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Services at VICTORIA (SE)(TPS INDIC. ONLY) (VICTRIE) on Tuesday 04/08/20

5V08d. 0509London Blackfriars 
d. 0516Tonbridge Engineers Siding0447 29E ε
2A02a. 0519From SwanleyExp. On time
5M00a. 0521From Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedCancelled
5K04a. 0526From Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedExp. 0511 15E
2M00d. 0528OrpingtonOn time ε
2D06a. 0533From OrpingtonExp. 0536 3L
2K06d. 0542Dover Priory0541 1E ε
2M02d. 0543Bromley South0546 3L ε
5M04a. 0551From Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedExp. 0542 9E
2U10d. 0555DartfordOn time ε
2M04d. 0558OrpingtonOn time ε
5S01a. 0601From Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedExp. 0546 15E
2D08a. 0603From OrpingtonExp. On time
2K52a. 0610From Gillingham (Kent)Exp. 0608 2E
5N10a. 0611From Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedCancelled
2M06d. 0613Bromley South0612 1E ε
1P02a. 0621From RamsgateExp. 0618 3E
2N10d. 0625Canterbury WestOn time ε
2U54a. 0625From DartfordExp. 0623 2E
2M08d. 0628OrpingtonOn time ε
2D10a. 0633From OrpingtonExp. 0632 1E
2U12d. 0634DartfordOn time ε
1S12d. 0640RamsgateOn time ε
2K10d. 0642Gillingham (Kent)On time ε
2M10d. 0643Bromley SouthOn time ε
5N12a. 0646From Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedExp. On time
2D12a. 0648From Bromley SouthExp. 0651 3L
1P06a. 0651From Dover PrioryExp. 0653 2L
2N12d. 0655Ashford (Kent)On time ε
2U56a. 0655From DartfordExp. 0654 1E
2M12d. 0658OrpingtonOn time ε
2K54a. 0700From Gillingham (Kent)Exp. 0659 1E
1I83a. 0703From HorshamExp. 0706 3L
2D14a. 0703From OrpingtonExp. 0702 1E
2U14d. 0704DartfordOn time ε
2A08a. 0706From Ashford (Kent)Exp. 0704 2E
1S14d. 0710Dover PrioryOn time ε
2K12d. 0712Gillingham (Kent)0711 1E ε
2M14d. 0713Bromley SouthOn time ε
2B14d. 0716Sutton (Surrey)0718 2L ε
2D16a. 0718From Bromley SouthExp. 0717 1E
1P08a. 0721From Dover PrioryExp. 0719 2E
2N14d. 0725Canterbury WestOn time ε
2U58a. 0725From DartfordExp. 0723 2E
2M16d. 0728OrpingtonOn time ε
2K56a. 0730From Gillingham (Kent)Exp. On time
1I05a. 0733From DorkingExp. 0731 2E
2D18a. 0733From OrpingtonExp. On time
2U16d. 0734DartfordOn time ε
2A10a. 0736From Ashford (Kent)Exp. On time
1S16d. 0740RamsgateOn time ε
2I08d. 0741EpsomOn time ε
2K14d. 0742Gillingham (Kent)0741 1E ε
2M18d. 0743Bromley South0742 1E ε
2D20a. 0748From Bromley SouthExp. 0747 1E
1P10a. 0751From RamsgateExp. 0750 1E
2N16d. 0755Ashford (Kent)0756 1L ε
2U60a. 0755From DartfordExp. 0753 2E
2M20d. 0758OrpingtonOn time ε
2K58a. 0800From Gillingham (Kent)Exp. 0759 1E
2D22a. 0803From OrpingtonExp. 0802 1E
2U18d. 0804DartfordOn time ε
2A12a. 0806From Ashford (Kent)Exp. 0805 1E
1S18d. 0810Dover PrioryOn time ε
2M22d. 0813Bromley SouthOn time ε
2D24a. 0818From Bromley SouthExp. 0817 1E
1P12a. 0821From Dover PrioryExp. 0820 1E
2N18d. 0825Canterbury WestOn time ε
2U62a. 0825From DartfordExp. On time
2M24d. 0828OrpingtonOn time ε
2K60a. 0831From Gillingham (Kent)Exp. 0832 1L
