Train 20458084 (U79800)  22:53 Tonbridge Engineers Siding to Tonbridge Engineers Siding

                Update ID: 2396  01/07/20 20:01:00
                  Created: 02/07/20 00:10:01
     Bank holiday running:  
            STP Indicator: N New
                Train UID: U79800
                ATOC code: ZZ
                 UIC code: 
                Days runs: Tu 
           Schedule Dates: 04/08/20 - 04/08/20
            Signalling ID: 
         Deduced headcode: 
           Train category: 
             TOC Headcode: 
       Train service code: 95999801
          Business Sector: 
               Power type: D Diesel
              Timing Load: 715 
                    Speed: 060 mph
Operating Characteristics:  
            Seating Class:  
     Connection Indicator: 
            Catering Code: 
         Service Branding: 
             Train Status: 2 STP freight

                          Location   Arr     Dep    P PathLine
        Tonbridge Engineers Siding          22:53             Train begins.
                         Tonbridge  22:55   23:00   2         RM.
                      Paddock Wood          23/08  DM         (3)
                          Headcorn  23:21H  23:49H DM         (4)Shunts for other trains to pass.
                    Ashford (Kent)          00/05H  6         
                               Wye          00/18             
                   Canterbury West  00:48H  01:02H            Shunts for other trains to pass.
                            Sturry          01/11             
                           Minster          01/38H            
            Minster South Junction          01/40H            
                          Sandwich          01/50             
                              Deal          01/58H            
                 Buckland Junction          02/17H            
                      Dover Priory  02:19H  03:04H  2         Stops for other operating reasons.
                 Buckland Junction          03/07H            
                              Deal          03/24             
                          Sandwich          03/32H            
            Minster South Junction          03/41             
             Minster East Junction          03/42             
                          Ramsgate  03:48   03:53   3         RM.
             Minster East Junction          04/04             
                           Minster          04/05H            
                            Sturry          04/19H            
                   Canterbury West          04/27   1         
                               Wye          04/41             
                    Ashford (Kent)          04/47 DML         (12)
                          Headcorn          05/11  DM         (6)
                      Paddock Wood          05/28  DM         
                         Tonbridge  05:37   05:42   1         RM.
        Tonbridge Engineers Siding  05:45                     Train finishes.

[] Engineering allowance.     () Pathing allowance.    {} Performance allowance.

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