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Services at St Johns (STJOHNS SAJ) on Tuesday 04/08/20

p. 0412½Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
p. 0420Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
5V06p. 0448½Hayes (Kent)0441 7E
5V06p. 0458½Hayes (Kent)0449 9E
5V08p. 0500Hayes (Kent)0457 3E
5F09p. 0507Cannon Street0504 3E
5V08p. 0510½Hayes (Kent)0506 4E
2F91d. 0532Cannon Street0533 1L
5V10p. 0534½Hayes (Kent)0521 13E
5V10p. 0545Hayes (Kent)0532 13E
5V11p. 0556½New Cross0550 6E
2D05d. 0559Cannon StreetOn time
2S09d. 0602OrpingtonOn time
2F05d. 0606Cannon StreetOn time
2V01d. 0609Hayes (Kent)0610 1L
2W05p. 0611Cannon Street0608 3E
2C09d. 0614½Cannon StreetOn time
1G85p. 0619Cannon StreetOn time
2I09d. 0621Cannon StreetOn time
2F95d. 0625Cannon StreetOn time
2D07d. 0629Cannon StreetOn time
2H53p. 0631½Cannon Street0630 1E
2S11d. 0632OrpingtonOn time
2F07d. 0636Cannon StreetOn time
2V03d. 0639Hayes (Kent)0640 1L
2K09d. 0641½Cannon Street0642 1L
2C11d. 0644½Cannon Street0645 1L
2I11d. 0651Cannon StreetOn time
2R11p. 0653RamsgateOn time
3G61p. 0655½Gillingham (Kent)0656 1L
2O13d. 0659Cannon StreetOn time
2T35d. 0659½Cannon Street0700 1L
2S13d. 0702OrpingtonOn time
2F09d. 0706Cannon StreetOn time
2V05d. 0709Hayes (Kent)On time
2K11d. 0711½Cannon Street0712 1L
2H05p. 0713Tunbridge Wells0712 1E
2C13d. 0714½Cannon Street0715 1L
1G87p. 0719½Cannon StreetOn time
2I13d. 0721Cannon StreetOn time
2O15d. 0729Cannon StreetOn time
2T37d. 0729Cannon Street0731 2L
2S15d. 0732Orpington0733 1L
2F13d. 0736Cannon StreetOn time
2V07d. 0739Hayes (Kent)On time
2K13d. 0741½Cannon StreetOn time
2W89p. 0743½Cannon StreetOn time
2C15d. 0746Cannon StreetOn time
2I15d. 0751Cannon Street0752 1L
1G89p. 0753½Cannon Street0751 2E
5J87p. 0753½Grove Park Carriage Servicing DepotOn time
1H91p. 0755½Cannon Street0753 2E
2O17d. 0759Cannon StreetOn time
2T39d. 0759Cannon StreetOn time
2S17d. 0802OrpingtonOn time
2F15d. 0806Cannon Street0808 2L
2V09d. 0809Hayes (Kent)On time
2K15d. 0811½Cannon Street0813 2L
2C17p. 0813½Cannon Street0815 2L
2I17d. 0821Cannon Street0822 1L
1G91p. 0823½Cannon StreetCancelled
5J49p. 0823½Grove Park Carriage Servicing Depot0824 1L
2W91p. 0825½Cannon Street0822 3E
5J89p. 0826Grove Park Carriage Servicing DepotOn time
2O19d. 0829Cannon StreetOn time
2T41d. 0829½Cannon Street0830 1L
2S19d. 0832½Orpington0833 1L
2F17d. 0836Cannon StreetOn time
2V11d. 0839Hayes (Kent)On time
2K17d. 0841½Cannon Street0842 1L
5J81p. 0842Grove Park Carriage Servicing Depot0841 1E
2W95p. 0843½Cannon StreetOn time
2P25d. 0846½Cannon StreetOn time
2I19d. 0851½Cannon Street0853 2L
1G93p. 0853½Cannon StreetOn time
5J91p. 0853½Grove Park Carriage Servicing DepotCancelled
1H95p. 0855½Cannon StreetOn time
2O21d. 0859Cannon Street0900 1L
2S21d. 0902OrpingtonOn time
2F19d. 0906Cannon StreetOn time
2V13d. 0909Hayes (Kent)On time
2K19d. 0911½Cannon Street0912 1L
5J61p. 0912Grove Park Carriage Servicing Depot0911 1E
2P27d. 0915Cannon Street0914 1E
2I21d. 0921Cannon Street0920 1E
5J55p. 0923½Grove Park Carriage Servicing Depot0922 1E
5J93p. 0926Grove Park Carriage Servicing DepotOn time
2O23d. 0929Cannon Street0931 2L
2S23d. 0932OrpingtonOn time
5J15p. 0934Grove Park Down Carriage Holding SidingsOn time
