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Services at St Pancras International (STPANCI SPX) on Saturday 31/10/20

1J05a. 0621From Canterbury West0629 8L
1J08d. 0637Faversham0636 1E
9S25a. 0641From Temple Mills Reception Eurostar UK Ltd0629 12E
1J01a. 0643From Ebbsfleet InternationalOn time
1J07a. 0654From Dover Priory0653 1E
1J10d. 0710Canterbury West0709 1E
9S27a. 0718From Temple Mills Reception Eurostar UK LtdActivated
1J09a. 0721From Canterbury West0720 1E
1F10d. 0725Ebbsfleet International0724 1E
1J12d. 0737Faversham0736 1E
1J03a. 0743From Ebbsfleet InternationalOn time
1J11a. 0754From Ramsgate0755 1L
1F12d. 0755Ebbsfleet InternationalOn time
1F13a. 0808From Ebbsfleet International0809 1L
1J14d. 0812Canterbury WestActivated
1J13a. 0821From Canterbury WestExp. On time
1F14d. 0825Ebbsfleet InternationalActivated
1J16d. 0837FavershamActivated
1F15a. 0838From Ebbsfleet InternationalActivated
1J15a. 0854From FavershamExp. On time
9I16d. 0854Bruxelles MidiActivated
1F16d. 0857Ebbsfleet InternationalActivated
1J18d. 0910Canterbury West 
9S35a. 0911From Temple Mills Reception Eurostar UK LtdActivated
1F17a. 0913From Ebbsfleet InternationalActivated
1J17a. 0921From Canterbury WestActivated
1F18d. 0925Ebbsfleet International 
1J20d. 0934Faversham 
1F19a. 0940From Ebbsfleet International 
1J19a. 0954From RamsgateActivated
1F20d. 0955Ebbsfleet International 
1F21a. 1009From Ebbsfleet International 
1J22d. 1010Canterbury West 
1J21a. 1021From Canterbury West 
9O18d. 1022Paris Nord 
1F22d. 1025Ebbsfleet International 
1J24d. 1037Faversham 
1F23a. 1040From Ebbsfleet International 
1F24d. 1052Ebbsfleet International 
1J23a. 1057From FavershamActivated
1F25a. 1109From Ebbsfleet International 
1J26d. 1112Canterbury West 
1J25a. 1121From Canterbury West 
1F26d. 1125Ebbsfleet International 
9O19a. 1130From Paris Nord 
1J28d. 1137Faversham 
1F27a. 1138From Ebbsfleet International 
9S45a. 1141From Temple Mills Reception Eurostar UK Ltd 
1F28d. 1155Ebbsfleet International 
1J27a. 1200From Faversham 
1F29a. 1209From Ebbsfleet International 
1J30d. 1212Canterbury West 
1J29a. 1221From Canterbury West 
9O24d. 1224Paris Nord 
1F30d. 1227Ebbsfleet International 
1J32d. 1234Faversham 
1F31a. 1245From Ebbsfleet International 
1F32d. 1252Ebbsfleet International 
1J31a. 1255From Faversham 
9I32d. 1258Bruxelles Midi 
1F33a. 1310From Ebbsfleet International 
1J34d. 1312Canterbury West 
1J33a. 1321From Canterbury West 
1F34d. 1325Ebbsfleet International 
1J36d. 1337Faversham 
1F35a. 1339From Ebbsfleet International 
9S56d. 1345Temple Mills Reception Eurostar UK Ltd 
1J35a. 1354From Faversham 
1F36d. 1355Ebbsfleet International 
1F37a. 1410From Ebbsfleet International 
1J38d. 1412Canterbury West 
1J37a. 1423From Canterbury West 
1F38d. 1425Ebbsfleet International 
1J40d. 1437Faversham 
1F39a. 1447From Ebbsfleet International 
1J39a. 1454From Faversham 
1F40d. 1455Ebbsfleet International 
1F41a. 1509From Ebbsfleet International 
1J42d. 1512Canterbury West 
1J41a. 1523From Canterbury West 
1F42d. 1525Ebbsfleet International 
1J44d. 1537Faversham 
1F43a. 1546From Ebbsfleet International 
1J43a. 1554From Faversham 
1F44d. 1555Ebbsfleet International 
9I41a. 1605From Bruxelles Midi 
1F45a. 1610From Ebbsfleet International 
1J46d. 1610Canterbury West 
1J45a. 1621From Canterbury West 
1F46d. 1625Ebbsfleet International 
1J48d. 1637Faversham 
9O39a. 1639From Paris Nord 
1F47a. 1646From Ebbsfleet International 
1J47a. 1654From Faversham 
1F48d. 1655Ebbsfleet International 
1F49a. 1709From Ebbsfleet International 
1J50d. 1712Canterbury West 
1J49a. 1721From Canterbury West 
1F50d. 1725Ebbsfleet International 
1J52d. 1737Faversham 
1F51a. 1744From Ebbsfleet International 
9S78d. 1745Temple Mills Reception Eurostar UK Ltd 
1F52d. 1755Ebbsfleet International 
1J51a. 1758From Faversham 
1F53a. 1809From Ebbsfleet International 
1J54d. 1812Canterbury West 
1J53a. 1821From Canterbury West 
1F54d. 1825Ebbsfleet International 
1J56d. 1837Faversham 
1F55a. 1839From Ebbsfleet International 
1F56d. 1855Ebbsfleet International 
1J55a. 1858From Faversham 
5J56d. 1907Ashford Down Sidings 
1J58d. 1912Canterbury West 
1F57a. 1913From Ebbsfleet International 
1J57a. 1921From Canterbury West 
1F58d. 1925Ebbsfleet International 
1J60d. 1937Faversham 
1F59a. 1939From Ebbsfleet International 
1J59a. 1954From Faversham 
1F60d. 1955Ebbsfleet International 
1F61a. 2009From Ebbsfleet International 
1J62d. 2012Canterbury West 
1J61a. 2023From Canterbury West 
1F62d. 2025Ebbsfleet International 
1J64d. 2037Ramsgate 
1F63a. 2044From Ebbsfleet International 
1J63a. 2054From Faversham 
1F64d. 2055Ebbsfleet International 
1F65a. 2109From Ebbsfleet International 
1J66d. 2112Canterbury West 
1J65a. 2123From Canterbury West 
1F66d. 2125Ebbsfleet International 
9I63a. 2133From Bruxelles Midi 
1J68d. 2137Ramsgate 
1F67a. 2140From Ebbsfleet International 
1J67a. 2154From Faversham 
1F68d. 2155Ebbsfleet International 
1F69a. 2209From Ebbsfleet International 
1J70d. 2212Canterbury West 
1J69a. 2221From Canterbury West 
1F70d. 2225Ebbsfleet International 
1J72d. 2237Ramsgate 
1F71a. 2239From Ebbsfleet International 
1J71a. 2254From Faversham 
1J80d. 2255Ebbsfleet International 
9S91a. 2310From Temple Mills Reception Eurostar UK Ltd 
1J74d. 2312Canterbury West 
1F73a. 2313From Ebbsfleet International 
1J73a. 2321From Canterbury West 
1J76d. 2340Ramsgate 
5J82d. 2350Ashford Down Sidings 
1J84d. 2355Ebbsfleet International 
1J75a. 0004From Faversham 
1J78d. 0012Ashford (Kent) 
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