2D26a. 0833From OrpingtonExp. 0838 5L
2U20d. 0834DartfordOn time ε
2A14a. 0836From Ashford (Kent)Exp. 0840 4L
1S20d. 0840RamsgateOn time ε
2K18d. 0842Gillingham (Kent)0841 1E ε
2M26d. 0843Bromley SouthOn time ε
5Y93a. 0846From London BlackfriarsExp. 0834 12E
2D28a. 0848From Bromley SouthExp. 0847 1E
1P14a. 0851From RamsgateExp. 0849 2E
5Y94d. 0853Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedOn time ε
2N20d. 0855Ashford (Kent)On time ε
2U64a. 0855From DartfordExp. 0852 3E
a. 0856From Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
2B21a. 0858From Sutton (Surrey)Exp. 0859 1L
2M28d. 0858OrpingtonOn time ε
2K62a. 0900From Gillingham (Kent)Exp. 0858 2E
5Y92d. 0900Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedOn time ε
2D30a. 0903From OrpingtonExp. 0910 7L
2U22d. 0904Dartford0905 1L ε
2A16a. 0906From Ashford (Kent)Exp. 0912 6L
1S22d. 0910Dover PrioryOn time ε
a. 0913From Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
2M30d. 0913Bromley South0918 5L ε
2B30d. 0916SelhurstOn time ε
5K62d. 0916Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedOn time ε
a. 0917From Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
2D32a. 0918From Bromley SouthExp. 0917 1E
1P16a. 0921From Dover PrioryExp. 0920 1E
2N22d. 0925Canterbury WestOn time ε
2U66a. 0925From DartfordExp. 0923 2E
2M32d. 0928OrpingtonOn time ε
2K64a. 0930From Gillingham (Kent)Exp. On time
a. 0931From Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
2D34a. 0933From OrpingtonExp. 0932 1E
2U24d. 0934DartfordOn time ε
2A18a. 0936From Ashford (Kent)Exp. On time
1S24d. 0940Ramsgate0939 1E ε
2K20d. 0942Gillingham (Kent)0941 1E ε
2M34d. 0943Bromley SouthOn time ε
d. 0946Bath Spa 
d. 0946Bristol Temple Meads 
d. 0948Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
d. 0948Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
2D36a. 0948From Bromley SouthExp. 0947 1E
1P18a. 0951From RamsgateExp. 0949 2E
2N24d. 0955Ashford (Kent)On time ε
2U68a. 0955From DartfordExp. 0953 2E
2B29a. 0958From Sutton (Surrey)Exp. 0956 2E
2M36d. 0958OrpingtonOn time ε
2K66a. 1001From Gillingham (Kent)Exp. 1000 1E
5S18d. 1001Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedOn time ε
2D38a. 1003From OrpingtonExp. 1002 1E
2U26d. 1004DartfordOn time ε
2A20a. 1006From Canterbury WestExp. 1004 2E
5B29d. 1008Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance DepotExp. On time
5Y39a. 1009From Victoria Grosvenor Carriage Shed 
1S26d. 1010Dover PrioryOn time ε
5D38d. 1013Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedOn time ε
5K66d. 1016Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedOn time ε
2D40a. 1018From Bromley SouthExp. 1017 1E
1P20a. 1021From RamsgateExp. 1022 1L
2N26d. 1025Canterbury WestOn time ε
2U70a. 1025From DartfordExp. 1023 2E
2M40d. 1028OrpingtonOn time ε
2K68a. 1030From Gillingham (Kent)Exp. On time
a. 1031From Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
2D42a. 1033From OrpingtonExp. 1032 1E
2U28d. 1034DartfordOn time ε
