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Services at Westenhanger (WENHNGR WHA) on Tuesday 04/08/20

2W05d. 0451Cannon StreetOn time
2W12d. 0551Charing CrossOn time
2R04d. 0610½RamsgateOn time
2W89d. 0622Cannon StreetOn time
2R08d. 0710½RamsgateOn time
2W18d. 0721Charing Cross0722 1L
2R11d. 0810½Ramsgate0809 1E
2W22d. 0821Charing Cross0823 2L
2R16d. 0910½RamsgateOn time
2W96d. 0921Charing CrossOn time
2R20d. 1010½RamsgateOn time
2W30d. 1021Charing Cross1026 5L
2R24d. 1110½Ramsgate1113 3L
2W34d. 1121Charing Cross1127 6L
2R28d. 1210½RamsgateOn time
2W38d. 1221Charing Cross1224 3L
2R32d. 1310½Ramsgate1309 1E
2W42d. 1321Charing Cross1325 4L
2R36d. 1410½Ramsgate1409 1E
2W46d. 1421Charing Cross1423 2L
2R96d. 1510½RamsgateOn time
2W50d. 1521Charing Cross1523 2L
2R44d. 1610½Ramsgate1611 1L
2W54d. 1621Charing Cross1626 5L
2R48d. 1710½RamsgateOn time
2W58d. 1721Charing CrossOn time
2R52d. 1811½RamsgateOn time
2W62d. 1821Charing Cross1823 2L
2R91d. 1908RamsgateOn time
2W66d. 1921Charing Cross1922 1L
2R93d. 1946Ramsgate1945 1E
2R60d. 2013½RamsgateOn time
2W70d. 2021Charing CrossOn time
2R64d. 2110½RamsgateOn time
2W74d. 2121Charing Cross2124 3L
2R68d. 2210½Ramsgate2212 2L
2W78d. 2221Tonbridge2225 4L
2R72d. 2312½Ramsgate2313 1L
2W82d. 2321Ashford (Kent)2326 5L
2R76d. 0012½RamsgateOn time
2R80d. 0113½Dover Priory0117 4L ε
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41 trains.
10 not on time.
0 cancelled.
0 buses.
0 activation deduced.
1 departure not reported.

Completed at 21/10/20 08:51:22 by liverail 1609p at turnpike. Elapsed time 3,544 ms.

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