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Services at Wennington Crossovers (WENGTNX XXU) on Monday 21/10/19

p. 0525Dollands Moor Sidings0517 8E
1J03p. 0537St Pancras International0539 2L
1F05p. 0550½St Pancras InternationalOn time
9O80p. 0550½Paris Nord0551 1L
1J05p. 0607St Pancras International0606 1E
5T90p. 0612Maidstone West0611 1E
1F07p. 0620½St Pancras InternationalOn time
p. 0629Ripple Lane Exchange Sidings0556 33E
1J07p. 0637St Pancras International0636 1E
1T06p. 0637½Maidstone West0638 1L
1F09p. 0648St Pancras International0650 2L
1J06p. 0652½Ashford (Kent)On time
9I10p. 0657Bruxelles Midi0658 1L
1J09p. 0700St Pancras International0701 1L
5T94p. 0700½Maidstone WestOn time
1F08p. 0707½FavershamOn time
1J79p. 0710½St Pancras InternationalOn time
9O04p. 0711Paris NordOn time
1F11p. 0717St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J08p. 0717½MargateOn time
9I12p. 0726Amsterdam Centraal StationOn time
1J11p. 0727½St Pancras International0726 1E
1T91p. 0730½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1C10p. 0734½St Pancras International0735 1L
1J10p. 0737½Dover Priory0738 1L
1J81p. 0740St Pancras InternationalOn time
9I09p. 0746½St Pancras International0759 13L
1L12p. 0749½St Pancras International0750 1L
9O05p. 0749½St Pancras International0813 24L
5J95p. 0753Ebbsfleet International0754 1L
1F13p. 0753½St Pancras International0754 1L
1J13p. 0757½St Pancras International0756 1E
1T93p. 0802St Pancras International0805 3L
9O08p. 0804Paris NordOn time
1J83p. 0805½St Pancras International0807 2L
5F20p. 0807½FavershamOn time
1J95p. 0813St Pancras International0816 3L
1F12p. 0816½Faversham0817 1L
9O07p. 0819½St Pancras International0821 2L
1F15p. 0823St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J14p. 0824½Margate0825 1L
1J15p. 0827½St Pancras International0826 1E
5J14p. 0829Ashford Down SidingsOn time
1T95p. 0831St Pancras International0830 1E
5J12p. 0832½Ashford Down Sidings0831 1E
1C14p. 0837½St Pancras International0839 2L
1J85p. 0840St Pancras International0848 8L
9O10p. 0841Paris NordOn time
5J96p. 0844½Ashford Down SidingsOn time
9I13p. 0846½St Pancras International0849 3L
1L16p. 0849½St Pancras International0850 1L
9O09p. 0849½St Pancras International0907 18L
1F17p. 0852½St Pancras InternationalOn time
5J46p. 0857Ashford Down Sidings0856 1E
9I16p. 0904Bruxelles Midi0912 8L
1J17p. 0907St Pancras International0910 3L
1F16p. 0909½Faversham0910 1L
5J48p. 0913½Ashford Down Sidings0924 11L
1F19p. 0921½St Pancras InternationalCancelled
1J18p. 0921½Margate0922 1L
9O14p. 0933Paris Nord0932 1E
1C18p. 0938St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J19p. 0940St Pancras InternationalOn time
9I17p. 0946½St Pancras International1008 22L
1L20p. 0949½St Pancras InternationalOn time
9O13p. 0949½St Pancras International1010 21L
1F21p. 0955½St Pancras InternationalCancelled
1J21p. 1007St Pancras International1013 6L
1F20p. 1007½FavershamOn time ε
1F23p. 1021½St Pancras International1050 29L
1J22p. 1021½Margate1022 1L
9O74p. 1024½Marne-La-Vallee1025 1L
9O15p. 1026St Pancras InternationalActivated
1J93p. 1032½St Pancras International1036 4L
9O18p. 1034Paris NordOn time
1C72p. 1039½St Pancras InternationalOn time ε
1C10p. 1040St Pancras International1045 5L
1L24p. 1049½St Pancras International1051 2L
1L12p. 1051½St Pancras International1107 16L