2A22a. 1036From Ashford (Kent)Exp. 1034 2E
1S28d. 1040RamsgateOn time ε
2K22d. 1042Gillingham (Kent)1041 1E ε
5D42d. 1043Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedOn time ε
5Y41d. 1043Selhurst Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
a. 1046From Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
2D44a. 1048From Bromley SouthExp. 1047 1E
1P22a. 1051From RamsgateExp. 1050 1E
2N28d. 1055Ashford (Kent)On time ε
2U72a. 1055From DartfordExp. 1053 2E
2M44d. 1058OrpingtonOn time ε
5S10a. 1101From Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedExp. 1050 11E
2D46a. 1103From OrpingtonExp. 1102 1E
2U30d. 1104Dartford1103 1E ε
2A24a. 1106From Canterbury WestExp. 1104 2E
d. 1107Gillingham (Kent) 
1S30d. 1110Dover PrioryOn time ε
1P24a. 1121From Dover PrioryExp. 1118 3E
2N30d. 1125Canterbury WestOn time ε
2U74a. 1125From DartfordExp. 1123 2E
d. 1126Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
2M48d. 1128OrpingtonOn time ε
2K70a. 1130From Gillingham (Kent)Exp. 1129 1E
2D50a. 1133From OrpingtonExp. 1134 1L
2U32d. 1134DartfordOn time ε
2A26a. 1136From Ashford (Kent)Exp. On time
1S32d. 1140Ramsgate1139 1E ε
2K24d. 1142Gillingham (Kent)1141 1E ε
a. 1145From Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
1P26a. 1151From RamsgateExp. 1147 4E
2N32d. 1155Ashford (Kent)On time ε
2U76a. 1155From DartfordExp. 1152 3E
2M52d. 1158OrpingtonOn time ε
2D54a. 1203From OrpingtonExp. 1202 1E
2U34d. 1204DartfordOn time ε
a. 1205From Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
a. 1205From Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
2A28a. 1206From Canterbury WestExp. 1204 2E
1S34d. 1210Dover PrioryOn time ε
5S12d. 1218Gillingham (Kent) Electric Multiple Unit Depot1215 3E ε
1P28a. 1221From Dover PrioryExp. 1219 2E
5U76d. 1222Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedCancelled
2N34d. 1225Canterbury West1226 1L ε
2U78a. 1225From DartfordExp. On time
d. 1228Shalford 
d. 1228Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
2M56d. 1228OrpingtonOn time ε
2K72a. 1230From Gillingham (Kent)Exp. 1229 1E
d. 1232Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
2D58a. 1233From OrpingtonExp. 1232 1E
2U36d. 1234Dartford1235 1L ε
2A30a. 1236From Ashford (Kent)Exp. 1234 2E
1S36d. 1240RamsgateOn time ε
2K26d. 1242Gillingham (Kent)On time ε
5Y43a. 1249From Selhurst Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
1P30a. 1251From RamsgateExp. 1250 1E
2N36d. 1255Ashford (Kent)On time ε
2U80a. 1255From DartfordExp. 1254 1E
2M60d. 1258Orpington1307 9L ε
2D62a. 1303From OrpingtonExp. On time
2U38d. 1304DartfordOn time ε
2A32a. 1306From Canterbury WestExp. 1305 1E
1S38d. 1310Dover PrioryOn time ε
5Y44d. 1315Victoria Grosvenor Carriage Shed 
1P32a. 1321From Dover PrioryExp. 1318 3E
2N38d. 1325Canterbury WestOn time ε
2U82a. 1325From DartfordExp. 1321 4E
2M64d. 1328OrpingtonOn time ε
2K74a. 1330From Gillingham (Kent)Exp. 1328 2E
2D66a. 1333From OrpingtonExp. 1335 2L
2U40d. 1334DartfordOn time ε
