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Services at Strood (STROOD SOO) on Sunday 25/10/20

p. 0411Hoo Junction Up Yard0221 110E ε
p. 0508½Tonbridge Engineers SidingCancelled
0B00d. 0600Greenhithe(Bus)
5T10a. 0630From Gillingham (Kent) Electric Multiple Unit Depot0628 2E
0B00d. 0630Greenhithe(Bus)
2T10d. 0635TonbridgeOn time
9Z08a. 0647From Gillingham (Kent)On time
0B00d. 0658Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
9Z85d. 0659Rainham (Kent)On time
0B00d. 0700Greenhithe(Bus)
9Z10a. 0717From Rainham (Kent)0716 1E
2T09a. 0725From Tonbridge0727 2L
9Z87d. 0729Rainham (Kent)On time
0B00d. 0730Greenhithe(Bus)
2T14d. 0735TonbridgeOn time
9Z12a. 0747From Rainham (Kent)0746 1E
0B00d. 0758Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
9Z89d. 0759Rainham (Kent)On time
0B00d. 0800Greenhithe(Bus)
9Z14a. 0817From Rainham (Kent)0818 1L
0B00a. 0818From Greenhithe(Bus)
2T13a. 0825From Tonbridge0824 1E
9Z91d. 0829Rainham (Kent)On time
0B00d. 0830Greenhithe(Bus)
2T18d. 0835TonbridgeOn time
0B00a. 0836From Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
9Z16a. 0847From Rainham (Kent)On time
0B00a. 0848From Greenhithe(Bus)
0B00d. 0858Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
9Z93d. 0859Rainham (Kent)On time
0B00d. 0900Greenhithe(Bus)
9Z18a. 0917From Rainham (Kent)0916 1E
0B00a. 0918From Greenhithe(Bus)
2T17a. 0925From Tonbridge0926 1L
9Z11d. 0929Rainham (Kent)On time
0B00d. 0930Greenhithe(Bus)
2T22d. 0935TonbridgeOn time
0B00a. 0936From Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
9Z20a. 0947From Rainham (Kent)0946 1E
0B00a. 0948From Greenhithe(Bus)
6G11p. 0951Hoo Junction Up Yard0747 124E
0B00d. 0958Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
9Z13d. 0959Rainham (Kent)On time
0B00d. 1000Greenhithe(Bus)
3Q52p. 1009Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight 
9Z22a. 1017From Rainham (Kent)1016 1E
0B00a. 1018From Greenhithe(Bus)
2T21a. 1025From Tonbridge1024 1E
9Z15d. 1029Rainham (Kent)On time
0B00d. 1030Greenhithe(Bus)
2T26d. 1035Tonbridge1034 1E
0B00a. 1036From Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
9Z24a. 1047From Rainham (Kent)1046 1E
0B00a. 1048From Greenhithe(Bus)
0B00d. 1058Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
9Z17d. 1059Rainham (Kent)On time
0B00d. 1100Greenhithe(Bus)
9Z26a. 1117From Rainham (Kent)1116 1E
0B00a. 1118From Greenhithe(Bus)
2T25a. 1125From Tonbridge1128 3L
9Z19d. 1129Rainham (Kent)On time
0B00d. 1130Greenhithe(Bus)
5T30a. 1132From Faversham Back Road1134 2L
2T30d. 1135Tonbridge1139 4L
0B00a. 1136From Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
5T25d. 1136RamsgateOn time
5T25p. 1144Ramsgate1151 7L
9Z28a. 1147From Rainham (Kent)1146 1E
0B00a. 1148From Greenhithe(Bus)
0B00d. 1158Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
9Z21d. 1159Rainham (Kent)On time
0B00d. 1200Greenhithe(Bus)
9Z30a. 1217From Rainham (Kent)1216 1E
0B00a. 1218From Greenhithe(Bus)
2T29a. 1225From Tonbridge1226 1L
9Z23d. 1229Rainham (Kent)On time
0B00d. 1230Greenhithe(Bus)
2T34d. 1235Tonbridge1234 1E
0B00a. 1236From Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
