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Train 20676789 (J11233) 1J59 18:49 Dover Priory to St Pancras International

Update ID2408 13/07/20 20:04:00
Created14/07/20 00:10:01
Bank holiday running
STP IndicatorNNew
Train UIDJ11233
UIC code
Days runsMo Tu We Th Fr
Schedule Dates03/08/20 - 07/08/20
Signalling ID1J59
Deduced headcode
Train categoryXXExpress Passenger
TOC Headcode8369
Train service code24647005
Business Sector
Power typeEMU Electric Multiple Unit
Timing Load395
Operating Characteristics
Seating ClassSStandard only.
Connection Indicator
Catering Code
Service Branding
Train Status1STP passenger
LocationTimes WTT(Public)PlatPath-LineAllowancesActivities
Dover Priory d. 18:49(18:49) 2 Train begins.
Folkestone Eastp. 18:57½
Folkestone Centrala. 18:59(18:59) d. 19:00(19:00) Stops to take up and set down passengers.
Folkestone Westa. 19:01½(19:02) d. 19:02(19:02) Stops to take up and set down passengers.
Saltwood Junctionp. 19:05
Ashford (Kent)a. 19:14½(19:15) d. 19:16(19:16) 5 - UWC Stops to take up and set down passengers.
Ashford West Junction (CTRL)p. 19:18 - UPC
Lenham Crossover (CTRL)p. 19:21½
Crismill Crossoverp. 19:25
Nashenden Crossoverp. 19:29
Southfleet Junctionp. 19:32½
Ebbsfleet East Junctionp. 19:33½ - 2
Ebbsfleet Internationala. 19:34½(19:35) d. 19:35½(19:35) 2 - UPC Stops to take up and set down passengers.
Ebbsfleet West Junctionp. 19:37
Wennington Crossoversp. 19:40
Dagenham Junctionp. 19:41½
Stratford International East Junctionp. 19:45½ - 2
Stratford Internationala. 19:46½(19:47) d. 19:47½(19:47) 2 - UPC Stops to take up and set down passengers.
Stratford International West Junctionp. 19:48
York Way South Junctionp. 19:51½
St Pancras Internationala. 19:54(19:54) 12 Train finishes.

Change en route at Ashford (Kent)

UIC code
Signalling ID1J59
Train categoryXXExpress Passenger
TOC Headcode
Train service code24647004
Power typeEMU Electric Multiple Unit
Timing Load395
Operating Characteristics
Seating ClassSStandard only.
Connection Indicator
Catering Code
Service Branding
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Real Time Data For Tuesday 04/08/20   Show real time data for date
  Received  EventData
04/08/20 17:49:43ActivatedTrain ID = "891J591X04"
 Schedule source "C", Train File Address "", TP Origin Timestamp 04/08/20, TP Origin -
 Origin dep time 04/08/20 18:49:00, TSC "24647005", call type AUTOMATIC mode NORMAL, WTT ID "1J591", Sched Origin Dover Priory
ReceivedEventSourceLocationPEvent TypePlanned TypeWTTGBTTActualVarNext Report (Run Time)Flags
04/08/20 18:49:14MovementAuto.Dover Priory 2Dep.Dep.18:4918:4918:481 EarlyFolkestone East (8)
04/08/20 18:57:41MovementAuto.Folkestone CentralAArr.Arr.18:5918:5918:581 EarlyFolkestone West (2)
04/08/20 19:00:40MovementAuto.Folkestone CentralADep.Dep.19:0019:0019:000 On timeFolkestone West (1)
04/08/20 19:00:40MovementAuto.Folkestone West 1Arr.Arr.19:01½19:0219:010 On timeSaltwood Junction (1)
04/08/20 19:03:18MovementAuto.Folkestone West 1Dep.Dep.19:0219:0219:020 On timeSaltwood Junction (3)
04/08/20 19:06:06MovementAuto.Saltwood JunctionDep.Dep.19:0519:061 LateAshford (Kent) (9)
04/08/20 19:15:17MovementAuto.Ashford (Kent) 5Arr.Arr.19:14½19:1519:151 LateAshford West Junction (CTRL) (1)
04/08/20 19:17:20MovementAuto.Ashford (Kent)Dep.Dep.19:1619:1619:171 LateAshford West Junction (CTRL) (2)
04/08/20 19:19:07MovementAuto.Ashford West Junction (CTRL)Dep.Dep.19:1819:191 LateLenham Crossover (CTRL) (3)
04/08/20 19:23:04MovementAuto.Lenham Crossover (CTRL)Dep.Dep.19:21½19:232 LateCrismill Crossover (4)
04/08/20 19:25:22MovementAuto.Crismill CrossoverDep.Dep.19:2519:250 On timeNashenden Crossover (4)
04/08/20 19:29:26MovementAuto.Nashenden CrossoverDep.Dep.19:2919:290 On timeSouthfleet Junction (3)
04/08/20 19:33:27MovementAuto.Southfleet JunctionDep.Dep.19:32½19:331 LateEbbsfleet East Junction (1)
04/08/20 19:34:36MovementAuto.Ebbsfleet East JunctionDep.Dep.19:33½19:341 LateEbbsfleet International (1)
04/08/20 19:34:36MovementAuto.Ebbsfleet International 2Arr.Arr.19:34½19:3519:351 LateEbbsfleet West Junction (1)
04/08/20 19:36:45MovementAuto.Ebbsfleet International 2Dep.Dep.19:35½19:3519:361 LateEbbsfleet West Junction (2)
04/08/20 19:37:13MovementAuto.Ebbsfleet West JunctionDep.Dep.19:3719:370 On timeWennington Crossovers (3)
04/08/20 19:40:41MovementAuto.Wennington CrossoversDep.Dep.19:4019:400 On timeDagenham Junction (1)
04/08/20 19:41:48MovementAuto.Dagenham JunctionDep.Dep.19:41½19:410 On timeStratford International East Junction (4)
04/08/20 19:45:49MovementAuto.Stratford International East JunctionDep.Dep.19:45½19:461 LateStratford International (1)
04/08/20 19:48:21MovementAuto.Stratford International 2Dep.Dep.19:47½19:4719:470 On timeStratford International West Junction (1)
04/08/20 19:48:21MovementAuto.Stratford International West JunctionDep.Dep.19:4819:480 On timeYork Way South Junction (3)
04/08/20 19:53:03MovementAuto.York Way South JunctionDep.Dep.19:51½19:532 LateSt Pancras International (3)
04/08/20 19:54:06MovementAuto.St Pancras International12Arr.Dest.19:5419:5419:551 LateTerminated.

Completed at 29/09/20 06:08:42 by liverail 1609p at turnpike. Elapsed time 605 ms.

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