2A34a. 1336From Ashford (Kent)Exp. 1338 2L
1S40d. 1340RamsgateOn time ε
2K28d. 1342Gillingham (Kent)On time ε
1P34a. 1351From RamsgateExp. 1349 2E
2N40d. 1355Ashford (Kent)On time ε
2U84a. 1355From DartfordExp. 1353 2E
2M68d. 1358OrpingtonOn time ε
2D70a. 1403From OrpingtonExp. 1402 1E
2U42d. 1404DartfordOn time ε
2A36a. 1406From Canterbury WestExp. 1405 1E
1S42d. 1410Dover PrioryOn time ε
1P36a. 1421From Dover PrioryExp. 1418 3E
2N42d. 1425Canterbury WestOn time ε
2U86a. 1425From DartfordExp. On time
2M72d. 1428OrpingtonOn time ε
2K76a. 1431From Gillingham (Kent)Exp. 1429 2E
2D74a. 1433From OrpingtonExp. 1432 1E
2U44d. 1434DartfordOn time ε
2A38a. 1436From Ashford (Kent)Exp. 1434 2E
1S44d. 1440RamsgateOn time ε
2K30d. 1442Gillingham (Kent)1441 1E ε
1P38a. 1451From RamsgateExp. 1448 3E
2N44d. 1455Ashford (Kent)On time ε
2U88a. 1455From DartfordExp. 1453 2E
2M76d. 1458OrpingtonOn time ε
2D78a. 1503From OrpingtonExp. On time
2U46d. 1504Dartford1505 1L ε
2A40a. 1506From Canterbury WestExp. 1505 1E
1S46d. 1510Dover PrioryOn time ε
2M78d. 1513Bromley SouthOn time ε
5M80a. 1518From Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedExp. 1510 8E
1P40a. 1521From Dover PrioryExp. 1517 4E
2N46d. 1525Canterbury WestOn time ε
2U52a. 1525From DartfordExp. 1522 3E
2M80d. 1528OrpingtonOn time ε
2K78a. 1530From Gillingham (Kent)Exp. 1529 1E
2D82a. 1533From OrpingtonExp. 1532 1E
2U48d. 1534DartfordOn time ε
2A42a. 1536From Ashford (Kent)Exp. 1534 2E
1S48d. 1540RamsgateOn time ε
2K34d. 1542Gillingham (Kent)1541 1E ε
2M82d. 1543Bromley SouthOn time ε
5M84a. 1548From Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedExp. On time
1P42a. 1551From RamsgateExp. 1548 3E
2N48d. 1555Ashford (Kent)On time ε
2U54a. 1555From DartfordExp. 1552 3E
2M84d. 1558Orpington1557 1E ε
5K36a. 1601From Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedExp. 1553 8E
2D86a. 1603From OrpingtonExp. 1604 1L
2U02d. 1604Dartford1605 1L ε
2K41a. 1605From West CroydonExp. On time
2A44a. 1606From Canterbury WestExp. On time
1S50d. 1610Dover PrioryOn time ε
2K36d. 1612Gillingham (Kent)1611 1E ε
2M86d. 1613Bromley SouthOn time ε
5S52a. 1614From Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedExp. 1605 9E
a. 1616From Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
2D88a. 1618From Bromley SouthExp. 1617 1E
1P44a. 1621From Dover PrioryExp. 1622 1L
2N50d. 1625Canterbury WestOn time ε
2U56a. 1625From DartfordExp. 1624 1E
a. 1627From Gillingham (Kent) 
a. 1627From Shalford 
2M88d. 1628OrpingtonOn time ε
2K80a. 1630From Gillingham (Kent)Exp. 1629 1E
2D02a. 1633From OrpingtonExp. 1632 1E
2U04d. 1634Dartford1635 1L ε
2K44d. 1636West Croydon1638 2L ε
2A46a. 1636From Ashford (Kent)Exp. 1634 2E
a. 1639From Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
1S52d. 1640Ramsgate1639 1E ε
2K38d. 1642Gillingham (Kent)1641 1E ε
2M02d. 1643Bromley SouthOn time ε
2D04a. 1648From Bromley SouthExp. 1646 2E
5Y82a. 1649From Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedExp. 1648 1E