2F21d. 0936½Cannon StreetOn time
2V15d. 0939Hayes (Kent)0940 1L
2K21d. 0941½Cannon StreetOn time
2P29d. 0944½Cannon StreetOn time
5R95p. 0945½Tonbridge Down Main Siding0941 4E
2I23d. 0951Cannon StreetOn time
2O25d. 0959Cannon StreetOn time
2S25d. 1002OrpingtonOn time
5J17p. 1004½Grove Park Down Carriage Holding Sidings1005 1L
2F23d. 1006Cannon StreetOn time
2V17d. 1009Hayes (Kent)On time
2K23d. 1011½Cannon StreetOn time
2I25d. 1021Cannon StreetOn time
2O27d. 1029Cannon Street1032 3L
2S27d. 1032Orpington1033 1L
2F25d. 1036Cannon Street1044 8L
2V19d. 1039Hayes (Kent)On time
2K25d. 1041½Cannon Street1047 6L
2I27d. 1051Cannon StreetOn time
2O29d. 1059Cannon Street1100 1L
2S29d. 1102OrpingtonOn time
2F27d. 1106Cannon Street1107 1L
2V21d. 1109Hayes (Kent)1114 5L
2K27d. 1111½Cannon Street1112 1L
2I29d. 1121Cannon StreetOn time
2O31d. 1129Cannon StreetOn time
2S31d. 1132OrpingtonOn time
2F29d. 1136Cannon Street1139 3L
2V23d. 1139Hayes (Kent)1140 1L
2K29d. 1141½Cannon StreetOn time
5Z51p. 1150½Slade Green Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance DepotCancelled
2I31d. 1151Cannon StreetOn time
5Z51p. 1156½Slade Green Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance DepotCancelled
2O33d. 1159Cannon StreetOn time
2S33d. 1202OrpingtonOn time
2F31d. 1206Cannon StreetOn time
2V25d. 1209Hayes (Kent)On time
2K31d. 1211½Cannon Street1212 1L
2I33d. 1221Cannon StreetOn time
2O35d. 1229Cannon Street1228 1E
2S35d. 1232OrpingtonOn time
2F33d. 1236Cannon StreetOn time
2V27d. 1239Hayes (Kent)On time
2K33d. 1241½Cannon Street1245 4L
2I35d. 1251Cannon StreetOn time
2O37d. 1259Cannon Street1300 1L
2S37d. 1302Orpington1303 1L
2F35d. 1306Cannon StreetOn time
2V29d. 1309Hayes (Kent)On time
2K35d. 1311½Cannon Street1312 1L
p. 1321Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
2I37d. 1321Cannon StreetOn time
2O39d. 1329Cannon Street1330 1L
2S39d. 1332OrpingtonOn time
p. 1334½Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
2F37d. 1336Cannon StreetOn time
2V31d. 1339Hayes (Kent)On time
2K37d. 1341½Cannon Street1343 2L
2I39d. 1351Cannon StreetOn time
2O41d. 1359Cannon StreetOn time
2S41d. 1402OrpingtonOn time
2F39d. 1406Cannon StreetOn time
2V33d. 1409Hayes (Kent)On time
2K39d. 1411½Cannon Street1412 1L
2I41d. 1421Cannon StreetOn time
2O43d. 1429Cannon Street1428 1E
2S43d. 1432OrpingtonOn time
2F41d. 1436Cannon StreetOn time
2V35d. 1439Hayes (Kent)On time
2K41d. 1441½Cannon Street1442 1L
2I43d. 1451Cannon StreetOn time
2O45d. 1459Cannon StreetOn time
2S45d. 1502OrpingtonOn time
2F43d. 1506Cannon StreetOn time
2V37d. 1509Hayes (Kent)On time
2K43d. 1511½Cannon StreetOn time
2C45d. 1514½Cannon Street1515 1L
2I45d. 1521Cannon StreetOn time
2O47d. 1529Cannon StreetOn time
2S47d. 1532OrpingtonOn time
2F45d. 1536Cannon StreetOn time
2V39d. 1539Hayes (Kent)On time
2K45d. 1541½Cannon StreetOn time
2C47d. 1544½Cannon StreetCancelled
2I47d. 1551Cannon StreetOn time
2O49d. 1559Cannon Street1603 4L
2T71d. 1559Cannon StreetOn time
2S49d. 1602OrpingtonOn time
2F47d. 1606Cannon StreetCancelled
2V41d. 1609Hayes (Kent)On time
2K47d. 1611½Cannon Street1613 2L
2C49d. 1614½Cannon Street1615 1L
5F85p. 1617½Cannon Street1618 1L
2I49d. 1621Cannon StreetOn time
5F43p. 1626½Cannon StreetOn time