9Z32a. 1247From Rainham (Kent)1246 1E
0B00a. 1248From Greenhithe(Bus)
0B00d. 1258Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
9Z25d. 1259Rainham (Kent)On time
0B00d. 1300Greenhithe(Bus)
9Z34a. 1317From Rainham (Kent)1316 1E
0B00a. 1318From Greenhithe(Bus)
2T33a. 1325From Tonbridge1327 2L
9Z27d. 1329Rainham (Kent)On time
0B00d. 1330Greenhithe(Bus)
2T38d. 1335TonbridgeOn time
0B00a. 1336From Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
9Z36a. 1347From Rainham (Kent)1346 1E
0B00a. 1348From Greenhithe(Bus)
0B00d. 1358Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
9Z29d. 1359Rainham (Kent)On time
0B00d. 1400Greenhithe(Bus)
9Z38a. 1417From Rainham (Kent)1416 1E
0B00a. 1418From Greenhithe(Bus)
2T37a. 1425From Tonbridge1424 1E
9Z31d. 1429Rainham (Kent)On time ε
0B00d. 1430Greenhithe(Bus)
2T42d. 1435TonbridgeOn time
0B00a. 1436From Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
9Z40a. 1447From Rainham (Kent)1446 1E
0B00a. 1448From Greenhithe(Bus)
0B00d. 1458Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
9Z33d. 1459Rainham (Kent)On time ε
0B00d. 1500Greenhithe(Bus)
9Z42a. 1517From Rainham (Kent)1516 1E
0B00a. 1518From Greenhithe(Bus)
2T41a. 1525From TonbridgeOn time
9Z35d. 1529Rainham (Kent)On time ε
0B00d. 1530Greenhithe(Bus)
2T46d. 1535TonbridgeOn time
0B00a. 1536From Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
3W75d. 1541Tonbridge West Yard GB RailfreightCancelled
3W75d. 1541Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight1535 6E ε
9Z44a. 1547From Rainham (Kent)1546 1E
0B00a. 1548From Greenhithe(Bus)
0B00d. 1558Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
9Z37d. 1559Rainham (Kent)On time ε
0B00d. 1600Greenhithe(Bus)
9Z46a. 1617From Rainham (Kent)1616 1E
0B00a. 1618From Greenhithe(Bus)
2T45a. 1625From TonbridgeExp. 1630 5L
9Z39d. 1629Rainham (Kent)Activated
0B00d. 1630Greenhithe(Bus)
2T50d. 1635TonbridgeActivated
0B00a. 1636From Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
9Z48a. 1647From Rainham (Kent)Activated
0B00a. 1648From Greenhithe(Bus)
0B00d. 1658Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
9Z41d. 1659Rainham (Kent)Activated
0B00d. 1700Greenhithe(Bus)
9Z50a. 1717From Rainham (Kent)Activated
0B00a. 1718From Greenhithe(Bus)
2T49a. 1725From TonbridgeActivated
9Z43d. 1729Rainham (Kent) 
0B00d. 1730Greenhithe(Bus)
2T54d. 1735TonbridgeActivated
0B00a. 1736From Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
9Z52a. 1747From Rainham (Kent) 
0B00a. 1748From Greenhithe(Bus)
3W75p. 1751Tonbridge West Yard GB RailfreightExp. 1743 8E
0B00d. 1758Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
9Z45d. 1759Rainham (Kent) 
0B00d. 1800Greenhithe(Bus)
9Z54a. 1817From Rainham (Kent) 
0B00a. 1818From Greenhithe(Bus)
2T53a. 1825From TonbridgeActivated
9Z47d. 1829Rainham (Kent) 
0B00d. 1830Greenhithe(Bus)
2T58d. 1835Tonbridge 
0B00a. 1836From Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
9Z56a. 1847From Rainham (Kent) 
0B00a. 1848From Greenhithe(Bus)
0B00d. 1858Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
9Z49d. 1859Rainham (Kent) 
0B00d. 1900Greenhithe(Bus)