5T48d. 1650Streatham Hill1657 7L ε
1P46a. 1651From RamsgateExp. 1649 2E
5Y94a. 1653From Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedExp. 1651 2E
d. 1655Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
d. 1655Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
2N52d. 1655Ashford (Kent)On time ε
2U58a. 1655From DartfordExp. 1653 2E
2M04d. 1658OrpingtonOn time ε
5Y83d. 1700London BlackfriarsOn time ε
2D06a. 1703From OrpingtonExp. On time
2U06d. 1704DartfordOn time ε
2A48a. 1706From Canterbury WestExp. On time
1S54d. 1710Dover PrioryOn time ε
2K40d. 1712Rochester1711 1E ε
2M06d. 1713Bromley SouthOn time ε
2D08a. 1718From Bromley SouthExp. On time
1P48a. 1721From Dover PrioryExp. 1723 2L
2N54d. 1725Canterbury WestOn time ε
2U60a. 1725From DartfordExp. 1723 2E
2M08d. 1728OrpingtonOn time ε
2K82a. 1730From Gillingham (Kent)Exp. 1728 2E
2D10a. 1733From OrpingtonExp. 1736 3L
2U08d. 1734Dartford1736 2L ε
2A50a. 1736From Ashford (Kent)Cancelled
1S56d. 1740RamsgateOn time ε
2K42d. 1742Gillingham (Kent)1741 1E ε
2M10d. 1743Bromley SouthOn time ε
2D12a. 1748From Bromley SouthExp. 1747 1E
1P50a. 1751From RamsgateExp. 1750 1E
2N56d. 1755Ashford (Kent)Cancelled
2U62a. 1755From DartfordExp. 1752 3E
2B03a. 1758From Sutton (Surrey)Exp. 1759 1L
2M12d. 1758OrpingtonOn time ε
2K84a. 1800From Gillingham (Kent)Exp. 1758 2E
2D14a. 1803From OrpingtonExp. On time
2U10d. 1804DartfordOn time ε
2A52a. 1806From Canterbury WestExp. 1805 1E
1S58d. 1810Dover PrioryOn time ε
2K44d. 1812Gillingham (Kent)1811 1E ε
2M14d. 1813Bromley SouthOn time ε
a. 1814From Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
a. 1814From Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
2B12d. 1816Sutton (Surrey)On time ε
2D16a. 1818From Bromley SouthExp. On time
1P52a. 1821From Dover PrioryExp. On time
2N58d. 1825Canterbury WestOn time ε
2U64a. 1825From DartfordExp. 1822 3E
a. 1826From Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
a. 1826From Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
2B07a. 1828From Sutton (Surrey)Exp. 1829 1L
2M16d. 1828OrpingtonOn time ε
2K86a. 1830From Gillingham (Kent)Exp. 1835 5L
2D18a. 1833From OrpingtonExp. 1831 2E
2U16d. 1834Dartford1836 2L ε
2A54a. 1836From Ashford (Kent)Exp. 1834 2E
1S60d. 1840RamsgateOn time ε
2K46d. 1842Gillingham (Kent)1841 1E ε
2M18d. 1843Bromley South1842 1E ε
2B16d. 1846Sutton (Surrey)On time ε
2D20a. 1848From Bromley SouthExp. 1847 1E
d. 1849Canterbury West 
d. 1850Shalford 
1P54a. 1851From RamsgateExp. 1849 2E
2N60d. 1855Ashford (Kent)On time ε
2U66a. 1855From DartfordExp. 1852 3E
2B11a. 1858From Sutton (Surrey)Exp. 1859 1L
2M20d. 1858Orpington1857 1E ε
5P96a. 1858From RochesterExp. 1900 2L
2U18d. 1904DartfordOn time ε
d. 1905Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
d. 1905Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
2D22a. 1907From OrpingtonExp. 1908 1L
2A56a. 1909From Canterbury WestExp. 1911 2L
1S62d. 1910Dover PrioryOn time ε
2K48d. 1912Gillingham (Kent)1911 1E ε
2M22d. 1914Bromley SouthOn time ε
