarnehurstActivated
1G91p. 0801Cannon StreetExp. 0803 2L
2O17d. 0803½Cannon StreetExp. 0804½ 1L
2S17d. 0805OrpingtonActivated
2W91p. 0808Cannon StreetExp. 0807 1E
2M15p. 0808½Slade GreenActivated
2F93p. 0809½Cannon StreetActivated
3N29p. 0811½Sidcup Siding 
1H93p. 0813Cannon StreetExp. 0815 2L
2C17d. 0815½Cannon StreetActivated
2P17d. 0818½Cannon StreetExp. On time
2D19d. 0821½Cannon StreetActivated
5J89p. 0822½Grove Park Carriage Servicing DepotActivated
1G93p. 0824Cannon StreetExp. 0823 1E
2I97p. 0825½Cannon StreetActivated
2W93p. 0826Cannon StreetActivated
2S19d. 0830OrpingtonActivated
2K15d. 0831½Cannon StreetActivated
2T41d. 0833Cannon StreetActivated
2F95p. 0834Cannon StreetActivated
2V19p. 0835½Hayes (Kent)Activated
2P21p. 0837Cannon StreetActivated
2D23d. 0841½Cannon StreetActivated
5J91d. 0841½Grove Park Carriage Servicing DepotActivated
5J41p. 0844Grove Park Carriage Servicing DepotActivated
1G95p. 0844Cannon StreetExp. 0845 1L
5N15p. 0846Sidcup SidingActivated
2W95p. 0848Cannon StreetActivated
2I19d. 0849½Cannon StreetActivated
2K17d. 0850½Cannon StreetActivated
1H19p. 0852Hastings 
1H67p. 0854Cannon StreetActivated
2F97p. 0856Cannon StreetActivated
2O21d. 0859Cannon StreetActivated
5J93p. 0900Grove Park Carriage Servicing DepotActivated
1G97p. 0902Cannon StreetActivated
2S21d. 0904½OrpingtonActivated
2C21d. 0907Cannon StreetActivated
2V21p. 0909½Hayes (Kent) 
2D29d. 0912½Cannon StreetActivated
5J43p. 0913½Grove Park Carriage Servicing Depot 
2K19p. 0919Cannon StreetActivated
2I21d. 0921Cannon Street 
5J65p. 0923Grove Park Carriage Servicing Depot 
1H21p. 0925½Hastings 
2T45d. 0930Cannon Street 
2O23d. 0931Cannon StreetActivated
2S23d. 0933Orpington 
2F21d. 0936Cannon Street 
5J67d. 0936½Grove Park Carriage Servicing Depot 
2V23p. 0938½Hayes (Kent) 
2K21p. 0941Cannon Street 
2P29d. 0944½Cannon StreetActivated
5Y97p. 0945½Tonbridge Down Main Siding 
2I23d. 0951Cannon Street 
2T47d. 0959Cannon Street 
2O25d. 1000Cannon StreetActivated
2S25d. 1003Orpington 
2F23d. 1006Cannon Street 
2V25p. 1008½Hayes (Kent) 
2K23p. 1011Cannon Street 
2P31d. 1014½Cannon StreetActivated
2I25d. 1021Cannon Street 
2T49d. 1029Cannon Street 
3S76p. 1030Tonbridge Engineers SidingActivated
2O27d. 1031Cannon Street 
2S27d. 1032Orpington 
2F25d. 1036Cannon Street 
2V27p. 1038½Hayes (Kent) 
2K25p. 1041Cannon Street 
3S76p. 1041½Tonbridge Engineers SidingActivated
2P33d. 1044½Cannon Street 
2I27d. 1051Cannon Street 
2T51d. 1059Cannon Street 
2O29d. 1101Cannon Street 
2S29d. 1102Orpington 
2F27d. 1106Cannon Street 
2V29p. 1108½Hayes (Kent) 
2K27p. 1111Cannon Street 
2P35d. 1114½Cannon Street 
2I29d. 1121Cannon Street 
2T53d. 1129Cannon Street 
2O31d. 1130Cannon Street 
2S31d. 1132Orpington 
2F29d. 1136Cannon Street 
2V31p. 1138½Hayes (Kent) 
5Z54p. 1140Cannon Street 
2K29p. 1141Cannon Street 
2P37d. 1144½Cannon Street 
2I31d. 1151Cannon Street 
2O33d. 1159Cannon Street 
2T55d. 1159Cannon Street 
2S33d. 1202Orpington 
2F31d. 1206Cannon Street 
2V33p. 1208½Hayes (Kent) 
2K31p. 1211Cannon Street 
2P39d. 1214½Cannon Street 
2I33d. 1221Cannon Street 
2T57d. 1229Cannon Street 