5F47p. 1628New CrossOn time
2O51d. 1629Cannon Street1630 1L
2T73d. 1629Cannon StreetOn time ε
2S51d. 1632OrpingtonOn time
2F49d. 1636Cannon Street1637 1L
2V43d. 1639Hayes (Kent)On time
2K49d. 1641½Cannon Street1643 2L
2C51d. 1644½Cannon Street1645 1L
5F87p. 1647½Cannon Street1648 1L
2I51d. 1651Cannon StreetOn time
1G85p. 1653Dover PrioryOn time
5F51p. 1656½Cannon Street1658 2L
2O53d. 1659Cannon Street1700 1L
2T75d. 1659Cannon Street1700 1L
2S53d. 1702Orpington1703 1L
2F51d. 1706Cannon StreetOn time
2V45d. 1709Hayes (Kent)On time
2K51d. 1711½Cannon Street1712 1L
1H93p. 1712Hastings1711 1E
2P59d. 1714½Cannon StreetOn time
5F89p. 1717½Cannon Street1721 4L
2I53d. 1721Cannon StreetOn time
1G87p. 1723MargateOn time
5F55p. 1726½Cannon Street1727 1L
2O55d. 1729Cannon StreetOn time
2T77d. 1729Cannon StreetOn time
2S55d. 1732Orpington1733 1L
2F53d. 1736Cannon StreetOn time
2V47d. 1739Hayes (Kent)On time
5F93p. 1740½Cannon Street1742 2L
2K53d. 1741½Cannon Street1744 3L
2R91p. 1742Ramsgate1745 3L
5F91p. 1747½Cannon Street1752 5L
2I55d. 1751Cannon StreetOn time
2P61d. 1751½Cannon Street1754 3L
1G89p. 1753Dover PrioryOn time
5W95p. 1754Cannon Street1756 2L
2O57d. 1759Cannon StreetOn time
2T79d. 1759Cannon StreetOn time
2S57d. 1802OrpingtonOn time
2F55d. 1806Cannon Street1805 1E
2V49d. 1809Hayes (Kent)1810 1L
2K55d. 1811½Cannon Street1815 4L
1H95p. 1812Hastings1814 2L
2P63d. 1814½Cannon Street1817 3L
2R93p. 1815½Ramsgate1817 2L
3G93p. 1817Cannon Street1823 6L
2I57d. 1821Cannon Street1823 2L
1G91p. 1823Margate1824 1L
2O59d. 1829Cannon StreetOn time
2T81d. 1829Cannon StreetOn time
2S59d. 1832OrpingtonOn time
2F57d. 1836Cannon Street1837 1L
2V51d. 1839Hayes (Kent)On time
2K57d. 1841½Cannon Street1842 1L
2R95p. 1842Ashford (Kent)On time
2P65d. 1844½Cannon Street1845 1L
2I59d. 1851Cannon StreetOn time
1G93p. 1853Dover PrioryOn time
2O61d. 1859Cannon Street1901 2L
2T83d. 1859Cannon StreetOn time
2S61d. 1902Orpington1903 1L
2F59d. 1906Cannon StreetOn time
2V53d. 1909Hayes (Kent)On time
2K59d. 1911½Cannon StreetOn time
2P67d. 1914½Cannon StreetOn time
2I65d. 1921Cannon StreetOn time
2O63d. 1929Cannon StreetOn time
2T85d. 1929Cannon StreetOn time
2S67d. 1932OrpingtonOn time
2F61d. 1936Cannon StreetOn time
2V55d. 1939Hayes (Kent)1938 1E
2K61d. 1941½Cannon Street1940 1E
2P69d. 1944½Cannon StreetOn time
2I67d. 1951Cannon StreetOn time
2O65d. 1959Cannon StreetOn time
2T87d. 1959Cannon StreetOn time
2S69d. 2002OrpingtonOn time
2F67d. 2006Cannon StreetOn time
2V57d. 2009Hayes (Kent)On time
2K63d. 2011½Cannon StreetOn time
2P71d. 2014½Cannon StreetOn time
2I69d. 2021Cannon StreetOn time
2O67d. 2029Cannon StreetOn time
2T89d. 2029Cannon StreetOn time
2S71d. 2032Orpington2031 1E
2F69d. 2036Cannon StreetOn time
2V59d. 2039Hayes (Kent)2038 1E
5D94p. 2039Grove Park Up Carriage Holding Sidings2051 12L
2K65d. 2041½Cannon Street2043 2L
2P73d. 2044½Cannon Street2045 1L
5J81p. 2045½Grove Park Up Carriage Holding Sidings2046 1L
2I71d. 2051Cannon StreetOn time
5D94p. 2053½Grove Park Up Carriage Holding Sidings2059 6L
2O69d. 2059Cannon Street2100 1L
2S73d. 2102OrpingtonOn time
2F71d. 2106Cannon StreetOn time
2V61d. 2109Hayes (Kent)On time
2K67d. 2111½Cannon Street2112 1L
5J85p. 2115½Grove Park Carriage Servicing Depot2114 1E