2B20d. 1916Sutton (Surrey)On time ε
3W75d. 1918Tonbridge West Yard GB RailfreightOn time ε
2D24a. 1918From Bromley SouthExp. 1917 1E
1P56a. 1921From Dover PrioryExp. 1936 15L
2N68d. 1925Ashford (Kent)On time ε
2U68a. 1925From DartfordExp. 1923 2E
2M24d. 1928OrpingtonOn time ε
2K52a. 1930From Gillingham (Kent)Exp. 1928 2E
2D26a. 1933From OrpingtonExp. 1932 1E
2U20d. 1934Dartford1933 1E ε
2A58a. 1936From Ashford (Kent)Exp. 1934 2E
1S64d. 1940Ramsgate1941 1L ε
2K02d. 1942Gillingham (Kent)On time ε
2M26d. 1943Bromley SouthOn time ε
a. 1945From Bristol Temple Meads 
a. 1945From Bath Spa 
2D28a. 1948From Bromley SouthExp. 1946 2E
1P58a. 1951From RamsgateExp. 1953 2L
2N70d. 1955Ashford (Kent)On time ε
2U70a. 1955From DartfordExp. 1953 2E
2M28d. 1958OrpingtonOn time ε
a. 2000From Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
2D30a. 2003From OrpingtonExp. 2006 3L
2U22d. 2004DartfordOn time ε
2A60a. 2006From Canterbury WestExp. 2008 2L
1S68d. 2010Dover PrioryOn time ε
2M30d. 2013Bromley SouthOn time ε
2D32a. 2018From Bromley SouthExp. 2017 1E
1P60a. 2021From RamsgateExp. 2020 1E
d. 2022Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
2N72d. 2025Ashford (Kent)On time ε
2U72a. 2025From DartfordExp. 2022 3E
2M32d. 2028OrpingtonOn time ε
2K56a. 2031From Gillingham (Kent)Exp. 2028 3E
2D34a. 2033From OrpingtonExp. 2032 1E
2U24d. 2034DartfordOn time ε
2A62a. 2036From Ashford (Kent)Exp. 2034 2E
1S70d. 2040RamsgateOn time ε
2K06d. 2042Gillingham (Kent)2041 1E ε
2M34d. 2043Bromley SouthOn time ε
5K38a. 2045From Gillingham (Kent) Reception RoadExp. 2041 4E
a. 2046From Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
2D36a. 2048From Bromley SouthExp. On time
1P62a. 2051From RamsgateExp. 2050 1E
5K40d. 2052Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedOn time ε
2N74d. 2055Ashford (Kent)2054 1E ε
2U74a. 2055From DartfordExp. 2052 3E
2M36d. 2058Orpington2057 1E ε
2D38a. 2103From OrpingtonExp. 2102 1E
d. 2104Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
2U28d. 2104DartfordOn time ε
2A64a. 2106From Canterbury WestExp. 2105 1E
1S72d. 2110Dover Priory2109 1E ε
5D38d. 2113Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedOn time ε
5P62d. 2116Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedOn time ε
2D40a. 2118From Bromley SouthExp. 2119 1L
1P64a. 2121From Dover PrioryExp. On time
2N76d. 2125Ashford (Kent)2126 1L ε
2U76a. 2125From DartfordExp. 2122 3E
2M40d. 2128OrpingtonOn time ε
2K60a. 2130From Gillingham (Kent)Exp. On time
2D42a. 2133From OrpingtonExp. 2132 1E
2U30d. 2134DartfordOn time ε
2A66a. 2136From Ashford (Kent)Exp. 2151 15L
1S74d. 2140RamsgateOn time ε
2K10d. 2142Gillingham (Kent)2141 1E ε
5D42d. 2143Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedOn time ε
2D44a. 2148From Bromley SouthExp. 2147 1E
1P66a. 2151From RamsgateExp. 2153 2L
2N78d. 2155Ashford (Kent)2157 2L ε
2U78a. 2155From DartfordExp. 2153 2E
2M44d. 2158Orpington2159 1L ε
2D46a. 2203From OrpingtonExp. 2204 1L
2U32d. 2204DartfordOn time ε