2O35d. 1229Cannon Street 
2S35d. 1232Orpington 
2F33d. 1236Cannon Street 
2V35p. 1238½Hayes (Kent) 
2K33p. 1241Cannon Street 
2P41d. 1244½Cannon Street 
2I35d. 1251Cannon Street 
2O37d. 1259Cannon Street 
2T59d. 1259Cannon Street 
2S37d. 1302Orpington 
2F35d. 1306Cannon Street 
2V37p. 1308½Hayes (Kent) 
2K35p. 1311Cannon Street 
2P43d. 1314½Cannon Street 
2I37d. 1321Cannon Street 
2T61d. 1329Cannon Street 
2O39d. 1329Cannon Street 
2S39d. 1332Orpington 
2F37d. 1336Cannon Street 
2V39p. 1338½Hayes (Kent) 
2K37p. 1340½Cannon Street 
2P45d. 1344½Cannon Street 
2I39d. 1351Cannon Street 
2O41d. 1359Cannon Street 
2T63d. 1359Cannon Street 
2S41d. 1402Orpington 
2F39d. 1406Cannon Street 
2V41p. 1408½Hayes (Kent) 
2K39p. 1411½Cannon Street 
2P47d. 1414½Cannon Street 
2I41d. 1421Cannon Street 
2T65d. 1429Cannon Street 
2O43d. 1429Cannon Street 
2S43d. 1432Orpington 
2F41d. 1436Cannon Street 
2V43p. 1438½Hayes (Kent) 
2K41p. 1441Cannon Street 
2P49d. 1444½Cannon Street 
2I43d. 1451Cannon Street 
2O45d. 1459Cannon Street 
2T67d. 1459Cannon Street 
2S45d. 1502Orpington 
2F43d. 1506Cannon Street 
2V45p. 1508½Hayes (Kent) 
2K43p. 1511Cannon Street 
2P51d. 1514½Cannon Street 
2I45d. 1521Cannon Street 
2T69d. 1529Cannon Street 
2O47d. 1529Cannon Street 
2S47d. 1532Orpington 
2F45d. 1536Cannon Street 
2V47p. 1538½Hayes (Kent) 
2K45p. 1541Cannon Street 
2P53d. 1544½Cannon Street 
2I47d. 1551Cannon Street 
2T71d. 1559Cannon Street 
2O49d. 1600Cannon Street 
2S49d. 1603Orpington 
5F85p. 1603Cannon Street 
2F47d. 1606Cannon Street 
2V49p. 1608½Hayes (Kent) 
2K47p. 1611Cannon Street 
2P55d. 1614½Cannon Street 
2I49d. 1621Cannon Street 
2T73d. 1628Cannon Street 
2O51d. 1629Cannon Street 
2S51d. 1631Orpington 
5F07p. 1633½Cannon Street 
2F49d. 1636Cannon Street 
2V51d. 1638Hayes (Kent) 
2P57d. 1639½Cannon Street 
1G85p. 1640½Dover Priory 
5W87p. 1643Cannon Street 
2K49p. 1645Cannon Street 
2I51d. 1652Cannon Street 
5F91p. 1653Cannon Street 
2T75d. 1658Cannon Street 
3F91p. 1658Cannon Street 
2O53d. 1702½Cannon Street 
2V53d. 1703Hayes (Kent) 
5F89p. 1705Cannon Street 
2S91p. 1706Sevenoaks 
2F51p. 1708Cannon Street 
2I53d. 1711Cannon Street 
2P59d. 1711½Cannon Street 
1H07p. 1713Hastings 
5F93p. 1714Cannon Street 
2K51p. 1716Cannon Street 
2T77p. 1716½Cannon Street 
1G87p. 1719½Margate 
1H63p. 1720½Cannon Street 
2V55d. 1724Hayes (Kent) 
2S93p. 1727½Sevenoaks 
5F71p. 1728Cannon Street 
2O95d. 1731½Cannon Street 
2N15d. 1732Dartford 
2R91p. 1734Ramsgate 
2F55d. 1737Cannon Street 
2M55p. 1739Slade Green 
2P61p. 1739½Cannon Street 
1G89p. 1741½Dover Priory 
5F95p. 1742Cannon Street 
2K53p. 1744Cannon Street 
2V57d. 1745Hayes (Kent) 
1H93p. 1747Hastings 
5W93p. 1747½Cannon Street 
2S95p. 1751½Orpington 
5F61p. 1751½Cannon Street 
2I57d. 1755Cannon Street 
2O97d. 1756½Cannon Street 
2R93p. 1757Folkestone Central 
2T79p. 1759½Cannon Street 
5F97p. 1802Cannon Street 
1G91p. 1802½Broadstairs 
5F47p. 1804Cannon Street 
2F59d. 1807Cannon Street 
2V59d. 1808½Hayes (Kent) 
2S97p. 1810½Sevenoaks 
2I59d. 1813½Cannon Street 
2C57p. 1815Cannon Street 
3D09p. 1817Cannon Street 