9Z58a. 1917From Rainham (Kent) 
0B00a. 1918From Greenhithe(Bus)
2T57a. 1925From Tonbridge 
9Z51d. 1929Rainham (Kent) 
0B00d. 1930Greenhithe(Bus)
2T62d. 1935Tonbridge 
0B00a. 1936From Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
9Z60a. 1947From Rainham (Kent) 
0B00a. 1948From Greenhithe(Bus)
0B00d. 1958Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
9Z53d. 1959Rainham (Kent) 
0B00d. 2000Greenhithe(Bus)
9Z62a. 2017From Rainham (Kent) 
3W75p. 2017Tonbridge West Yard GB RailfreightExp. 2009 8E
0B00a. 2018From Greenhithe(Bus)
2T61a. 2025From Tonbridge 
9Z55d. 2029Rainham (Kent) 
0B00d. 2030Greenhithe(Bus)
2T66d. 2035Tonbridge 
0B00a. 2036From Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
9Z64a. 2047From Rainham (Kent) 
0B00a. 2048From Greenhithe(Bus)
p. 2050½Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
0B00d. 2058Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
9Z57d. 2059Rainham (Kent) 
0B00d. 2100Greenhithe(Bus)
d. 2110Tonbridge Engineers SidingCancelled
9Z66a. 2117From Rainham (Kent) 
0B00a. 2118From Greenhithe(Bus)
2T65a. 2125From Tonbridge 
9Z59d. 2129Rainham (Kent) 
0B00d. 2130Greenhithe(Bus)
2T70d. 2135Tonbridge 
0B00a. 2136From Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
3W75d. 2141½Tonbridge West Yard GB RailfreightCancelled
9Z68a. 2147From Rainham (Kent) 
0B00a. 2148From Greenhithe(Bus)
0B00d. 2158Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
9Z61d. 2159Rainham (Kent) 
0B00d. 2200Greenhithe(Bus)
9Z70a. 2217From Rainham (Kent) 
0B00a. 2218From Greenhithe(Bus)
2T69a. 2225From Tonbridge 
9Z63d. 2229Rainham (Kent) 
0B00d. 2230Greenhithe(Bus)
2T74d. 2235Tonbridge 
0B00a. 2236From Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
p. 2241Hoo Junction Up YardActivated
9Z92a. 2247From Rainham (Kent) 
0B00a. 2248From Greenhithe(Bus)
0B00d. 2258Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
0B00d. 2259Dartford(Bus)
9Z65d. 2259Rainham (Kent) 
3S71d. 2312Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
9Z94a. 2317From Rainham (Kent) 
0B00a. 2318From Greenhithe(Bus)
2T73a. 2325From Tonbridge 
0B00d. 2328Ebbsfleet International(Bus)
5T73d. 2328Gillingham (Kent) Electric Multiple Unit Depot 
0B00d. 2329Dartford(Bus)
9Z67d. 2329Rainham (Kent) 
0B00d. 2332Faversham(Bus)
5T73p. 2337Gillingham (Kent) Electric Multiple Unit Depot 
9Z96a. 2347From Rainham (Kent) 
0B00a. 2348From Greenhithe(Bus)
0B00d. 2359Dartford(Bus)
9Z69d. 2359Rainham (Kent) 
9Z98a. 0016From Rainham (Kent) 
0B00a. 0018From Greenhithe(Bus)
0B00d. 0032Faversham(Bus)
0B00a. 0048From Greenhithe(Bus)
p. 0048½Hoo Junction Up YardActivated
0B00d. 0105Gillingham (Kent)(Bus)
p. 0117½Colnbrook BAA Logistics 
0B00d. 0135Gillingham (Kent)(Bus)
p. 0206Hoo Junction Up Yard 
p. 0240½Tonbridge Engineers Siding 
Train moving.
Train has passed.
Deduced activation.  
Departure not reported.  α
Time estimated.  ε
128 trains.
4 not on time.
4 cancelled.
108 buses.
0 activation deduced.
6 departure not reported.

Completed at 25/10/20 16:21:11 by liverail 1609p at turnpike. Elapsed time 9,507 ms.

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