2A68a. 2206From Canterbury WestExp. On time
1S76d. 2210Dover PrioryOn time ε
1P68a. 2221From Dover PrioryExp. 2218 3E
2N80d. 2225Ashford (Kent)On time ε
2U80a. 2225From DartfordExp. 2222 3E
2M48d. 2228OrpingtonOn time ε
2K64a. 2230From Gillingham (Kent)Exp. 2229 1E
2D50a. 2233From OrpingtonExp. 2232 1E
2U34d. 2234DartfordOn time ε
2A70a. 2236From Ashford (Kent)Exp. 2234 2E
1S78d. 2240RamsgateOn time ε
2K14d. 2242Gillingham (Kent)2241 1E ε
1P72a. 2251From RamsgateExp. 2248 3E
2U82a. 2255From DartfordExp. 2254 1E
2N82d. 2255Ashford (Kent)2254 1E ε
2M52d. 2258Orpington2257 1E ε
2D54a. 2303From OrpingtonExp. 2304 1L
2U36d. 2304DartfordOn time ε
2A72a. 2306From Canterbury WestExp. On time
1S80d. 2310RamsgateOn time ε
5A72d. 2315Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedOn time ε
a. 2316From Shalford 
5K20a. 2324From Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedExp. 2323 1E
2U84a. 2325From DartfordExp. 2336 11L
2N84d. 2325Ashford (Kent)2326 1L ε
2M56d. 2328OrpingtonOn time ε
d. 2330Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
2K68a. 2330From Gillingham (Kent)Exp. 2329 1E
2D58a. 2333From OrpingtonExp. 2332 1E
2U38d. 2334Dartford2344 10L ε
2A74a. 2336From Ashford (Kent)Exp. 2334 2E
2K20d. 2342Gillingham (Kent)2341 1E ε
5D58d. 2345Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedOn time ε
1P76a. 2351From RamsgateExp. 2349 2E
5Y40a. 2351From Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedExp. On time
2U86a. 2355From DartfordExp. 2352 3E
2N86d. 2355Ashford (Kent)On time ε
2M60d. 2358OrpingtonExp. 0000 2L
5P76d. 0001Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedOn time ε
a. 0002From Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
2D64a. 0003From OrpingtonExp. 0002 1E
2U40d. 0004Dartford0006 2L ε
5Y41d. 0005Selhurst Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot0003 2E ε
5U96d. 0007Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedOn time ε
a. 0009From Canterbury West 
1K84d. 0010Ramsgate0009 1E ε
2A76a. 0013From Ashford (Kent)Exp. 0010 3E
d. 0020Stewarts Lane Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot 
2P56a. 0021From Dover PrioryExp. 0020 1E
5A76d. 0022Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedOn time ε
2F88d. 0025Ashford (Kent)On time ε
2L88d. 0028OrpingtonOn time ε
0B00d. 0029Orpington(Bus)
2D66a. 0033From OrpingtonExp. 0031 2E
2K88d. 0040Gillingham (Kent)0039 1E ε
5Y71a. 0044From SevenoaksExp. 0049 5L
5S01a. 0136From Victoria Grosvenor Carriage ShedExp. 0159 23L
5Y43a. 0137From Selhurst Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance DepotExp. 0138 1L
5Y44d. 0147Victoria Grosvenor Carriage Shed 
Train moving.
Train has passed.
Deduced activation.  
Departure not reported.  α
Time estimated.  ε
494 trains.
20 not on time.
5 cancelled.
1 buses.
0 activation deduced.
221 departure not reported.

Completed at 27/10/20 21:21:20 by liverail 1609p at turnpike. Elapsed time 15,659 ms.

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