2I73d. 2121Cannon Street2122 1L
5J73p. 2126Grove Park Up Carriage Holding Sidings2124 2E
2O71d. 2129Cannon StreetOn time
2S75d. 2132OrpingtonOn time
2F73d. 2136Cannon StreetOn time
2V63d. 2139Hayes (Kent)On time
2K69d. 2141½Cannon StreetOn time
2I75d. 2151Cannon StreetOn time
2O73d. 2159Cannon StreetOn time
2S77d. 2202OrpingtonOn time
2F75d. 2206Cannon StreetOn time
2V65d. 2209Hayes (Kent)On time
2K71d. 2211½Cannon Street2212 1L
2I77d. 2221Cannon StreetOn time
2O75d. 2229Cannon StreetOn time
2S79d. 2232OrpingtonOn time
2F77d. 2236Cannon StreetOn time
2V67d. 2239Hayes (Kent)On time
2K73d. 2241½Cannon StreetOn time
2N79d. 2251DartfordOn time
2O77d. 2259Cannon Street2254 5E
2S81d. 2302Orpington2303 1L
2F79d. 2306Cannon StreetOn time
5Z54p. 2309½Grove Park Carriage Servicing Depot2325 16L
2K75d. 2311½Cannon Street2315 4L
5Z54p. 2316½Grove Park Carriage Servicing Depot2325 16L
2C77p. 2325Cannon Street2327 2L
2O79d. 2329EASTERN2323 6E
2S83d. 2332OrpingtonOn time
5Y77p. 2334½Cannon StreetOn time
2D53p. 2337Cannon Street2336 1E
5K77p. 2343Grove Park Up Carriage Holding Sidings2342 1E
2A77p. 2347Cannon Street2346 1E
5Z85p. 2347Grove Park Down Reception2340 7E
2H85p. 2349Cannon Street2356 7L ε
5J79p. 2351½Grove Park Carriage Servicing Depot2350 1E
5K77p. 2354Grove Park Up Carriage Holding Sidings2357 3L
2S85d. 2357Orpington0000 3L
2C79p. 2358Cannon Street2359 1L
5K78p. 0001Grove Park Down Carriage Holding Sidings0003 2L
2D55p. 0006Cannon Street0009 3L
5Y77p. 0008Cannon Street0005 3E
5K78p. 0011Grove Park Down Carriage Holding Sidings0012 1L
2F83p. 0013Cannon Street0017 4L
2A79p. 0017Cannon Street0027 10L
2S87p. 0019Orpington0021 2L
5Y80p. 0019Slade Green Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot0030 11L
2V85p. 0021½Hayes (Kent)0023 2L
2L85p. 0027½Dartford0030 3L
2H95p. 0029½Tunbridge Wells0034 5L
5Y80p. 0032Slade Green Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot0039 7L
2N97p. 0034½Gravesend0037 3L
2K83p. 0040Cannon Street0051 11L
2M87p. 0041DartfordOn time
p. 0042½Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
p. 0050Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
p. 0054Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
2L87p. 0057½Slade Green0056 1E
p. 0059½Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
5L77p. 0101Slade Green Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot0059 2E
2S01p. 0104½Orpington0107 3L
5J83p. 0108Grove Park Down Carriage Holding Sidings0113 5L
5L85p. 0116Slade Green Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot0123 7L
5L85p. 0128Slade Green Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot0132 4L
p. 0249Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
p. 0256Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
p. 0336½Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
p. 0347Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
Train moving.
Train has passed.
Deduced activation.  
Departure not reported.  α
Time estimated.  ε
353 trains.
36 not on time.
6 cancelled.
0 buses.
0 activation deduced.
2 departure not reported.

Completed at 29/10/20 07:07:48 by liverail 1609p at turnpike. Elapsed time 7,548 ms.

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