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Train 20846046 (B12147) 23:35 Singlewell Depot to Singlewell Depot

Update ID2422 27/07/20 22:19:00
Created28/07/20 00:10:01
Bank holiday running
STP IndicatorNNew
Train UIDB12147
UIC code
Days runsTu
Schedule Dates04/08/20 - 04/08/20
Signalling ID
Deduced headcode
Train category
TOC Headcode
Train service code53693903
Business Sector
Power typeD Diesel
Timing Load715
Operating Characteristics
Seating Class 
Connection Indicator
Catering Code
Service Branding
Train Status2STP freight
LocationTimes WTT(Public)PlatPath-LineAllowancesActivities
Singlewell Depot d. 23:35 Train begins.
Singlewell Loopp. 23:39 - DNC
Southfleet Junctionp. 23:42
Ebbsfleet East Junctionp. 23:44 - 4
Ebbsfleet Internationalp. 23:46 4 - UPC
Ebbsfleet West Junctionp. 23:50
Wennington Crossoversp. 23:57
Dagenham Junctionp. 23:59½
Stratford International East Junctionp. 00:06 Path: 3
Stratford International West Junctionp. 00:10
York Way South Junctionp. 00:17½
St Pancras Internationala. 00:20 d. 05:15 10 - PRL Stops for other operating reasons.
York Way South Junction [2]p. 05:20 - DNC
Stratford International West Junction [2]p. 05:27½
Stratford International East Junction [2]p. 05:29½
Dagenham Junction [2]p. 05:36
Wennington Crossovers [2]p. 05:39
Ebbsfleet West Junction [2]p. 05:46½
Ebbsfleet International [2]p. 05:47
Ebbsfleet East Junction [2]p. 05:48
Southfleet Junction [2]p. 05:49
Singlewell Loop [2]p. 05:50½
Singlewell Depot [2]a. 05:51½ Train finishes.
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  Received  EventData
04/08/20 22:35:55ActivatedTrain ID = "89324A1904"
 Schedule source "C", Train File Address "", TP Origin Timestamp 05/08/20, TP Origin -
 Origin dep time 04/08/20 23:35:00, TSC "53693903", call type AUTOMATIC mode NORMAL, WTT ID "324A1", Sched Origin Singlewell Depot
ReceivedEventSourceLocationPEvent TypePlanned TypeWTTGBTTActualVarNext Report (Run Time)Flags
04/08/20 23:41:21MovementAuto.Ebbsfleet East JunctionDep.Dep.23:4423:413 EarlyEbbsfleet International (2)
04/08/20 23:41:21MovementAuto.Ebbsfleet InternationalArr.Arr.23:4623:424 EarlyEbbsfleet West Junction (4)
04/08/20 23:43:38MovementAuto.Ebbsfleet International 4Dep.Dep.23:4623:433 EarlyEbbsfleet West Junction (4)
04/08/20 23:43:38MovementAuto.Ebbsfleet West JunctionDep.Dep.23:5023:446 EarlyWennington Crossovers (7)
04/08/20 23:49:49MovementAuto.Wennington CrossoversDep.Dep.23:5723:498 EarlyDagenham Junction (2)
04/08/20 23:52:02MovementAuto.Dagenham JunctionDep.Dep.23:59½23:527 EarlyStratford International East Junction (7)
04/08/20 23:58:18MovementAuto.Stratford International East JunctionDep.Dep.00:0623:588 EarlyStratford International West Junction (4)
04/08/20 23:58:49MovementAuto.Stratford International West JunctionDep.Dep.00:1023:5812 EarlyYork Way South Junction (7)
05/08/20 00:05:43MovementAuto.York Way South JunctionDep.Dep.00:17½00:0512 EarlySt Pancras International (3)
05/08/20 00:07:14MovementAuto.St Pancras International10Arr.Arr.00:2000:2000:0812 EarlyYork Way South Junction (307)
05/08/20 04:47:24MovementAuto.St Pancras International10Dep.Dep.05:1505:1504:4629 EarlyYork Way South Junction (5)
05/08/20 04:48:49MovementAuto.York Way South JunctionDep.Dep.05:2004:4832 EarlyStratford International West Junction (7)
05/08/20 04:53:24MovementAuto.Stratford International West JunctionDep.Dep.05:27½04:5334 EarlyStratford International East Junction (2)
05/08/20 04:59:34MovementAuto.Dagenham JunctionDep.Dep.05:3604:5937 EarlyWennington Crossovers (3)
05/08/20 05:02:39MovementAuto.Wennington CrossoversDep.Dep.05:3905:0237 EarlyEbbsfleet West Junction (7)
05/08/20 05:07:39MovementAuto.Ebbsfleet West JunctionDep.Dep.05:46½05:0739 EarlyEbbsfleet International (1)
05/08/20 05:08:44MovementAuto.Ebbsfleet East JunctionDep.Dep.05:4805:0840 EarlySouthfleet Junction (1)
05/08/20 05:10:19MovementAuto.Southfleet JunctionDep.Dep.05:4905:1039 EarlySinglewell Loop (1)
05/08/20 05:11:09MovementAuto.Singlewell LoopArr.Arr.05:50½05:1337 EarlySinglewell Depot (37)

Completed at 25/09/20 14:15:20 by liverail 1609p at turnpike. Elapsed time 648 ms.

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