1F24p. 1104½FavershamCancelled
1J25p. 1107St Pancras International1110 3L
9I26p. 1114Amsterdam Centraal StationOn time
1F27p. 1122½St Pancras International1125 3L
1J26p. 1124½MargateOn time
9O19p. 1127½St Pancras InternationalActivated
1C26p. 1137½St Pancras International1143 6L
1C14p. 1140St Pancras International1154 14L
9O22p. 1141Paris Nord1201 20L
9I21p. 1146½St Pancras International1217 31L
1L28p. 1149½St Pancras International1150 1L
1L16p. 1151½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J29p. 1207St Pancras InternationalOn time
1F28p. 1207½Faversham1208 1L
1F31p. 1221½St Pancras International1224 3L
1J30p. 1224½Margate1230 6L
9O23p. 1226St Pancras International1502 156L
9O24p. 1234Paris NordActivated
1C80p. 1239½St Pancras International1240 1L
1C18p. 1240St Pancras International1253 13L
1L32p. 1249½St Pancras International1251 2L
1L20p. 1251½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1F32p. 1304½Faversham1305 1L
1J33p. 1307St Pancras International1306 1E
9I32p. 1308Bruxelles Midi1323 15L
9O27p. 1319½St Pancras International1616 177L
1F35p. 1322½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J34p. 1324½Margate1329 5L
1C34p. 1337½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1C72p. 1340St Pancras International1344 4L
9O28p. 1341Paris Nord1352 11L
1L36p. 1349½St Pancras InternationalOn time
9I33p. 1352½St Pancras International1354 2L
1L24p. 1355½St Pancras International1357 2L
1J37p. 1407St Pancras International1409 2L
1F36p. 1407½Faversham1408 1L
1F39p. 1421½St Pancras International1426 5L
1J38p. 1424½Margate1426 2L
9O31p. 1426St Pancras International1614 108L
9O32p. 1432Paris NordActivated
1C38p. 1437½St Pancras International1438 1L
1C26p. 1440St Pancras International1452 12L
1L40p. 1449½St Pancras International1450 1L
1L28p. 1451½St Pancras International1455 4L
1J41p. 1507St Pancras International1506 1E
1F40p. 1507½Faversham1508 1L
9I40p. 1514Bruxelles Midi1602 48L
1F43p. 1521½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J42p. 1524½Margate1526 2L
1C42p. 1537½St Pancras International1539 2L
9O36p. 1541Paris Nord1552 11L
1C80p. 1543St Pancras International1544 1L
1L44p. 1549½St Pancras International1548 1E ε
9O37p. 1549½St Pancras International1630 41L
9I41p. 1552½St Pancras International1605 13L
1L32p. 1555½St Pancras International1556 1L
1J45p. 1607St Pancras International1619 12L
1F44p. 1607½Faversham1608 1L
1F47p. 1621½St Pancras InternationalOn time
1J46p. 1622½Margate1623 1L
9O39p. 1626St Pancras International1719 53L
1F46p. 1637½Faversham1638 1L
1C34p. 1640St Pancras International1639 1E
9O40p. 1641Paris Nord1741 60L
5J49p. 1643½St Pancras International1642 1E
1J48p. 1649½Faversham1650 1L
1L36p. 1653St Pancras International1652 1E
1J84p. 1702½Margate1703 1L
1F48p. 1707½Faversham1709 2L
1J49p. 1709St Pancras InternationalOn time
9O42p. 1711Paris Nord1723 12L
5J81p. 1714½St Pancras International1712 2E
1J50p. 1719½Dover Priory1721 2L
1F51p. 1721½St Pancras International1725 4L
1T90p. 1724½Maidstone West1728 4L
9O43p. 1726St Pancras International1818 52L
9I50p. 1727½Amsterdam Centraal Station1735 8L
1J86p. 1732½Margate1733 1L
5J52p. 1734St Pancras International1732 2E
1F50p. 1737½Ramsgate1739 2L
1C38p. 1740St Pancras International1743 3L
5J53p. 1743St Pancras International1748 5L
5J84p. 1746½St Pancras International1745 1E
1J52p. 1749½Ramsgate1750 1L