2R95p. 1817½Ramsgate 
2M59p. 1821½Slade Green 
5F01p. 1822Cannon Street 
1G93p. 1824Dover Priory 
2K55p. 1826Cannon Street 
2V61d. 1829Hayes (Kent) 
2H65p. 1831½Cannon Street 
2S61p. 1832½Sevenoaks 
2O59d. 1834½Cannon Street 
2I61d. 1836Cannon Street 
1H97p. 1838Ore 
2F61d. 1841Cannon Street 
2R97p. 1842Dover Priory 
2C59d. 1844½Cannon Street 
2M61d. 1846Barnehurst 
2V63d. 1851Hayes (Kent) 
2K57p. 1851½Cannon Street 
2N29d. 1854Dartford 
1G95p. 1856Ramsgate 
2S65d. 1901Orpington 
2F63d. 1906Cannon Street 
2M63d. 1906Sidcup 
2D17d. 1909Cannon Street 
2V65d. 1910Hayes (Kent) 
1H11p. 1912½Hastings 
2K59p. 1918½Cannon Street 
2I65d. 1921Cannon Street 
2T85d. 1928Cannon Street 
2O63d. 1929½Cannon Street 
2S67d. 1934Orpington 
2F65d. 1936Cannon Street 
2V67p. 1938½Hayes (Kent) 
2K61p. 1941Cannon Street 
2C63d. 1944½Cannon Street 
2I67d. 1951Cannon Street 
2M67d. 1959Barnehurst 
2O65d. 1959Cannon Street 
2S69d. 2002Orpington 
2F67d. 2006Cannon Street 
2V69p. 2008½Hayes (Kent) 
2K63p. 2011½Cannon Street 
2P73d. 2014½Cannon Street 
2I69d. 2021Cannon Street 
2M69d. 2029Barnehurst 
2O67d. 2029Cannon Street 
2S71d. 2032Orpington 
2F69d. 2036Cannon Street 
2V71p. 2038½Hayes (Kent) 
2K65p. 2041Cannon Street 
2P75d. 2044½Cannon Street 
2I71d. 2051Cannon Street 
2M71d. 2059Barnehurst 
2O69d. 2059Cannon Street 
2S73d. 2102Orpington 
2F71d. 2106Cannon Street 
2V73p. 2108½Hayes (Kent) 
2K67p. 2111Cannon Street 
2I73d. 2121Cannon Street 
2O71d. 2129Cannon Street 
2S75d. 2132½Orpington 
5J69p. 2135Grove Park Carriage Servicing Depot 
2F73d. 2137Cannon Street 
2V75p. 2138½Hayes (Kent) 
2K69p. 2141Cannon Street 
2I75d. 2151Cannon Street 
2O73d. 2159Cannon Street 
2S77d. 2202Orpington 
2F75d. 2206Cannon Street 
2V77p. 2208½Hayes (Kent) 
p. 2209Dollands Moor Sidings 
2K71p. 2212Cannon Street 
2I77d. 2221Cannon Street 
p. 2224Dollands Moor Sidings 
2O75d. 2229Cannon Street 
2S79d. 2232Orpington 
2F77d. 2236½Cannon Street 
2V79p. 2238½Hayes (Kent) 
2K73p. 2241½Cannon Street 
2N79d. 2251Dartford 
2O77d. 2259Cannon Street 
2S81d. 2302Orpington 
2F79d. 2306Cannon Street 
2V81d. 2309Hayes (Kent) 
2K75p. 2311½Cannon Street 
2O79d. 2329EASTERN 
2S83d. 2332Orpington 
2V83d. 2339Hayes (Kent) 
0B00d. 2357Cannon Street(Bus)
2S85d. 2357Orpington 
p. 0042½Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
0B00d. 0047Lewisham(Bus)
p. 0050Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
p. 0054Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
p. 0059½Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
p. 0249Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
p. 0256Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
p. 0336½Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
p. 0347Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
Train moving.
Train has passed.
Deduced activation.  
Departure not reported.  α
Time estimated.  ε
371 trains.
3 not on time.
3 cancelled.
2 buses.
0 activation deduced.
0 departure not reported.

Completed at 29/10/20 06:59:11 by liverail 1609p at turnpike. Elapsed time 8,780 ms.

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