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Services at Tonbridge Up Loop (TONBULP) on Tuesday 04/08/20

2W05p. 0536½Cannon Street0535 1E ε
2T04p. 0553TonbridgeExp. 0551 2E
2W10p. 0606Charing CrossOn time ε
2W12p. 0636Charing Cross0638 2L ε
2T08p. 0653TonbridgeExp. 0651 2E
2W14p. 0706Charing Cross0705 1E ε
2W89p. 0712Cannon StreetOn time ε
2W16p. 0736Charing Cross0738 2L ε
2T12p. 0753TonbridgeExp. 0752 1E
2W18p. 0806Charing CrossOn time ε
2W95p. 0812Cannon StreetOn time ε
2W20p. 0836Charing Cross0835 1E ε
2T16p. 0853TonbridgeExp. 0851 2E
2W22p. 0906Charing CrossOn time ε
2W24p. 0936Charing CrossOn time ε
2T20p. 0953TonbridgeExp. 0952 1E
2W96p. 1006Charing Cross1005 1E ε
2W28p. 1036Charing Cross1035 1E ε
2T24p. 1053TonbridgeExp. On time
2W30p. 1106Charing Cross1108 2L ε
2W32p. 1136Charing Cross1135 1E ε
2T28p. 1153TonbridgeExp. 1152 1E
2W34p. 1206Charing Cross1213 7L ε
2W36p. 1236Charing Cross1235 1E ε
2T32p. 1253TonbridgeExp. 1254 1L
2W38p. 1306Charing CrossOn time ε
2W40p. 1336Charing Cross1335 1E ε
2T36p. 1353TonbridgeExp. 1351 2E
2W42p. 1406Charing CrossOn time ε
0Y62d. 1432½Tonbridge West Yard GB Railfreight 
2W44p. 1436Charing Cross1435 1E ε
2T40p. 1453TonbridgeExp. On time
2W46p. 1506Charing CrossOn time ε
5W00p. 1522Grove Park Down Carriage Holding Sidings 
2W48p. 1536Charing Cross1535 1E ε
2T44p. 1553TonbridgeExp. On time
2W50p. 1606Charing CrossOn time ε
2W52p. 1636Charing Cross1638 2L ε
2T48p. 1653TonbridgeExp. 1652 1E
2W54p. 1706Charing Cross1713 7L ε
2W56p. 1736Charing Cross1735 1E ε
2T52p. 1753TonbridgeExp. 1752 1E
2W58p. 1806Charing CrossOn time ε
2W60p. 1836Charing Cross1835 1E ε
2T56p. 1853TonbridgeExp. 1852 1E
2W62p. 1906Charing CrossOn time ε
2W64p. 1936Charing Cross1935 1E ε
2T60p. 1953TonbridgeExp. 1952 1E
2W66p. 2006Charing Cross2007 1L ε
2W68p. 2036Charing CrossOn time ε
2T64p. 2053TonbridgeExp. 2051 2E
2W70p. 2106Charing Cross2110 4L ε
2W72p. 2136Charing Cross2135 1E ε
2T68p. 2153Tonbridge2150 3E ε
2W74p. 2206Charing Cross2207 1L ε
2W76p. 2236Charing Cross2239 3L ε
2W78p. 2306TonbridgeExp. 2311 5L
2T72p. 2323TonbridgeExp. 2325 2L
2W80p. 2336Tonbridge2335 1E ε
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Time estimated.  ε
59 trains.
5 not on time.
0 cancelled.
0 buses.
0 activation deduced.
39 departure not reported.

Completed at 21/10/20 05:50:08 by liverail 1609p at turnpike. Elapsed time 3,259 ms.

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