1L40p. 1751½St Pancras International1754 3L
9I49p. 1754½St Pancras International1809 15L
1T92p. 1758½Maidstone West1759 1L
1J88p. 1802½Margate1803 1L
1J53p. 1807St Pancras InternationalOn time
1F52p. 1807½Broadstairs1808 1L
9O46p. 1811Paris Nord1825 14L
9I52p. 1814Bruxelles Midi1815 1L
9O47p. 1819½St Pancras InternationalActivated
1J54p. 1820Dover Priory1823 3L
1F55p. 1822½St Pancras International1823 1L
5F55p. 1825½St Pancras International1826 1L
1T94p. 1828½Maidstone West1830 2L
1J90p. 1832½Margate1834 2L
1F54p. 1837½Broadstairs1839 2L
1C42p. 1840St Pancras International1847 7L
9O48p. 1841Paris Nord1842 1L
5T91p. 1844½St Pancras International1849 5L
1J56p. 1850SandwichOn time
1L44p. 1854½St Pancras International1856 2L
9I53p. 1902St Pancras International1858 4E
1J92p. 1902½Margate1903 1L
1J57p. 1907St Pancras InternationalOn time
1F56p. 1907½Faversham1908 1L
9O50p. 1911Paris Nord2046 95L
1T59p. 1917½St Pancras International1919 2L
1J58p. 1919½Dover Priory1920 1L
1F59p. 1921½St Pancras International1923 2L
9O51p. 1926St Pancras International1927 1L
1J94p. 1932½Margate1933 1L
9O57p. 1935St Pancras International2124 109L
1F58p. 1937½Ramsgate1938 1L
1J59p. 1940St Pancras International1941 1L
9I58p. 1944Bruxelles Midi2054 70L
9I57p. 1946½St Pancras International2222 156L
1L60p. 1949½St Pancras International1950 1L
1F61p. 1952½St Pancras International1951 1E
5T75p. 1957½St Pancras International1954 3E
1J61p. 2007St Pancras International2006 1E
1F60p. 2007½Faversham2008 1L
9O54p. 2011Paris Nord2056 45L
p. 2016Ripple Lane Exchange SidingsCancelled
1F63p. 2021½St Pancras International2022 1L
1J62p. 2024½Margate2025 1L
9O55p. 2026St Pancras International2311 165L
1F62p. 2037½RamsgateOn time
1J63p. 2040St Pancras International2046 6L
1J64p. 2049½Ramsgate2051 2L
1F65p. 2052St Pancras International2053 1L
p. 2100Dollands Moor Sidings2114 14L
1J65p. 2107St Pancras InternationalOn time
1F64p. 2107½FavershamOn time
9I63p. 2122St Pancras International0005 163L
1J66p. 2124½Margate2125 1L
1F67p. 2125½St Pancras International2127 2L
9O59p. 2133St Pancras InternationalActivated
1F66p. 2137½Ramsgate2138 1L
1J67p. 2140St Pancras International2139 1E
5J66p. 2140½Ashford Down SidingsOn time
1J68p. 2149½Ramsgate2150 1L
1F69p. 2152½St Pancras InternationalOn time
p. 2200Dollands Moor Sidings 
1J69p. 2207St Pancras International2210 3L
1F68p. 2207½Faversham2208 1L
p. 2213Ripple Lane Exchange Sidings2203 10E
1F71p. 2221½St Pancras International2225 4L
1J70p. 2224½Margate2225 1L
9O63p. 2226St Pancras International2318 52L
1F70p. 2237½RamsgateOn time
1J71p. 2240St Pancras International2241 1L
1J72p. 2249½Ramsgate2250 1L
1L60p. 2251½St Pancras InternationalOn time
p. 2300Dollands Moor Sidings2254 6E
1J73p. 2307St Pancras International2306 1E
1F72p. 2307½Faversham2308 1L
1J74p. 2324½Margate2325 1L
1F74p. 2337½Faversham2338 1L
1J75p. 2340St Pancras International2339 1E
1J76p. 2349½Ramsgate2350 1L
1J98p. 0007½Ebbsfleet International0008 1L
p. 0015Ripple Lane Exchange SidingsCancelled
1J78p. 0024½Ashford (Kent)0025 1L
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Time estimated.  ε
245 trains.
68 not on time.
5 cancelled.
0 buses.
0 activation deduced.
3 departure not reported.

Completed at 04/08/20 06:51:07 by liverail 1609p at turnpike. Elapsed time 32,498 ms.

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